Velcro ALFA-LOK Vs. 3M Dual Lock: In-depth Differences

Velcro Alfa-Lok and 3M Dual Locks have a great reputation for providing tight security to your apartments. While Velcro Alfa-Lok features a single design, the 3M Dual Lock has multi-purpose devices.

You need the best security and lock system to protect your interiors and belongings. Velcro Afla-Lok and 3M Dual Lock offer a wide range of security locks with exceptional service.

Here is a quick comparison table highlighting the specifications of Velcro Alfa-Lok and 3M Dual Lock.

Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsVelcro Alfa-Lok3M Dual Lock
TechnologySnap Lock TechnologyAcrylic Foam Tape
InstallationSelf-Engaging and Easy InstallationEasy Installation and Assembly
Resistant PowerHigh Resistant PowerHigh Vibration Resistance
DesignsSingle Design SetVarious Designs

Key Differences Between Velcro Alfa-Lok And 3M Dual Lock 

You got a brief idea about the specifications of Velfro Alfa-Lok and 3M Dual Lock. It’s time to identify the key features of both products. 

  • Technology 

The presence of effective technology ensures a complete lock system for your device.

Both Velcro Alfa-Lok and 3M Dual Lock feature unique sets of technology. 

Velcro Alfa-Lok features special snap lock technology that enables the device to lock in a single click.

You don’t need any loop to switch on the Velcro Alfa-Lok.

Therefore, you know the device is secure when it creates a snap sound. 

3M Dual Lock, on the other hand, is made of Acrylic foam tape that provides superior viscosity and tension. As a result, the device offers long-term service and high endurance capability.

Moreover, 3M Dual Lock’s unique mushroom design helps absorb the components’ rattling noise, making it a special locking device for your accessories. 

  • Resistance 

Strong resistance against extreme weather conditions is a prerequisite for the best lock system.

Regarding excellent resistance power, Velcro Alfa-Lok leads the chart against 3M Dual Lock.

The product contains heavy-duty mountain strips that protect the device from UV rays, snow, heat, and other extreme conditions.

In addition, an adhesive layer to the mountain strips provides extra protection to the locking system. Overall, Velcro Alfa-Lok ticks all the boxes and serves as a perfect all-around locking system.

3M Dual Lock also has exceptional resistance quality that will suffice your demand. Because of the robust stem slide, you can engage 3M Dual Locks in any orientation. As a result, you can mitigate the concerns of misalignments.

However, the 3M Dual Lock fails to ensure all-season protection, and that’s why Velcro Alfa-Lok suits as the locking system during extreme weather conditions.

  • Installation and Assembly Process

An easy and simple installation process will allow you to assemble the lock system without hassle.

3M Dual Lock provides the best installation process among the top-tier brands. You don’t require extra tools or equipment to assemble the 3M Dual Lock device.

The fasteners can be attached to the components before installation, which reduces the time and number of parts. Hence, you can quickly set up the 3M Dual Lock system without any helping hands.

Velcro Alfa-Lok features a similar installation process that includes accessible snap lock technology. You don’t need to use any additional materials to install the device.

Moreover, Velcro Alfa-Lok contains strong, self-engaging tape snaps that ensure tight security with a single click.

To save time installing a locking device, you should select 3M Dual Lock for better results.

  • Power Source 

Regarding superior power, Velcro Alfa-Lok provides efficient power sourcing and longevity. The unique hook-to-hook engagement offers a firm grip on the accessories.

Moreover, Velcro’s robust brand strips provide semi-permanent mounting that exceeds 15 pounds horizontally or vertically.

  • Design and Variations 
3M Dual Lock Fasteners
3M Dual Lock

3M Dual Lock has different variations that might attract you and fit your interiors.

The product also features multiple attachment methods for your convenience.

Moreover, the 3M Dual Lock is available in numerous such as a variety of fasteners and sensitive adhesives.

On the other hand, Velcro Alfa-Lok features limited designs and styles. You can purchase the 16-in-1 set, 2 sets of 3 x 1, and 4 sets of 3 x 1.

The price of each sets also varies based on the components and designs. 

  • Price

Pricing is the final segment of this discussion. Comparing the two products, you can observe that Velcro Alfa-Lok is cheaper than 3M Dual Lock.

The price of Velcro Alfa-Lok’s models ranges from $10 to $15. Meanwhile, you can purchase each 3M Dual Lock model for $18.

Remember that you might need to bear extra shipping charges.

Which One To Pick?

Since Velcro Alfa-Lok and 3M Dual Lock gives a tight competition, it’s tough to decide the winner.

3M Dual Lock features various designs that make it exceptional. Moreover, the lock system has multiple operation processes, and you can easily install it.

Using different methods, you can attach the 3M Dual Lock on any surface. Additionally, the fasteners of 3M Dual Lock don’t require extra tools or equipment, which reduces your hassle.

Price and durability are the two drawbacks of 3M Dual Lock. The lock system is vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and costs relatively higher than other brands.

Overall, the 3M Dual Lock offers exceptional features and superior service. The 3M Dual Lock is the best option if you can manage your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is dual lock stronger than Velcro?

Scotch states that their Dual Lock Extreme is three times more potent than Velcro hooks and look strips.

How strong is dual lock Velcro?

Dual Lock Velcro has a maximum static load of 2.2 pounds at 220 degrees Fahrenheit for 10,000 minutes. 

What is better than Velcro?

Snaps, popularly known as poppers, are great alternatives to the Velcro Lock system. They are available in various designs and sizes that will fulfill your demand. 

Is 3M dual lock removable?

Yes, the 3M Dual Lock is removable and replaceable. Therefore, you can quickly replace the product with an alternative when your work is done. 


Clearly, 3M Dual Lock triumphs over Velcro Alfa-Lok in this comparison of Velcro Alfa-Lok and 3M Dual Lock.

The combination of multi-purpose attachment methods and advanced technologies make the 3M Dual Lock unique.

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