TEC Vs. RedGard Waterproofing Membrane: In-depth Differences

Let’s talk about two waterproofing membranes: TEC and RedGard both of which protect tiles or stone in residential or commercial buildings. These two products are compared together because they have many similarities.

But if you look more closely, there’re some differences as well. TEC HydraFlex offers a smooth, watertight seal over floors, ceilings, and walls but RedGard offers a waterproof membrane barrier on floors is just a tip of an iceberg.

In this article, we’ll see what other differences they make. So, let’s get right in.

A Quick Comparison Between Two Waterproofing Membranes

Here is a quick comparison between TEC HydraFlex and RedGard waterproofing membrane:

Product Typewaterproofing and cracks isolation membranewaterproofing and crack prevention membrane
Features & BenefitsOffers More Features & BenefitsOffers Fewer Features & Benefits
Applicable Substrates  Various SubstratesVarious Substrates
Performance  50 – 100 Sq. Ft.55 – 100 Sq. Ft.
WarrantyLimited WarrantyLimited Warranty
Price$53 Per Gallon$70 Per Gallon

In-Depth Comparisons Between TEC & RedGard Waterproofing Membrane

Now I will give you a more comprehensive comparison between these two waterproofing membranes. It will help you pick up the right product for your project.

So, here are some key differences between TEC and RedGard:

  • Product Type
tec waterproofing membrane

TEC HydraFlex from H.B. Fuller  Construction Products Inc. is a ready-to-use waterproofing and cracks isolation membrane that is also flexible and mold & mildew resistant.

It forms a monolithic, smooth, and watertight surface on the walls, floors, and ceilings.

You can also stop in-plane cracks using this crack isolation membrane.

Moreover, this product is suitable for residential to extra heavy commercial projects.

On the other hand, RedGard waterproofing and crack prevention membrane from Custom Building Products is also a ready-to-use formula. This elastomeric waterproofing membrane is suitable for residential and commercial tiles and stone applications.

It creates a continuous waterproofing barrier and excellent adhesion, decreasing crack transmission on tiles and stone floors. This membrane also bonds directly to clean metal drains, and you can use it as a slab-on-grade moisture vapor barrier.

  • Features & Benefits

You will get many outstanding features and benefits from both products. They both have good reputations for their performance. Let’s see what they have to offer.

TEC offers to waterproof cracks isolating performance on the exterior and interior walls, floors, or ceilings. Apart from that, it also resists mold and mildew caused by moisture. Using a roller, trowel, or sprayer, you can easily apply it to your surface.

RedGard Waterproofing

It doesn’t require any mesh; you can use it on concretes as new as 3 days old. This crack isolating membrane can isolate cracks from 3mm to 6mm.

Besides, this low VOC formula meets and exceeds the requirement of many codes and standards.

On the contrary, RedGard offers an elastomeric waterproofing membrane for interior and exterior use.

Because of its continuous crack transmission on tile and stone floors, you will get excellent performance. Besides, this formula offers very strong adhesion over floors.

This ready-to-use formula offers a quick roll-it-on application. So, you can quickly put it down on your floor and finish your project. Plus, this waterproof membrane also works as a vapor water barrier.

  • Applicable Substrates

TEC and RedGard are suitable for various substrates. You can use TEC HydraFlex waterproof membrane on concrete, masonry, cured mortar beds, gypsum wallboards, specialty plywood, gypsum underlayment, and existing ceramic tile, VCT, cementitious backer, and many more.

In contrast, RedGard waterproofing membrane is used on concrete, masonry, cement mortar, cement backer board, exterior plywood, OSB, lightweight concrete, gypsum-based cement topping, existing ceramic tiles, etc.

  • Coverage 

When it comes to performance, both products are toppers in their class. TEC waterproofing membrane can waterproof up to 50 sq. ft. per Gallon. It isolates cracks for 50 to 100 sq. ft. per Gallon.

In contrast to TEC, RedGard waterproof membrane can waterproof around 55 sq. ft. areas per Gallon. Besides, it can isolate cracks for around 100 sq. ft. areas with 1 gallon.

  • Warranty

Both TEC HydraFlex and RedGard waterproofing membranes come with a Limited warranty. So, there’s not much difference here.

However, contact your local dealer or reach out to their customer service for more information regarding the Limited Warranty.

  • Price

One Gallon of TEC HydraFlex costs around $53. On the other hand, a one-gallon RedGard waterproof membrane will cost around $70.

As you can see, RedGard Waterproof Membrane is a bit pricier than the TEC HydraFlex Waterproof Membrane.

Which Waterproofing Membrane Will Be Best For You?

RedGard waterproofing membrane

Since both products are very close to each other and offer almost similar performance, it can become challenging for you to choose the right one.

It’s entirely up to you, but if you ask for my help, I suggest you go for the TEC HydraFlex waterproofing membrane.

You can use this formula for your walls, floors, and ceilings. Besides, it also offers mold and mildew resistance.

That’s why it will be a better option for you.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What is TEC HydraFlex used for?

This waterproof and crack isolation membrane is used for interior and exterior applications. It creates a smooth, watertight, and monolith surface over walls, floors, and ceilings.

Can I tile directly over RedGuard?

You can install tile and thin-set mortars directly onto the RedGard waterproof and crack isolation membrane. It is ready to use and doesn’t need any extra layer of product or mesh.

Can you tile over TEC HydraFlex?

You can easily tile over TEC HydraFlex. This waterproof crack isolation product is best for tiles and stone applications. So, you can use TEC HydraFlex over various types of tiles to create a smooth and watertight surface.

Do I need a vapor barrier if I use RedGard?

Besides waterproofing and crack isolating, RedGard also works as a vapor barrier. So, you won’t have to use a vapor barrier behind your substrates.

Final Thoughts

A waterproof and crack isolation membrane heavily defends your house or any commercial building against moisture, molds, and mildews. Choosing the right one is that’s why very crucial.

Between TEC and RedGard, it’s clear that the former is the best option. So, do not second guess to go for it. Rest assured, you will be glad in the future that you chose TEC HydraFlex.

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