VersaTube Vs. Pole Barn | Which Material Is Better?

Many of us need clarification when deciding which type of materials we need to construct our buildings, garages, or houses. VersaTube and Pole Barn have a lot of debate, but the main difference between these is pronounced.

People who love to keep their old traditions alive choose Pole Barn wood construction to construct buildings and storage places. However, for durable, long-withstanding, and heavy-duty construction, VersaTube marks itself higher to provide you with stainless steel tubing better than Pole barn.

A Quick Comparison Table

CredentialsVersaTubePole Barn
Prominent UsageIndustrial, Commercial, and for People who want more durabilityEspecially farmers keeping alive their old family traditions
Materials UsedStainless Steel ConstructionWood Construction
WarrantyUp to 20 yearsUp to 5 years
Separate products OfferingNot OfferingYes, Offering doors, windows, etc.
Maintenance RequiredLowHigh
Cost To BuildLess CostlyMore Costly

Unique Differences Between The VersaTube And Pole Barn

Both constructing tubes or sources have huge differences. These significant differences are described as follows.

  • Prominent Usage
VersaTube Garage
VersaTube Garage

One of the highly considered factors or differences between VersaTube and the Pole Barn is their application area.

When it comes to VersaTube, primarily people with an industrial mindset have commercial-related activities to perform, and the ones who want to build something solid use these tubes.

On the other hand, Pole Barn helps those traditional farmers keep their legacy alive and build something classic while using these tubes.

It represents the symbol of their family history because these buildings or homes are different from VersaTube buildings or storage areas.

  • Materials Used

VersaTube gives you material to build storage places and garages made from Stainless Steel.

These tubes are a symbol of more reliability and more extended time usage when you are spending money on your building or a specific space.

However, Pole Barn is different because its tubes are made from wood. Only wood construction is used in inaugurating whatever you want to see on that barn piece of land.

  • Durability

VersaTubes are considerably more highly durable than Pole Barn because of the material difference.

Stainless steel stands for more years than wood. Because it doesn’t rust, there is no chemical reaction, just like in the wood, and it is comparatively heavy-duty.

So, for your streamlined industrial buildings, consider VersaTube. And where you need something more traditional, you will have to compromise on durability.

  • DIY
Pole Barn Garage
Pole Barn Garage

Whenever you are building something with Pole Barn, you need the help of experienced workers and a fully trained team.

Because wooden work cannot be done only by yourself as there will require a lot of cutting, measuring, and costly job done.

However, with VersaTubes, you don’t need to worry about anything because these tubes provide an easy and comfortable DIY way to build whatever you want.

Use the slip-fit technology and build a vast size building while starting from scratch.

  • Warranty

One of the best advantages of using VersaTube over Pole Barn is their extended Limited Lifetime Warranty of up to 20 years.

It means whatever you are building will have a surety to stand solid and still for a maximum of 20 years.

Compared to VersaTube, Pole Barn gives you a warranty of only five years as its wooden work.

  • Separate Products Offering

Pole Barn gives you multiple options to buy different products. Because they are more into building houses and residential storage places, they offer windows, doors, roofing, siding, etc.

As a substitute, you will only get these different options with Versa tubes if they only offer tubes to build something more comprehensive.

  • Maintenance Required

Whenever you are building something out of wood, it will require consistent treatment. However, that’s not the case when something is constructed on stainless steel. The latter option is solid, doesn’t rust quickly, and does not require daily refinishing, just like wood.

  • Cost To Build

Using VersaTube for a project is relatively less expensive than using Pole Barn. The Pole Barn requires much technical work, cutting, advanced machinery, finishing, and more. All of these things increase the costs of your project.

But with VersaTube, you won’t have to spend afterword costs. Just buy these tubes and start building your needed space.

Which Construction Option Is Better?

When you need to decide between these two, it depends on what type of project you are doing and how much longer you want it to keep standing.

In that case, if you intend to build something solid that must stay stronger for a more extended period, go with the VersaTube.

The Stainless-Steel construction is worth it. However, you can go with the Pole Barn if you want a home without vast requirements.

Both options are excellent in their area of application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are VersaTube buildings strong?

VersaTube buildings are solid because they are made from pure stainless-steel materials.

Are VersaTube carports any good?

They are pretty solid and worth the money. You won’t find many complaints while working or using the VersaTube Carports for your next project.

Can you build a house out of VersaTube?

You can build a solid, durable, and heavy-duty house out of VersaTube by spending less money and having that house for longer.

Is a pole barn cheaper than a metal building?

Pole Barn is a wood material used to make houses and buildings. However, metal should be more expensive. But the extra costs of using Pole Barn make them slightly more costly than metal buildings.

Wrapping Up

When a comparison between VersaTube and Pole Barn is concerned; I would always consider VersaTube. The stainless-steel material is worth buying, less expensive, stands for years, and is usually recommended to build those industrial-scale buildings.

But even if you consider Pole Barn, your decision won’t go to waste because wood houses look stunning when built and kept with care. The rest is up to you!

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