Mahindra 2638 Reviews 2024: Is This Tractor Worth It?

Mahindra has always been one of the industry leaders across the globe. Whether it’s performance, raw power, or cost friendliness, Mahindra is always considered a top choice as a brand.

Today, I’ll talk about Mahindra 2638, a fantastic machine from Mahindra that you can use in agriculture, construction, road building, or any other field you wish.

Below, I will describe various key features and discuss my personal experience revolving around those features. So, without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Features of Mahindra 2638 Tractor

Mahindra 2638 Tractor

Mahindra 2638 was first launched in 2018 as a part of their best-selling 2600 series. I have been using this tractor for the last four years, and here is a breakdown of the notable features from my experience.

  • Excellent Load-Carrying And Hauling Capability

Load and hauling capability might not be the most significant indicator of a tractor’s performance, but it’s a huge selling point. Though this capacity is often unreliable, I got the performance pretty close to what Mahindra 2638 advertised.

I can lift about 1500 lbs. easily with this powerhouse. Considering the price tag and 166 c engine, I was pretty impressed by the performance.

  • Higher Displacement Than Competitors

Like everyone else, I was looking for raw power and performance on a relatively lower budget, and that’s when I came across Mahindra 2638. This tractor had 33% to 45% more displacement than its competitors.

Nevertheless, this lead is still pretty respectable in today’s market.

A basic rule of the engine is that more significant displacement means more power, and the Mahindra 2638 is more capable of handling any task with its powerful 166 cc engine.

So for moderate usage in hobby farming, material handling, or ground maintenance, you can rely on this machine with your eyes closed.

  • Lower Operational RPM

Despite having a powerful engine, I have been impressed by the lower operational RPM of Mahindra 2638. Now this lower RPM brings a lot of benefits to the table.

First, lower RPM allows for a noise-free operation. Next, lower RPM also ensures fuel economy and less friction in engines. In the long run, lower operational RPM will enable this tractor to serve a long time.

  • mCOMFORT seat

I know comfort is not on the list of considerations for many customers. However, I would advise you to pay enough attention to this aspect.

Without comfort, it can get very challenging to run a tractor.

Mahindra has paid enough attention to this aspect as their mComfort seat provides the ultimate comfort for the driver.

This tractor has mechanical suspension instead of the regular one, allowing highly stable riding on all terrain. In addition, there is an armrest and retractable seat button for extra hand relaxation.

  • Convenient Operation

Overall, it has been an absolute pleasure using this truck daily for the last four years. Mahindra ensured every tiny detail to the convenient operation of this traction.

There is responsive hydraulic control and reliable transmission, which result in ease of operation.

The entry has a full rubber mat and a flat operational seat, resulting in convenient entry and exit. Lastly, small features like the cup holder, charging socket, and cellphone holder add to the list of convenient features.

  • Easy To Service

Servicing a tractor is never easy, especially for these semi-professional tractors where drivers don’t have expertise in service. For them, the easy serviceability of Mahindra 2638 can come in very handy.

I can easily remove the hood and side panels within a minute without any tools. Then I can easily access the radiators, battery, or any other part and service them as necessary.

  • Excellent Warranty

Warranty is another strong suit of Mahindra 2638. A tractor is not something we invest often, and the industry-leading 7 years warranty on Mahindra 2638 shows just how reliable this tractor is.

So if you are looking for a long-term investment, you cannot go wrong with Mahindra 2638.

What Could Have Been Better With Mahindra 2638?

Apart from all these great features, you should remember these slight imperfections Mahindra 2638 has. They might not be deal breakers, but you should know about them before purchasing.

  • Fuel System

Mahindra tractors have fuel system issues, and 2638 is no different. This is the area where most users face problems and need most servicing. If it feels the tractor is losing power and stamina, that’s likely because of the fuel system.

  • Battery And Electrical System

Another slight drawback of Mahindra 2638 is the battery and electrical system overall. Everything from the ignition, lighting or even the battery car suffers from problems.

Though you can resolve these issues quickly, you should be ready to face them.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What engine is in the Mahindra 2638?

Mahindra 2638 features a 37.4 Hp, 166.7 CC engine. This diesel engine is more than capable of handling any semi-profession work you throw at it.

How much can a Mahindra 2638 Lift?

For a mid-size tractor like Mahindra 2638, it can easily lift an impressive weight of 1634 pounds. No matter what your purpose is, that lifting capacity should serve your purpose.

Who makes the Mahindra 2638?

Mahindra 2638 is manufactured by Mahindra & Mahindra Limited (M&M). It’s one of the biggest multination automotive manufacturers based in India.

How much is a Mahindra 2638?

There are several versions of Mahindra 2638 available on the market. Moreover, there are several upgrades you can add which fluctuate the price. Deepening on the model and upgrades, you should be able to buy a new Mahindra 2638 within$28,000 to $40,000 range.

Final Words

That’s a wrap for today. I hope my Mahindra 2638 reviews will give you a better insight into this tractor and help you determine whether you should get it.

I think the Mahindra 2638 is an absolute steal at its price range with a powerful engine, quiet operation, fuel economy, and carrying capacity. So if you are looking for a long-lasting tractor for hobby farming and light utility works, look no further and get the Mahindra 2638 today.

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  1. I recently purchased the Mahindra 2638 HST Cab, along with a 5’ shredder and Terra Force grapple. Absolutely love it! Question? The PTO and the low-medium-high levers are really tight and sometimes hard to engage. Will these loosen up over time and usage? Thanks.

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