Weyerhaeuser Gold Vs. AdvanTech Subfloor: Which One To Pick?

The floor system is one of the most crucial structural components of a building. The amount of weight that the floor can support will depend on how well the floor is constructed and structured.

Every flooring system includes several layers, including the subfloor, structural joists, surface flooring, and underlayment. A superb floor that works well and lasts for a long time requires the proper material for the subfloor and perfect installation.

In this article, we will talk about Weyerhaeuser Gold and Advantech so that you can choose the right subfloor for your house.

A Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a quick comparison table between Weyerhaeuser Gold and AdvanTech subfloor for your better understanding-

SpecificationsWeyerhaeuser GoldAdvanTech
MaterialMedium Density Fiberboard (MDF)Wood
CostLess expensiveExpensive
RigidityLess than AdvanTechMore
Drainage SystemYesNo
Warranty50-year limited warranty, 200-day no-sand limited warranty50-year Limited Warranty, 300-day No Sand guarantee.
Installation ProcessTougher than AdvanTechComparatively easy

In-Depth Differentiation Between Weyerhaeuser Gold And AdvanTech Subfloor

Now it’s time to know about some major differences between these two subfloors in detail:

  • Build Material
Weyerhaeuser Gold Floor Panel

Build material is one of the important factors that you should consider while planning for your home’s subfloor.

Weyerhaeuser edge gold and AndvanTech subfloor use two different types of materials – medium density fiberboard (MDF) and wood.

Medium Density Fibreboard or MDF is a very well-liked and well-known wood product.

In fact, even individuals who aren’t actively involved in using lumber products probably heard about it.

The simplest explanation of MDF is that it is a type of wood product made by dissolving both hardwood and softwood into wood fibers, which are then mixed with wax and resin to produce panels under high pressure and temperature.

This unique method is what makes MDF significantly denser and stronger than particleboard. Compared to wood, MDF is also heavier.

On the other hand, the AdvanTech subfloor is made of solid wood. Before applying numerous coats of stain and finish, each piece is properly dried to the ideal moisture content to guarantee the wood is solid and resistant to additional changes in the structure.

Wood flooring made using this time-tested method is guaranteed to last for many years and can be sanded and polished numerous times throughout the course of its life.

  • Cost Variation

We often compare the price of two or more brands while buying a product. For your convenience, here’s the price comparison between Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold and AdvanTech:

In simple words, if you want something less costly, go for the Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold subfloor. There’s a reason behind this quality of being affordable.

Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold is made of MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard which we discussed earlier. This material is relatively inexpensive than wood. And that’s why the Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold subfloor is less costly than the AdvanTech subfloor.

To make it more clear for you, let’s compare a 0.594 × 3.989 × 7.989 size sheet of both Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold and AdvanTech subfloor. Weyerhaeuser Gold will cost you around $41.99, while AdvanTech will cost $65.70, almost $24 higher than Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold.

  • Drainage System
AdvanTech Flooring

Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold flooring panels have an amazing feature to prevent rain and moisture.

Weyerhaeuser has introduced exclusive Down Pore self-draining technology for its drainage system.

Each 4′ x 8′ panel has three uniquely formed drainage grooves on one of the thin ends that make up the self-draining, patent-pending Down Pore technology.

Even if the panels are not correctly gapped, the innovative design prevents blockage and allows water to drain. Eliminating standing water helps keep the floor system’s integrity and lowers water absorption.

But AdvanTech subfloor does not have this feature of the drainage system. However, you can make your own DIY drainage system by drilling a few holes with accurate measurements.

  • Installation Process

The installation process of the Weyerhaeuser Gold subfloor is a little bit more difficult than the AdvanTech subfloor. Weyerhaeuser Gold sheets are thicker and heavier than the AdvanTech subfloor, which is made of wood.

You need to do enough gluing and nailing to install Weyerhaeuser Gold because the heavier sheets will not stick to the floor properly with just one layer of adhesive.

Installing the AdvanTech subfloor is relatively easier than Weyerhaeuser Gold because of its lightweight and easy-to-cut features. Watch a quick comparison between the two from this video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold waterproof?

To enhance the flooring panels’ resilience against rain and moisture, Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold has introduced another feature. The innovative Down Pore technology eliminates the need to drill holes or sweep rainwater off the floor.
Also, construction delays for contractors are decreased during bad weather because of Weyerhaeuser’s high-performance edge seal.

What is the best subfloor material?

Plywood is considered to be the best material for subfloor. Since the 1950s, plywood has been utilized as a subflooring material and is still one of the top choices among contractors.
Standard plywood works just fine as a subflooring material, but 34″ tongue-and-groove plywood subflooring is the finest choice.

Which is stronger AdvanTech or plywood?

Advantech flooring panels are significantly stronger and more durable than regular plywood, though plywood flooring components are also quite rigid. AdvanTech is far better at withstanding general damage and can support more weight and stress.

Is it OK for AdvanTech to get wet?

AdvanTech subflooring is created with a special resin composition and procedure, unlike the other conventional commodity of OSB products that can expand or delaminate. AdvanTech subflooring panels can withstand snow, ice, and rain without flaking or swelling, and they can also keep their strength and stiffness.

Final Words

The subfloor acts almost as a building’s foundation. It supports the finished floors, and the use of subflooring also helps in reducing floor creaks and other sounds.

So, any fault in the subfloor can cause a lot of hassle and inconvenience.

If you want to build a sound support system for your house, you should choose the subfloor brand correctly. The Weyerhaeuser Gold or AdvanTech analysis can help you choose the right subfloor brand and also tell you what features to look for in subfloors while buying.

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