TYM Tractor Reviews 2024: Is It Worth It?

From being a very small manufacturer of agricultural machinery producers from the year 1951 TYM or Tong Yang Moolsan has come a long way. It is one of the best producers of such products.

Their tractors are undoubtedly very much acclaimed among users. The intention of this blog post is to help you out in knowing the summary of all TYM tractor reviews of the users.

By the end of this blog post, I am sure you will be able to decide whether it will be able to serve your purpose or not.

Features of TYM Tractor

TYM tractor

Just like every other agricultural machinery tool, TYM tractors bring in some unique features. Some features may be common with its other alternatives as those are essential, but there are some features that are indeed unique to the users.

In this part of the blog, I am going to mention some notable features of the TYM tractor. After knowing all these features, hopefully, you will be able to assume how it would serve you in your land. So, let’s get started.

  • Flexibility

For any agricultural machinery tool, it is imperative to have the needed flexibility. Hence, TYM tractors are very well-known for the flexibility it brings while working on the land.

These tractors are built in a way that perfectly meets the specific needs of mechanized farming. While working on the land, the users get several benefits due to the flexibility of this tractor.

  • Sturdiness

For getting assurance that a tractor is going to be long-lasting, the feature of sturdiness is really crucial. It would imply the tractor is going to remain for a long time even when the warranty period is over.

TYM tractors are mostly picked by the customers considering this feature. While looking for the reviews online, you will see the existing users mentioning it.

Thus, they are recommending TYM tractors to potential buyers due to their sturdiness.

  • Multiple Innovative Technologies

The manufacturer of TYM tractors is very much cautious of the latest technology that can be incorporated to give the tractor some extra edge. This regular incorporation of the latest technologies paves the way for the simplified operation of the TYM tractors.

So maintaining and operating TYM tractors becomes easier for the users while working with these particular tractors in their field.

  • Best Looking Design
TYM T474 Tractor

This is one of the best features of TYM tractors. It features an eye-catching design.

The users who are familiar with this field for a long time know the design and the brand just by having a glimpse of it.

TYM’s signature sharp red color separates it from any other tractors that are available on the market.

All the TYM tractor model follows this external look, so it becomes quite straightforward for the users to identify them.

  • Tier-4 Certified Engine

The latest models of TYM tractors have some differences from the earlier ones. For instance, newer models are now made of powerful Tier-4 certified 4-cylinder engines.

Needless to say, these engines are made in a way that produces less noise while working. Hence, there will be a lesser chance of noise in the environment when you work with these tractors.

Also, these tractors provide enhanced torque output but with lesser revs. This particular engine claims to be more environmentally friendly, producing fewer emissions to the environment. Another advantage that no one can deny is that this engine will need less maintenance than the other ones.

  • Hydrostatic Or Synchro-Shift Transmission

Most of the TYM Tractors have transmission of hydrostatic or Synchro-Shift type. But between these two, hydrostatic transmission systems is more available.

This hydrostatic transmission system brings in different features like improved smoothness and infinitely variable speed drive of the operator from the steering wheel to the reverse and forward pedal. It also brings in the electronic speed control feature.

  • Dual Gear Pump Hydraulic Systems

A dual gear pump powers the hydraulic system of TYM Tractors. This particular pump can deliver 88L/min oil flow.

The linkage system of this pump is also very commendable as it has a 3-point linkage system. Most of the tractors of TYM feature such a linkage system.

It improves the experience of the operator, especially while working on uneven surfaces.

  • Separate PTO System

All these TYM tractors bring in an independent PTO system. Though the PTO system is controllable through a separate clutch.

This independent PTO in these TYM tractors provides the operator some extra benefits while working like making the tractor easier to maneuver, and also some significant control over the tractor that all the operators might seek.

  • Cost of The Tractor
TYM Cab Model Tractor

The cost of any machinery plays a great role in making the purchase decision of it.

This also works when people think about purchasing a tractor.

The cost of TYM tractors is not the same for different models.

In fact, the cost may vary based on the internal mechanism and sophistication of the tractor.

However, the cost may be very in the range of USD 20K to 50K and sometimes a bit more. The cost may also vary depending on the dealer and the overall cost of the procurement for these tractors.

  • Warranty

TYM’s warranty coverage is something that the users surely value. Usually, these tractors last up to 3 years. But once it is ended, the dealer is committed to covering the labor and part replacement costs till the 6th year of the purchase of the tractor.

On top of that, TYM tractors come with an exclusive 3,000-hour warranty coverage as well.

What Could’ve Been Better With The TYM Tractor

As you know most of the features of TYM tractors, may also lack some other features that could have been better for this tractor. Here you will get to know about those.

  • Cheap Fixation

According to some users, though TYM tractors come with warranties, some fixation may not fall under the existing warranty. So, the users have to spend on those issues.

And they have found that the fixation cost them a fortune, hence, the manufacturer can include those in their warranty policy.

  • Bigger Size

Sometimes to do the work quickly and smoothly one might need a bigger tractor. So, to a few users, the tractor feels a bit smaller than the necessity. That is why there could have been bigger-sized tractors for some models in the future.

  • Strong Support From TYM

The customer and dealer support from the TYM is not as strong as it should be. There are reviews that say on a few occasions the customers and the dealers did not get the needed attention from the customer service of the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who makes the TYM tractor?

A South Korean agricultural machinery manufacturing company TYM Corporation is the maker of the TYM tractors.

What engine is in a TYM tractor?

Powerful Tier-4 certified 4-cylinder engines are incorporated in the TYM tractor mostly.

Is TYM same as Mahindra?

No, both are different manufacturers, but Mahindra works with TYM on some projects.

How much do TYM tractors cost?

The cost range of TYM tractors is about USD 20K to 50K.

Wrapping up

There are so many tractors in the market, but anyone would take the name of TYM tractor while considering purchasing a tractor. I am sure after having so many TYM tractor reviews from different users you surely have found this blog post helpful.

I think for getting a better outcome for your effort, you can invest in a TYM tractor and not worry about it for a considerable amount of time. I am sure you can take the best decision on basis of your requirement.


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