Why Is Nambé So Expensive? – A Complete Review

You ever see a crockeries brand with a price so high you can only look at them? Here’s one- Nambé. But why are they so expensive?

There are multiple reasons. Material choice, production expertise, big product range, and customizing options are some of the major reasons.

Good things come with bigger prices- this is something people almost universally agree with. But when the bigger price is a little too big, that’s when you start wondering.

The same goes for Nambé crockeries. Let’s take a better look at why they’re so expensive.

Why The Price of Nambé Hight?

Nambé CookServ

Most people probably will give you a dirty look if you show them Nambé’s price range.

But there are good reasons behind the range, believe it or not.

Sure, it is just crockeries but some factors make it stand out from the others.

And that’s why Nambé is so expensive.

Material choice, expert production crew, big product range, and customizing options are the main reasons for Nambé’s higher-than-everyone-else price tag.

So why exactly do these factors contribute to the pricing? Here’s how.

  • Material Choice

Nambé uses different materials for different product lines. The material range should be cause enough for a higher price, but that’s not all.

All raw materials of Nambé are absolutely top-notch quality. Plus some of their products also use specific alloys, hence the price.

Nambé mostly uses three types of materials for their product lines – stoneware, wood, and alloy. Other than these, there are some glass products in their serveware line and some lone serving trays of copper.

These materials don’t just need experts for their handling, they have to be picked right. One wrong move (or wrong mix in the case of alloy) and the crockeries may not be able to take the perfect shape.

The high-quality raw materials increase the production cost and that pushes up the overall price.

And then there’s the alloy that sets the whole brand. The Nambé alloy in itself is an expensive raw material. And then you look at how many products of Nambé are made of alloy and suddenly the production costs start making sense.

If you can imagine the production cost, you’ll understand why the overall price is so high.

  • Expert Production Crew

All the high quality raw materials have to be handled by people with high skill levels too. The whole process of shaping the raw materials into serveware or cookware is very sensitive.

And using skilled people means the labor cost will increase. That’s another reason why the Nambé products are so expensive.

Nambé Set

Nambé’s alloy products go through a rigorous routine before getting their final shapes.

The raw material is heated to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit and then poured into sand molds.

The molds give the products their pre-touchup shape.

After the products are taken out of the mold, the presentation job begins.

Alloy products are sanded, buffed, and finally polished to give them their final look. Wood and glass products also have similar products with multiple steps.

But none of them are as sensitive to work with as the stoneware material is. Stoneware requires time, care, and patience to bring out the perfect shape.

One mistake and the whole thing is gone. And people who can work with stoneware material are pretty rare.

With how sensitive all the raw materials are, Nambé needs extremely skilled people involved in the whole process. And as you know, a higher skill level means higher labor costs.

That’s why the whole expert crew involvement pushes up the production cost and well, the overall price tag of the products.

  • Big Product Range

This is probably the most simple equation on this list. Bigger range, more products, bigger price- that’s about it with this one. But that’s no way of ending things, so here is a detailed explanation.

Nambé has a pretty big product range. Portables, serve ware, cooking ware, bar ware- every category has an extensive product range too.

This is one of Nambé’s plus points actually, their extensive product range. On the flip side, this product range also contributes to the price tag of these products.

Having a bigger product range means Nambé needs bigger manufacturing facilities. This also means more people and raw materials.

All in all, everything has to be big scale and that needs more labor costs. Everything together increases the production cost overall.

And you know what higher production cost means, higher end-level price tag. This is why Nambé products are so expensive when it reaches you.

  • Customizing Options

Another important point is the customizing range of the Nambé products.

Almost all of their products are customizable.

Having the customization option open is already tricky, and if it has multiple ranges then it gets trickier.

This is why the Nambé products cost more than regular products.

Nambé keeps almost all of its products customizable. There are multiple degrees of customization available too.

You can do monograms, one line, two lines, or even a whole paragraph if you feel like it. Having more customizing options means they have to have more production options too.

Personalizations are always done on request only. So what they have to do is keep all of their products ready for customization.

This means they need extra manpower and extra technological power too. Since they can’t do it right from the scratch, one or two special products increase their production cost overall.

This extra manpower, equipment, and production cost- all together increases the overall raw price of the product you’re trying to get your hands on.

And since the raw price is higher than other brands, the end user price is higher than other brands too.

Are Nambé Products Worth It?

In the most precise way possible- yes, they are worth the price. Nambé products are amazingly durable and they have a good range of them too.

They mostly lean towards modern designs but some of their pieces can be used as vintage too. This versatility makes their product range look even bigger.

Another good thing about Nambé products is their minimal approach. They go very easily with any kind of theme and if you want maximalism, you can always pair multiple pieces together.

Not just that, Nambé wares also make excellent visual pieces. A lot of people actually prefer to use them as visual pieces because of the price.

Most Nambé products are oven and dishwasher-safe. You can find more about this in the product specification section on their website.

Versatile designs, durability, and customization options- all together, Nambé is a pretty good payback for your money.

So if you’re wondering about giving them a shot, feel free to go ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a bunch of questions people generally ask about Nambé wares.

What is special about Nambé?

Nambé has a pretty big range of products. Their products are durable, oven and dishwasher-safe (most of them), and versatile.

Is Nambé made in China?

Yes. The Nambé headquarter is in New Mexico but the manufacturing facility is in China.

Is Nambé real silver?

No, Nambé doesn’t have real silver products. Their products are usually made of wood, alloy, or glass.

Can you get scratches out of Nambé?

Yes, but it depends. Usually small and almost invisible scratches can be dealt with at home. But if it is something bigger, you’ll need specialist help.

Final Verdict

Nambé is one of the top crockeries brands you’ll find. The only problem is the price. And if you were wondering “why is Nambé so expensive?”, this article will hopefully give that answer to you.

Think of your requirements and see if what Nambé offers matches those in your comfortable budget. We wish you a happy buying!

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  1. Ralph, I so appreciate your thorough information regarding Nambe products. Alas, as they are manufactured in China, I cannot bring myself to indulge.

    Kind regards, Mary

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