Sun Joe AJ805E Vs. AJ801E Electric Lawn Dethatcher

When it comes to removing thatches, dead grass, moss, and weeds from lawns, you need a quality electric dethatcher and scarifier. Sun Joe is a reliable brand that sells a wide range of dethatchers and scarifiers.

That’s why we decided to go for a comparison session on Sun Joe AJ805E vs. AJ801E.

The Sun Joe AJ805E has 15 Inches cutting capacity and a 13-Amp powerful motor, whereas Sun Joe AJ801E has13 Inches cutting width and a 12-Amp electrical motor. Also, Sun Joe AJ805E has a larger waste collection bag than the Sun Joe AJ801E.

Let’s check out in-depth details about them.

A Quick Comparison Table

Is there a rush? Can’t go through the whole post? Don’t worry! Check out this table. You will get a quick overview.

SpecificationsSun Joe AJ805ESun Joe AJ801E
Cutting Width15 Inches13 Inches
Weight27.4 Pounds27 Pounds
Collection Bag Capacity13.2- Gallon8-Gallon
Motor power13-Amp12-Amp
Ideal usageMid to large-sized lawns, heavy-duty clearingSmall to mid-sized lawns, medium-sized clearing
PriceSlightly expensiveMore affordable

In-depth Differences Between Sun Joe AJ805E and AJ801E Lawn Dethatcher

Just because you know some basic differences doesn’t mean it is best for making a well-informed decision. Here is a clear overview of the various features of these two machines.

  • Cutting Width
Sun Joe AJ805E Electric Dethatcher and Scarifier
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An electric dethatcher and scarifier should have a minimum cutting width so that you can cut grass and remove dead plants more conveniently.

The Sun Joe AJ805E has 15 Inches cutting width, while Sun Joe AJ801E features a 13 Inches cutting blade

You can remove more thick and robust thatch and grass with AJ805E than AJ801E. This allows you to get your job done more quickly as you don’t need to get over the lawn again and again.

Hence, you will save more time by using AJ805E to get rid of unwanted thatch.

  • Weight

The weight of an electric dethatcher and scarifier can give more flexibility and comfortability to use. The Sun Joe AJ805E has 27.4 pounds of weight, whereas Sun Joe AJ801E weighs only 27 pounds.

Though the weight is merely different, the lighter model will provide more accessibility.

You will have better stability and an effective control system with a lightweight dethatcher and scarifier. It can positively influence the cutting style of the thatch.

However, the result will not highly vary since they are close to each other.

  • Bag Collection Capacity

When removing a massive amount of thatch, having a large size bag is a plus point. It can store a significant amount of waste. The Sun Joe AJ805E comes with a 13.2-gallon, but Sun Joe AJ801E has only an 8-Gallon waste collection capacity.

Hence, you need to less frequently empty the bag of AJ805E than AJ801E. This will save your time, making it more convenient to use. You will be greatly benefitted from using it on large-sized lawns.

  • Motor Power
Sun Joe AJ801E Electric Dethatcher and Scarifier
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The motor power of an electric dethatcher and scarifier is an essential factor since it will determine the fast-spinning capability.

The Sun Joe AJ805E comes with a 13-Amp powerful motor, meaning it can run longer and quickly remove thatch from the lawn.

On the other hand, Sun Joe AJ801E has a 12-Amp motor, which is not as powerful as the other option.

Compared to Sun Joe AJ805E, Sun Joe AJ801E is more prone to get heated in a short time.

Hence, you need to maintain a minimal breaking period while operating it.

  • Ideal Usage

Since Sun Joe AJ805E has a larger cutting weight, massive waste collection bag capacity, and powerful motor, it is a better option for mid to large-sized lawns and heavy-duty clearing.

Contrastly, the Sun Joe AJ801E is perfect for small to midsized lawns and medium-sized clearings. After all, its cutting width, waste collection capacity, and motor power are not much as the other option.

  • Performance

How do you measure the performance of an electric dethatcher and scarifier? It depends on various factors such as cutting power, running session, precise cutting, etc.

Since the Sun Joe AJ805E has a powerful motor and can be run for a long time without breaking than Sun Joe AJ801E, it is not wrong to expect better performance.

You can utilize the machine to remove hard and large thatch. Most users who have used both units have given a better rating for AJ805E over AJ801E in terms of performance.

However, some people have rated the AJ801E a good option for its other positive factors.

  • Price

Since Sun Joe AJ805E has some better features than AJ801E, the price of AJ805E is slightly higher than the other option. But as a long-term investment, it is worth paying a little extra amount of money to get the best value from it.

However, Sun Joe AJ801E comes at an affordable price. Apart from a few features, both units have a lot of similarities, making it a decent choice too. Buying this option won’t be a wrong choice either.

Which Lawn Dethatcher Is The Best For Your Lawn?

Sun Joe AJ805E Lawn Dethatcher

If you are looking for a high-end machine to get rid of thatches, dead grass, moss, and weeds, the Sun Joe AJ805E is a perfect option.

Its powerful motor can run for a long time without becoming hot.

Plus, it features a broader cutting blade for quick and easy cutting.

On the other hand, the Sun Joe AJ801E is an ideal pick for a small or medium-sized lawn. Its affordable price ensures no breaking of your bank. And the lightweight construction gives you more flexibility to use for simple handling.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should you dethatch your lawn?

Thatches don’t grow as quickly as the grass itself. They build up slowly. Hence, you don’t need to remove them every year. According to most garden experts, you should cut them out once every 4 or 5 years.

Does scarifying remove thatch?

Following the proper process and using the machine correctly will help you remove thatch and moss effectively. So, first, learn the correct way of raking, verti-cutting, and dethatching for perfect scarification. It will ensure a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Will grass grow back after scarifying?

Yes, grass will grow after scarifying because it is highly resilient. However, its growing speed will depend on the weather and soil conditions.

Should I aerate or dethatch first?

It is a good rule of thumb to dethatch first and then do proper aeration for the lawn. Doing the dethatch job during the fall following a complete growing season is the best time to get a better result. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a reliable machine is essential to keep your lawn in tip-top shape. An oversized lawn doesn’t only look dull, but the growth of grass and other plants will be also get affected by it.

Since our lawn size and budget vary, not all of us will need a similar electric dethatcher and scarifier.

We have already gone through a deep discussion on Sun Joe AJ805E vs. AJ801E. Both units are good in their respective ways.

You just need to figure out your primary requirements and choose a perfect option according to them.

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