Takeuchi Skid Steer Reviews 2023: What Makes It Good?

Skid steers are a life savior when it comes to specific terrains. They’re compact and easy to control but they also need a lot of care.

Skid steers are pretty hit or miss so you’ll have to think hard before getting one. This is why going with known brands like Takeuchi is better.

Takeuchi skid steers are one of the very bests in the market. There’s a reason they have a glowing reputation. Here is a review of Takeuchi skid steers so you know what makes them good.

Key Features of Takeuchi Skid Steers

Takeuchi skid steers are pretty much all-rounders. The best feature of this would be the versatility and interior option. It is amazing to work with and has pretty sturdy insides too.

Of course, everything depends on your use case. Things can be different depending on your terrain, project and how frequently you’ll need it. But the general picture for the Takeuchi skid steers is pretty fabulous.

Here are some key features of the Takeuchi skid steers.

  • Versatility
Takeuchi Skid Steer

As everyone knows, skid steers and CTLs have two lift types.

Every skid steer model usually comes in a vertical or radial arm lift option.

Takeuchi is one step ahead in this case. Their skid steers come in both vertical and radial lifts so Takeuchi skid steers are pretty versatile.

A vertical arm lift is height focused. It rises straight upwards and digs less deep. So this kind of skid steer is used for clearing loads and lifting.

Radial arm lift digs deeper but reaches less height. So they work better for excavation and digging. Takeuchi skid steers have both options available so you can use them however you want.

Takeuchi skid steers are also good on different terrains; you just have to be a little careful sometimes. When it comes to hard terrain, Takeuchi skid steers are pretty much unbeatable.

The problem is with sandy terrains.

Sometimes sand can get into the inner parts and clog them. The undercarriage is extra vulnerable to this. So you’ll have to be careful in sandy terrains like Florida.

Other than that Takeuchi skid steers can work almost every terrain.

  • Sleek Interior

Takeuchi has one of the best interiors around. It is spacious, comes with A/C, and has plenty of space around the control panel.

Takeuchi skid steers are pretty light compared to some of their competitors. The cab is pretty spacious and caged on both sides.

It also has a built-in A/C option so you won’t have to suffer much during the hot days. The cab isn’t dustproof but it does keep most of the dirt out.

Another interesting design choice in Takeuchi skid steers is the doors. There are plenty of models with hinge doors but some models are different.

They come with an overhead door which is extra handy during the summer days.

  • Powerful Engine and Steady Performance

Takeuchi skid steers are known for their amazing engines. They might be a little loud but when it comes to getting the job done, they do it better than anyone else.

Takeuchi engines are mostly turbocharged with a good horsepower output. The lifting capacity is also commendable. Models like TL12 can lift up to 1285 kg which is a pretty hefty number.

Takeuchi engines are probably the best ones in the market. You’ll rarely see them having trouble or outright giving up. This makes up for the very expensive replacement parts. if it ain’t broke, you won’t have to fix it.

Here is a little demo of it for you.

What Could’ve Been Better With Takeuchi Skid Steer?

As good as the Takeuchi skid steers are they still have room for improvement. From open loop hydraulic system issues to jammed doors- there are some problems that get the ratings down a little.

Here are some things that could’ve been better with Takeuchi skid steers.

  • Open Hydraulic System Issues

This isn’t limited to Takeuchi skid steers but it is a pretty big issue. You’ll notice this in pretty much every skid steer that uses an open-loop hydraulic system.

Sometimes the Takeuchi skid steers tend to lose priority especially when you’re running the auxiliary line. Takeuchi skid steers tend to lose positive control over the loader function. This makes it difficult to control because it keeps getting messed up.

And this problem seems to be limited to the loader only. When you open your grapple/combo and push the loader up, it will stop working.

  • Confusing Control Panels

No, you won’t have to DIY buttons into your control panel but you might have trouble finding them. Takeuchi’s control panel is very sophisticated but it is also slightly different from other Panels.

Takeuchi skid steers usually have simple control panels but the buttons are usually in a different layout. A lot of people confuse the foot pedal with the throttle.

This means you’ll need multiple tries to get used to the control panel.

  • Expensive Replacement Parts

This is a very common complaint among Takeuchi users. The parts on the skid steers rarely go bad but when it does, finding a replacement part is pretty hard.

Unless you are lucky and have a good supplier you already know, you’ll have to break the bank (more or less) for replacement parts.

This is more of a manufacturing issue than anything else. Takeuchi skid steer parts are mostly assembled by them. They mostly use their own parts so there are very few off-the-shelf parts.

This means most replacement parts have to come from them too. You can’t grab it from a hardware store.

Since there are next to no off-the-shelf parts, the replacement parts can get pretty expensive for most people.

  • Door Hinge Issues

This is more common in Takeuchi CTLs but the skid steers aren’t free from it either. A problematic door hinge is rarer in skid steers but that doesn’t mean you won’t have to keep your eyes peeled.

For the skid steer models with regular hinge-based doors, the door starts getting heavier with use. The hinges start wearing off so the door gets stuck pretty often.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You still might have some questions about the Takeuchi skid steers. So here are some questions people often ask about the skid steers to help you out.

What are the most reliable skid steers?

This depends on everyone’s personal preference. What you feel comfortable in might be someone else’s least favorite skid steer. Regardless of personal preferences; some brands like Takeuchi, Bobcat, CASE, Kubota, Komatsu, and Caterpillar are some of the most reliable skid steer manufacturers.

Who makes Takeuchi skid?

Takeuchi skids are made under Takeuchi Mfg. Co., Ltd in Japan. The western distribution is being done by Terex Corporation since 2012.

Is Takeuchi better than Bobcat?

That depends on what the user is comfortable with. But theoretically speaking, Takeuchi and Bobcat go neck-on-neck on everything.

Are Takeuchi good?

Yes, Takeuchi is one of the best skid steer manufacturers in the market. Their skid steers are versatile, compact, and able to take any other competitor’s heads on.

Final Verdict

While Takeuchi is one of the best skid steer makers in the market, it is still better to check out the Takeuchi skid steer reviews before getting one for yourself.

That way you’ll know what you’re going to get and see whether it fits the bill for you.

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