Why Is Habersham Furniture So Expensive? – A Detailed Look!

Habersham furniture has developed a reputation for being some of the most high-quality and expensive furniture on the market. But what makes Habersham furniture so pricey compared to other brands?

There are several key reasons that Habersham furniture commands such a high price tag.

Reasons For Habersham Furniture Being So Expensive

Here are the reasons of it being so expensive:

Habersham Cabinetry
  • Superior Materials and Construction
  • Handcrafted Manufacturing
  • Made in America Production
  • Limited Production Runs
  • Substantial Investment in Design
  • Multi-Step Finishing Process
  • Substantial Investment in Brand Marketing
  • High-End Showrooms
  • Limited Distribution
  • High Profit Margins

Let’s elaborate these for a better understanding.

  • Superior Materials and Construction

One of the biggest factors in Habersham’s lofty prices is the superb materials and construction methods used in their furniture. Habersham uses solid hardwoods like cherry, maple, and oak in constructing their pieces.

These high-quality hardwoods are more expensive than cheaper softwoods like pine that are often used by budget furniture brands.

Habersham’s hardwood frames are built to last using mortise and tenon joinery, dowels, and other sturdy construction techniques. These traditional joinery methods are more labor-intensive than staples, glue, and other shortcut construction that can compromise structural integrity in the long run.

The end result is furniture crafted to heirloom standards that will last decades rather than just a few years.

In addition to premium wood, Habersham utilizes top-grain leathers, thick upholstery fabrics, and other first-rate materials for their upholstered pieces.

Attention is paid to things like eight-way hand-tied springs and dense foam cushions that provide lasting comfort and support. No shortcuts are taken to cut costs at the expense of quality.

  • Handcrafted Manufacturing
Habersham Custom Cabinetry and Furniture

Another major contributor to the high prices of Habersham furniture is that every piece is essentially handmade to order.

While some furniture brands utilize automated manufacturing and assembly lines to increase efficiency and lower prices, Habersham takes a meticulous handcrafted approach.

Expert craftsmen hand cut every joint, shape every component, and meticulously assemble each piece. This allows for immaculate joinery and tailored customization, but also requires vastly more time and labor compared to mass-produced furniture.

Keeping skilled artisans on staff and closely overseeing each stage of construction significantly increases costs. But it results in furniture of unparalleled quality.

The batch-sized production model also means Habersham cannot take advantage of the economies of scale that high-volume brands operate under. However, focusing on small-run craftsmanship allows them to offer customers customizable options at the expense of affordability.

  • Made in America Production

In an industry where offshoring manufacturing to developing countries is the norm, Habersham distinguishes itself by maintaining production facilities in the USA. While overseas facilities can offer cheaper labor and materials, keeping manufacturing on American soil enables tighter quality control and no compromises when it comes to construction techniques.

Paying American wages and purchasing domestic lumber adheres to Habersham’s commitment to fine craftsmanship. But it certainly drives up pricing compared to furniture mass produced in China or other low cost of labor countries.

The “Made in America” distinction resonates with customers wanting to support domestic businesses and artisans. But it comes at a premium.

  • Limited Production Runs
Habersham Custom Furniture

Rather than mass producing the same furniture collections for years on end, Habersham opts to produce most designs in limited runs of just a few hundred pieces or less.

This means they do not benefit from the economies of scale that come with manufacturing thousands of identical items.

It also prohibits them from spreading design and development costs over an extensive production run.

However, small batch production enables greater flexibility to tweak and perfect designs. It also provides exclusivity for customers compared to buying from furniture brands stocked in every major retailer.

The limited availability results in higher demand and prices for Habersham’s ever-changing lineup of original designs.

  • Substantial Investment in Design

Habersham spends heavily on design to craft furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound. They employ an in-house design team and retain acclaimed designers like Thomas Chippendale for special collections.

The designers rigorously sketch, prototype, and refine pieces to meet exacting standards before final production.

The design process for each new Habersham collection takes months and requires extensive labor that adds to the bottom line costs. But impeccable and cohesive design is a hallmark of the brand.

Customers are paying for thoughtful design that anticipates their needs and seamlessly fits their lifestyle and spaces.

  • Multi-Step Finishing Process
Habersham Furniture

While some furniture brands opt for quick and easy finishing techniques like spraying on veneers, Habersham takes a painstaking approach to finishing that adds days to the production timeline.

But it results in unparalleled luster and durability.

Most wood pieces undergo a ten-step finishing process that involves careful sanding, filling pores, staining, sealing, applying numerous coats of topcoat, smoothing, and polishing. This labor-intensive process brings out the natural beauty of the grain and provides a silky feel.

The high-grade finishes are chemically formulated to protect against scratches, spills, and wear for decades rather than years.

  • Substantial Investment in Brand Marketing

From celebrity brand ambassadors to lavish showroom spaces, Habersham spends considerably on brand marketing efforts aimed at the luxury segment. The expense of maintaining brand prestige and perception pushes prices upward.

But effective marketing has established Habersham’s reputation as a premium maker of heirloom-quality furniture.

Efforts like sponsoring high-profile design events and partnering with luxury retailers help portray Habersham as a marquee furniture brand synonymous with luxury and quality craftsmanship.

This aspirational branding allows Habersham to command prices several times higher than mid-market furniture brands. Customers are paying for the cachet of owning an elite brand.

  • High-End Showrooms

Rather than just selling through third-party retailers, Habersham invests in expensive showrooms located in affluent communities and major design centers. Staffing and maintaining these luxurious showrooms complete with decor vignettes is a pricey endeavor.

But they provide the optimal setting for customers to interact with Habersham furniture rather than just seeing it on a sales floor.

The white-glove, personalized experience offered at Habersham’s own showrooms suits the high-end brand positioning. Customers expect an immersive experience befitting the premium prices.

Hands-on displays and knowledgeable staff educate customers on why Habersham commands such lofty pricing. The showrooms reinforce the brand’s prestige.

  • Limited Distribution

Habersham exercises great discretion when selecting which third-party retailers will be authorized to carry their collections. Rather than saturating the mass market, Habersham aims for exclusivity by partnering only with high-end boutiques and department stores.

This careful distribution strategy maintains the brand’s luxury status but also limits potential sales volume.

The scarcity created by selling through just select stores enables Habersham to uphold premium pricing. Lower production runs and limited retailers make finding Habersham furniture feel like an accomplishment for shoppers.

They know other stores are unlikely to carry the same pieces.

  • High Profit Margins
Habersham Bed

For a high-end luxury brand like Habersham, profit margins can be substantial even with the many added costs of premium materials and production.

The customer base is less price sensitive when shopping for status furniture compared to bargain hunters.

So Habersham sets prices high enough to receive ample profit per piece sold.

Markups of 2.5 to 3 times the production cost are common in the luxury furniture segment. For a piece that costs Habersham $1,000 to manufacture, a retail price of $2,500-$3,000 would be applied. This allows healthy profits while maintaining perceived value.

The high margins enable Habersham to absorb the extra expenses associated with small-batch production and top-tier materials.

In the end, customers are paying for the many steps and costs involved in creating a finely crafted heirloom out of raw lumber. Each pricing consideration ultimately contributes to the longevity, beauty, and exclusivity of Habersham furniture.

While very expensive, most Habersham owners consider their purchases worthwhile long-term investments in quality craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Habersham furniture good quality?

Yes, Habersham is widely considered one of the finest quality furniture brands available. Their pieces are handmade in America from solid hardwoods and the highest calibre of materials at every turn. All aspects from the meticulous joinery to luxe finishes are executed to the highest standards, making Habersham furniture heirloom-quality.

What is Habersham known for?

Habersham is renowned for their classically elegant designs, top-tier craftsmanship, heirloom-worthy construction, luxurious customizable offerings, and Made in America production. Habersham represents the pinnacle of heritage-inspired traditional furniture made to the most exacting standards.

What is the top of the line furniture brand?

Experts agree some of the leading luxury furniture brands include Baker, B&B Italia, Cassina, Ralph Lauren Home, Restoration Hardware, and Brownstone. These brands offer unmatched quality, detail, design aesthetics, customization options, and prestige. Prices start in the thousands and go up significantly for custom pieces.

How can you tell if furniture is high quality?

Signs to look for include solid hardwood construction, dovetail joints, corner blocks, reinforced frames, 8-way hand-tied springs, dense cushions that resist sagging, full-grain leather, fine details, substantial weight, and multiple layers of durable finishes. Quality materials and painstaking construction will be evident in top-tier furniture.

Wrapping Up

Habersham furniture commands premium pricing due to the confluence of many factors that set it apart from mainstream brands.

By using only the finest materials, upholding rigorous handcrafted construction techniques, producing furniture in limited runs, investing heavily in design and marketing, and retaining production in America, Habersham has established itself as a top-tier luxury brand.

While expensive, Habersham’s impeccable heirloom-quality and cachet as a prestige furniture maker justify the lofty costs for its discerning clientele. When only the very best will do, Habersham satisfies with its unwavering standards of quality craftsmanship and service.

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