Worst Mini-Split Brands To Avoid In 2024

Mini-Splits are heating and cooling systems that allow users to control the temperatures in individual rooms or spaces.

These days, mini splits are very popular. But with so many brands in the market, it is quite easy for someone buying it for the first time to purchase the wrong product.

But don’t worry, we are here to help.

In this article, we will be talking about the worst mini-split brands in the market so that you do not make the mistake of buying an unreliable product.

The brands we will be talking about are:

  • Mr. COOL
  • Pioneer
  • Cooper&Hunter
  • Shinco
  • Carrier
  • LG
  • Kilmaire
  • Midea

11 Mini Split Brands To Avoid


Mr. Cool Mini-Split AC

MR COOL offers both ductless mini splits and more traditional central air conditioning systems.

Their mini split line gets very mixed reviews.

On the positive side, they have a 5-year warranty on the compressor and evaporator coils, which is better than most discount brands.

However, MR COOL mini splits still have concerning reliability issues including:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Drainage problems causing water damage
  • Noisy indoor and outdoor units
  • Difficulty getting replacement parts

Mr Cool’s customer service is also quite poor. Many customers experience long hold times, unreturned calls and emails, and clueless representatives when they do get through. Diagnosing problems and getting qualified technicians out for repairs is a big headache.

Considering you can get a high-quality mini split at a comparable price from brands like Mitsubishi or Fujitsu, MR COOL seems risky. Their units may work decently for a few years, but long-term durability is doubtful. You’d be smart to invest in a more reputable brand.


Pioneer makes some of the most affordable ductless mini splits on the market. But seriously skimping on production costs comes with consequences. Owners routinely face issues like:

  • Refrigerant leaks after 1-3 years
  • Drainage line clogs causing water to overflow the drain pan
  • Noisy indoor units even on low fan settings
  • Compressor failure before the 5-year warranty expires

Many customers also complain that Pioneer units don’t effectively remove moisture from the air as claimed. This can lead to increased humidity and mold growth issues.

Pioneer’s warranty process is full of roadblocks too. Getting technicians scheduled for repairs can take weeks. And despite the 5-year compressor warranty, customers are often left paying for replacements out of pocket.

You may save up front by buying a Pioneer mini split. But you’ll likely waste more money down the road on repairs and lost energy efficiency than if you invested in a higher-end system.


Affordability attracts many buyers to Cooper&Hunter ductless systems. But serious quality control problems keep it high on the list of mini-split brands to avoid. Frequent issues include:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Drain line clogs
  • Noisy indoor units
  • Crackling sounds from the outdoor unit
  • Remote control problems

Cooper&Hunter only provides a 1-year warranty. And many customers report the company drags its feet honoring claims until the warranty expires. Others never received requested replacement parts.

Considering a Cooper&Hunter mini split may only last a few years, you’d be far wiser putting your money into a more reliable brand. The minor upfront savings just aren’t worth the major hassles and costs of repairs down the road.


Gree is one of the world’s largest HVAC manufacturers. And their ductless mini splits are very popular thanks to competitive pricing. But Gree’s reputation for quality and customer service is quite mixed.

Many Gree mini split owners are happy with their systems. But a concerning percentage experience serious problems like:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Drainage line clogs
  • Noisy indoor units
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Compressor failure

Gree’s warranty only covers the compressor and condenser coil for 5 years – other parts are just 1 year. And customers frequently complain of unhelpful customer service and difficulty getting repairs under warranty.

While you may get a decent Gree system, it seems like somewhat of a quality control lottery. And Gree’s spotty warranty support is worrying. Given the many highly-rated options in Gree’s price range, it may be smarter to choose a brand with more consistently positive reviews.


Carrier Mini Split AC Brand

Many people go for Carrier mini-split due to their lower price tag.

However, as they have a short lifespan and reduced warranty coverage, it has chances of increased maintenance and replacement costs.

According to many customers, their coil began leaking after 2-3 years, and had to deal with other maintenance which was not covered by the company.

Some reported they spent hundreds of dollars each year for maintenance. There is no permanent fix for their air conditioners which has increased frustration towards the brand.


Shinco is another discount mini-split brand that cuts corners on quality. Owners frequently run into problems like:

  • Compressor failure after 2-3 years
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Drainage issues leading to water damage
  • Excessively noisy indoor and outdoor units
  • Thermostat calibration problems

Shinco’s 1-year warranty is woefully inadequate. And their customer service is essentially non-existent, with no phone support available. Getting warranty coverage or repairs is frustrating at best.

These mini splits may keep you cool at first, but premature breakdowns are the norm. The shoddy craftsmanship shows through in small annoyances like flimsy wall brackets, weak plastic casing, and wireless remotes lacking basic functions.

While Shinco’s low cost may be tempting, you’d be much wiser to invest in a more reliable and longer-lasting brand.


You’ll be hard pressed to find any legitimate reviews for Amvent mini splits. This generic import brand has virtually zero track record or customer support. Yet Amvent systems are sold on many major retail sites with 5-star ratings.

In reality, these are cheap units built with the lowest quality components. Owners report problems like:

  • Drain pan corrosion and refrigerant leaks after 1 year
  • Overheating indoor units with feeble airflow
  • Excessively noisy outdoor units
  • Remotes lacking basic functions

Amvent provides a 1-year warranty. But customers report it’s essentially useless as the company won’t respond to any contact attempts.

This brand has scam written all over it. Paying rock-bottom prices for an Amvent mini split will leave you with nothing but headaches. Don’t waste your money on these shoddy, unreliable systems.


You might assume LG ductless mini splits are a safe bet given the company’s reputation for high-end kitchen and home electronics. Unfortunately, LG’s air conditioner quality doesn’t match their marketing hype.

A concerning number of LG mini split owners report problems like:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Drain pan corrosion leading to water damage
  • Noisy indoor units, even on low settings
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Remote control connectivity issues
  • Compressor failure before 5 years

LG also tends to deny and fight warranty claims over compressor problems. Even if you eventually get coverage, the process involves endless calls and agonizing delays.

LG’s product quality and customer service simply doesn’t live up to their luxury brand image. You can find much more reliable mini split options in LG’s price range.


Kilmaire is an American brand with operations in over 70 countries. Many users have shown dissatisfaction with this brand.

Some have problems with their circuit board while others hear a loud noise coming out from the mini splits.

After a few years of using their product, customers face a wide range of problems that do not get covered by the company and have to replace various parts by themselves gradually.

Their after-sales service is also very negligent to the customers as many reported that they get little to no help from customer service.

Another main reason why this is one of the worst brands for mini splits is the energy efficiency. Kilmaire has a very low score on SEER rating meaning you will see a significant rise in electricity bills.


Midea is a giant Chinese appliance maker. Their U-Match mini split lineup offers very low prices comparable to brands like Amvent and Shinco. Unfortunately, the quality is equally dubious.

Common issues reported by Midea mini split owners include:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Noisy indoor units, even on low fan speeds
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Drain pan corrosion causing water damage
  • Compressor failure before 3-5 years

Midea only provides a 1-year warranty on parts. And their customer service is essentially non-existent, with no phone support available. Owners are often left paying for repairs out of pocket, even for new installs.

While Midea’s pricing may be tempting, chances are high you’ll face expensive system failures and repairs down the road. Spending a bit more upfront on a reputable mini split brand is a much wiser investment.


Senville mini splits seem appealing at first glance thanks to their low prices. However, this brand consistently ranks near the bottom for reliability. Users report issues like fan motors dying prematurely, refrigerant leaks, and compressors failing after just a couple of years. These problems often require expensive repairs or full unit replacements.

Senville’s poor quality control also leads to more minor but annoying issues like noisy operation, drainage problems, and wireless remotes with limited range. Their units tend to have flimsier, cheaper builds overall.

While Senville offers lengthy warranties, the customer service experience is very inconsistent. Many people report rude responses, endless delays, and denials of legitimate warranty claims. All in all, the upfront cost savings don’t outweigh the likely repair bills and headaches down the road. You’re better off spending a bit more for a unit that will last.

Final Words

A mini split is useful whether it’s for your new home or old one. But that doesn’t justify you purchasing a brand that doesn’t offer the proper utility.

By going through our list, you will be better informed about which brands to avoid.

As there are many brands in the market, doing meticulous market research is a must. Also, make sure your purchase decision aligns with your budget. We hope this article helps you.

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16 thoughts on “Worst Mini-Split Brands To Avoid In 2024

  1. Concise article and to the point. I’m just starting review of mini split systems and found this very helpful. Thanks!

  2. I found this to be a very good read lots of useful information. I was hoping to see a little about the mini split I purchased in November but I’m just now installing it. I bought a Celirea by Randaom 48000 btu with five wall models 2700sq.ft. rating i set the outside unit today all walk brackets installed and hole through the walls drilled out. Just wondering if you had any info on this brand I payed a large amount but competitive with all the big names $5900 to my door steps at the time of purchase most venders were sold out.

  3. Very useful..we have been very disappointed with our LG units..as well as their seervice….what brands do you feel are best??

  4. Very informative thank you as I found this just before buying one of the mentioned mini splits

  5. I totally disagree about LG. I have one, it is quiet, very efficient, and totally trouble free. The heat pump works to -13 degrees Fahrenheit. I believe the ac has a rating of 27. I will buy LG again.

  6. I would add Fujitsu to your list. I have a 12000 BTU unit that is still under the parts warranty. The inside unit’s circuit board is defective. I have been waiting four months to get the part. My HVAC installer has given up on getting the part and is suggesting the entire unit be replaced.

  7. I have carrier. Agree with you. High maintenance. Expensive. Multiple problems every year. Will not buy again. Wish you gave recommendations. Makes me wonder why? Perhaps all mini splits sort of suck. I sure hope not. The idea is great. Just wished it worked.

  8. Hi. So I need a mini split for a 250 sq ft room / apartment in Phoenix, AZ. 2 summers ago, we had about 20 days with temperatures over 120. I’ve read that many brands / models of mini splits will shut off once the outside temperature is over 115. Is there a brand(s) that you would recommend for extreme heat?

  9. I’m a senior hvac tech with a degree in communicating systems. I’ve been in the business for over 20 years. I’ve installed over 1500 mini splits in my time. I will agree 100 percent with the top 9. I’ve installed all but one I wasn’t familiar with, Midea? Haven’t had the opportunity to ever see one and probably sounds like that’s a good thing. The top 9??
    5-Gree(yeah I know) still nice system
    As far as zoned mini with multiple heads, well there is only one I prefer to install.
    Cooper and Hunter zone mini. I installed a 5 zone 70,000 btu custom split system. This system out of the box I was very impressed with. Easy set up, copper sizes matched to service ports. Remotes were easy to understand. For the price and for the simple operations for homeowners, this one rates at number one for price/functionality/installation

    1. At last someone experience knowing the most reliable makes! I have two 18k Carrier mini-splits which keep breaking down. We are in Belize so tropical, high humidity, geckos, bugs getting inside etc. My Carrier unit didnt even have a conformal layer on the circuit board.
      Am thinking replacing either with Daikin or Mitsubishi – any suggestions
      Much appreciated!

    2. Hi Jason, Can you suggest one brand of split air 24k where the bottom drain tray can swing down to provide access to the fan blower for cleaning. Can’t do that with mine and it’s a mess trying to clean it. Would like to know a good brand. Have seen a few videos on different brands but know nothing about how good they are. Thanks

  10. I hired a guy to put 2 115v 1200 btu in my 85 year old mothers 900 sq ft house.
    He put in some off brand that nobody has heard of Confortotal
    No USA support or location
    Do you anything about this brand

    1. I have installed a rebrand of midea called Apoodr and they both have everything that high end mini splits have and even at 0 dagrees Fahrenheit they heated my home , for the 18,000 btu I had only 1 quarter the price that high end splits sell for , I installed myself and can throw away 4 of them even if they did stop working a few years down the road , so I don’t understand how high prices can be justified for name brand splits that still break down ,

    2. Confortotal is one of the best mini splits and if you need warranty you always can send a email to confortotalusawarranty@gmail.com

  11. Hello,
    We are talking with three contractors about placing a Mitsubishi mini split in our game room. The game room is approximately 400 sq. ft with a high ceiling and is over the garage. It gets plenty of daytime heat since there are four storage openings with doors in the room. Two contractors suggested a Mitsubishi mini split 18,000 BTU. The third contractor seems to think that a 15,000 BTU would do the job. His concern is over sizing the room. Who is right? Is there any Mitsubishi mini split in this size group you would stay away from? Thanks!

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