Toro Wheel Horse 212-5 Review: Is This Lawnmower Worth It? 

Whether homeowners or business owners, Toro lawnmowers are a top choice. Their safe and trustworthy machines can show reliable performance. Wheel Horse is another product line of Toro, which Toro bought in 1986. I have been using the Toro Wheel Horse 212-5.

This simple, robust machine has some classic features to stand out from competitors. If you are searching for an unbiased and authentic Toro Wheel Horse 212-5 review, keep reading this post.

Features of Toro Wheel Horse 212-5 Lawnmower

Though Toro Wheel Horse 212-5 is an old mower, it has some remarkable features. Here are a few critical aspects that you should know about this mowing machine.

  • Vertical Engine Lawn Mower
Toro Wheel Horse 212-5 Lawnmower

The blades of this lawn mower are placed vertically.

You can effortlessly get rid of thatch buildup in lawns even if the thatch layer is more than 1 inch.

This type of mower is ideal to use in early spring to midsummer when the grass is actively growing.

Its enormous blades verticutting reel show precise cutting to control thatch.

  • Peerless Transmission System

This Toro Wheel Horse 212-5 comes with a Peerless transmission system. It is well known for its durability, power, and value.

Regular maintenance will ensure the engine has enough power to operate. It also prevents unwanted leaks of brake shaft seals or axle seals.

  • Belt-driven Gear

To ensure a noise-free and smooth operation, the mower comes with belt-driven gear. It is effective in dampening vibration and absorbing shocks.

Besides, a belt-driven gear features overload and jam protection. You don’t need to oil or lubricate it. It can also show reliable performance to transmit power over a vast distance.

  • Manual Steering system

Toro Wheel Horse 212-5 has a manual steering system. This gives a precise and solid feeling of the car part when it moves. It ensures increased gas mileage and a minimal labor-intensive fix.

Since it is low-geared, you will not feel too heavy. But adding extra physical effort is necessary, especially when driving at a lower speed.

  • Single Cylinder Engine

This lawn mower comes with a single-cylinder engine, making the Maintenance task simple and easier. Plus, the cool system will be easygoing, unlike multiple cylinder engine.

Besides, they are compact and lightweight to save space inside the engine. You can easily do maintenance tasks to troubleshoot or fix them.

Watch this old video that explains this mower really well.

What Could’ve Been Better With Toro Wheel Horse 212-5?

Apart from advantages, this Toro machine has some cons that I have figured out.

  • Not a Highly Powerful Machine

This lawn mower has a 388 cc engine. You can’t expect it to perform like an advanced mowing machine. Handling tougher tasks like cutting too-thick grass or weeds will not be a simple job.

  • Small Fuel Tank Capacity

The unit comes with a 1.5-gallon fuel tank. You may need to refill the fuel tank several times if you have a vast lawn that requires regular maintenance.

  • Lack of Advanced Features

This old lawn mower does not have many advanced features, unlike advanced, latest lawn mowers. The transmission type, Transmission system, steering system, etc., are not user-friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When did Toro stop making Wheel Horse tractors?

Toro stopped making Wheel Horse tractors after 2007. Before this, the company used to sell existing models at relatively low prices as low-end models.

Does Toro still make Wheel Horse?

Toro put a permanent break on the production of Wheel Horse models from their brand. They don’t sell any products under this brand name.

What year is a Toro Wheel Horse?

Toro purchased Wheel Horse in 1986 and manufactured different tractors and lawn mowers under Wheel Horse till 2007.

What oil does a Toro Wheel Horse take?

A Toro Wheel Horse usually needs Castrol Garden 4T 10W-30 oil for their tractor and lawn mower. But make sure to read the instruction manual to become 100% sure about it.

Bottom Lines

I can understand that introduction of new advanced models of lawn mowers makes it unrealistic to choose an old model like this Toro Wheel Horse. But it is simple to use and maintain.

More importantly, it can easily last for several decades. After all, their construction quality is top-notch. Hopefully, this post gave you a clear Toro Wheel Horse 212-5 review.

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  1. I need the three blades for a 212-5 wheel horse mower with rear discharge deck I believe it’s 36 inch cut mine has the onan motor

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