Le Creuset Soup Pot Vs. Dutch Oven (2024): In-depth Comparison

If you’ve ever found yourself purchasing a Dutch oven for your kitchen but wanted to know the difference between them and the other popular Le Creuset soup pot, here are a few key differences: different cooking temperatures, materials used in construction, and handles.

 We also combined all our knowledge into one easy post that should help you make the right decision in this guide below.

Let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsLe Creuset Soup PotDutch Oven
Cooking Temperatures300°F to 375°F600°F to 750°F.
MaterialCast iron, cast aluminum, and carbon steelEnameled cast iron
CapacityDeep and largeSmall
HandlesStainless steelAluminum
AvailabilityEntry level useCommercial setting use
UseabilityIdeal for soups and earthy foodsIdeal for baking and roasting dry foods in the oven

Key Differences Between Le Creuset Soup Pot And Dutch Oven

  • Cooking Temperatures
Le Creuset Soup Pot
Le Creuset Soup Pot

The cooking temperature of Le Creuset Soup Pot is between 300°F to 375°F, while the Dutch oven can go up to 600°F to 750°F.

Therefore, the soup pot is not recommended for high-heat cooking such astir-frying or deep frying.

The soup pot will also not work well with slow cooking methods.

  • Materials

The Le Creuset Dutch oven materials are cast iron, cast aluminum, and carbon steel. The small pot is made of enameled cast iron.

Those familiar with cooking have probably heard of these materials as they are often used to build cookware. However, the handles on the soup pot can only be used in dry environments, while those on a Dutch oven are safe for wet ones.

  • Capacity

A Dutch oven has a limited capacity. It therefore cannot be used to cook foods like stew or soup. It however can be used for dry foods that do not require much water. And they do so without you giving up flavor.

As for the soup pot, the shape at the bottom allows for an easy stirring of soups. You can prepare foods that contain soup without the fear of spilling on the floor.

  • Aesthetics

Le Creuset Soup Pots are available in stunning unique colors and shapes. I bought my pots just from how pleasant they look. You can buy pots of different sizes and in different colors.

The Dutch Oven has maintained its original cream color, which could be more aesthetically pleasing.

  • Handles
Dutch Oven
Dutch Oven

The handle is made of stainless steel for the soup pot and aluminum for the Dutch oven.

There’s a widely seen misconception that suggests that aluminum is harmful to cookware, but in actuality, it is not.

Many people are under the impression that aluminum can leach into your food and cause many health concerns.

Aluminum also dissolves in heat while still maintaining its shape, so these items maintain a similar shape to their original form even after being heated up or cooled down.

On the other hand, the stainless-steel handle of the soup pot transmits heat very well, so even if you’re in a rush to get your food done, you won’t have to worry about burning yourself on it.

  • Availability

The soup pot is considered more of an entry-level product. It’s cheaper than the Dutch oven, so you can start experimenting with cookware with a small investment and build upon it as you gain experience.

On the other hand, the Dutch oven is more expensive and can be used in commercial settings.

  • Usability

Another big difference between Le Creuset Soup Pot and Dutch Oven is its useability. Each of the pots has its unique uses in the kitchen.

Le Creuset Soup Pot is used for cooking earthy foods that contain soup. This is because the size and the shape of the pot allow stirring. The pots can be put on the direct flame without the fear of the paint melting.

As for the Dutch Oven, the limited capacity does not allow stirring. There it is only ideal for dry foods. You cannot use Dutch Oven on direct flame. It can, however, withstand the high temperatures inside an oven.

Which Is Better Between Le Creuset Soup Pot and Dutch Oven?

If you’re a foodie who loves cooking soup, stew, and other hearty meals in your kitchen, you’ll be well-acquainted with the Le Creuset Soup Pot.

The unique pot features all the benefits you’d expect from a Le Creuset product, such as premium craftsmanship and outstanding durability. In terms of size, the Lava Grey Cerise (11.25-inch diameter) is the largest you can buy.

Le Creuset deep dutch oven

However, there are also smaller and medium-sized pots for users with a smaller budget.

This versatile pot even has a built-in strainer for easy meal preparation.

The long handle is ergonomic and comfortable and works well with non-skid feet and rubber rings.

The Dutch Oven is your best bet if your kitchen routine usually involves baking and roasting things in the oven.

The Dutch oven can withstand high temperatures and has an ideal shape and size for cooking dry food.

You cannot use a Dutch oven on direct flame. You can also have both the pot and the Dutch oven.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is the Difference Between a Dutch Oven and a Soup Pot?

A Dutch Oven and a Stock Pot are used differently in the kitchen, which is the main distinction between the two.
While our Dutch Oven is shorter and squatter with a cast iron core and an enamel finish, Stock Pots are taller, narrower, and built entirely of metal.

Can I Use a Soup Pot Instead of a Dutch Oven?

A Dutch oven is made to cook foods in liquid, such as braising and stewing. However, using a soup pot with an insulated cover is acceptable for cooking foods like braising and stewing.
There are different models of soup pots, such as the French Soup Pot. This particular soup pot has a variety of sizes to cook anything from single-serving meals to large-scale family meals.

Is Le Creuset Good for Making Soup?

The answer is yes! Le Creuset provides a wide variety of cooking vessels, each with its purpose and the ability to complement your favorite dish. You will find that their oven-safe Dutch ovens make for excellent soup pots.
The unique shape of this pot allows for better stirring than most other products on the market.

Can Le Creuset Soup Pot Go in the Oven?

Le Creuset fabricates distinctive ceramic cookware molded throughout the body and enameled inside and out with a lead-free glaze that obviates the requirement for using a metal cooking utensil. A heat-tinting process produces the colors outside the cookware.
The inside and bottom are glazed, which allows food to be prepared and cooked at any temperature up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Thus, it can be used on top of a wood, gas, or electric stovetop or in an oven like any other cooking pot, although it cannot be put directly on a flame.


Suppose you are out looking for pots, some factors influence which pot you buy. You might sometimes buy more than one pot type—the guide above on the Le Creuset Soup Pot and Dutch Oven is a comparison of the two pots.

The guide will help you choose the best pot for your needs.

The two pots are different. Le Creuset Soup Pot is ideal for soups, while Dutch Oven is suitable for dry foods.  

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