California Trimmer Vs. McLane: In-depth Differences And Features

Buying a lawnmower involves a hell lot of considerations. It makes the situation more complex if you are confused between California Trimmer and McLane. 

But no worries. Read my California Trimmer vs. McLane review, and you will know which brand you should go for. 

California Trimmer offers two types of lawnmower: reel mowers and hover mowers. On the other hand, McLane also has two types of mowers: reel mowers and rotary mowers. 

Choosing the best mower requires a lot of knowledge about both brands. Here I will show you the features and differences between the mowers of both brands. 

So, let’s get going. 

A Quick Comparison Table 

Here is a quick comparison table between California Trimmer and McLane mowers: 

AspectsCalifornia TrimmerMcLane
Available Models4 Models3 Models
Special FeatureOffers A Heavy-Duty Clutch SystemBelt And Chain Drive
Engine TypeHonda, Brigg & StrattonHonda, Brigg & Stratton
Cutting PerformanceHigh PerformingHigh Performing
Warranty2 Years & 3 Years1 Year & 90 Days
PriceLower Than McLaneHigher Than CalTrimmer

In-Depth Comparison Between California Trimmer And McLane

This time we’ll know every nitty-gritty about both brands. I will show you some of the key differences between these two brands’ mowers. 

So, let’s get into more details. 

  • Available Models 
California Trimmer reel mower
California Trimmer Reel Mower

The number of available models shows how many and what types of mowers are available under both brands’ hoods. 

California Trimmer has 4 models available in its portfolio. RL205H/HC and 207H/HC Classic Reel Mower, RL205/207 Commercial Reel Mower, RL255/257 Commercial Reel Mower, and RC190 Hover Mower. 

On the contrary, McLane has 3 available models in their pocket. You can choose from 20 Inches Reel Mower, 25 Inches Reel Mower, and Greens Keepers 25 Reel Mower. So, California Trimmer has more models available in their store than McLane. 

  • Key Features 

Both lawnmower manufacturers make their machines with various features so that buyers get an optimal grass cutting experience and your lawn looks like a golf course. 

California Trimmer offers a heavy-duty clutch system with their reel mowers. These mowers come with a solid welded steel frame and provide excellent maneuverability, and you’ll get an extra-large grass catcher with these mowers. 

At the same time, California Trimmer Hover Mowers come with an engine brake lever for added safety. It will glide over grasses smoothly and mulch while it cuts. 

On the contrary, McLane lawnmowers come with optional grass catcher options. You will have to pay extra money to get a grass catcher. 

Nevertheless, all McLane mowers are made from induction heat-treated armor-plated reel and bed knife. 

For a more reliable and consistent result, you will get both belt and chain drive with all McLane mowers. 

  • Engine Type 

The engine is one of the essential elements of a mower. It runs the machine and gives the power to cut even the dense grasses. The good news is both brands offer powerful engines with their mowers. 

California Trimmer provides lightweight and efficient Honda engines with their reel mowers. But you will get Brigg & Stratton 550EX engine with its Hover mower. 

In contrast to CalTrimmer, McLane gives you the chance to choose your motor between Brigg & Stratton and Honda motors. So, you can choose between these two motors in any of their three models. 

  • Usage & Cutting Performance 
mclane reel mower
McLane Reel Mower

You can use California Trimmer mowers with all types of grass. Besides, these mowers offer cutting widths of 20 inches and 25 inches.

A 9 inches large deep thread drive roller makes them a superior machine. 

The cutting height for these machines is 3/8 inches to 1-7/8 inches and ¼ inches to 1-½ inches.  

On the other hand, McLane works on all types of grass, but these mowers work excellently on Bermuda grasses, Zoysia grasses, and Augustines grasses. The cutting widths are also 20 and 25 inches. 

You will get cutting height from ¼ to 11/16 inches, 7/8 to 13/16 inches, and 1-½ inches from McLane lawnmowers. 

  • Warranty 

Warranty varies with engine type and usage for both brands. You will get 2 years frame/body warranty for residential use and 1 year with commercial use with California Trimmer mowers. 

For the engine, you will have 2 years limited warranty with Brigg & Stratton engine for residential and commercial use. Honda GC160 comes with 2 Years, and Honda GX160 comes with 3 years warranty for all applications. 

By contrast, McLaren offers 1 year of Limited Warranty for residential use and 90 days of warranty for commercial use regardless of model and engine type. 

  • Price 

A 20 inches California Trimmer Reel mower with a Honda GX160 engine costs $1400. A 25 inches Reel mower with the same engine costs about $2100. 

But a 20 inches McLane Reel mower with a Honda engine and grass catcher costs about $1716.30. 

Which Mower Brand You Should Go For? 

Well, it’s a close call between these two brands. Both of their mowers are well-performing, strong, and long-lasting. But if you ask me, I suggest you go for California Trimmer mowers. 

They are more elegant and have more models to choose from. Besides, they are not as expensive as McLane but do fine work. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) 

How low can a California trimmer go?

A California Trimmer Reel mower can go as low as ½ inches while cutting grass. You’ll get an excellent result from it. 

What does a California trimmer do?

California Trimmer is a lawnmower brand that designs and makes high-quality machines for cutting grass at affordable prices. 

How low can a McLane reel mower cut?

McLane reel mower can go as low as ¼ inches and as high as 2 inches while cutting grass. 

How much does a California trimmer weigh?

A California Trimmer 20 inches reel mower weighs between 143 lbs. to 147 lbs., and 25 inches weight between 169 and 171 lbs. 

Final Thoughts 

A lawnmower is an expensive machine. You must meticulously consider many things because choosing the wrong one will have many downside consequences, and you’ll have to suffer both mentally and financially.  

But the good thing is, after reading my California Trimmer vs. McLane reviews, no worries, as you know which mower you should go for. So, I wish you good luck. 

Ralph Wade

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2 thoughts on “California Trimmer Vs. McLane: In-depth Differences And Features

  1. ABSOLUTELY!! I am very grateful for the insight and your knowledge! The comparison is imperative in my opinion as a reel mower is a big investment.. I have been mowingmy lawns with a manual reel which I love but ready to invest in the power one! I keep wishing for the Lawn Fairy to come over BUT i have had zero luck!! lol so it is up to me to do the dirty work! lol… My advice to you would be to also start a you tube channel so you can get PAID for the views.. and you will get most likely a lot of views!! Thank you again Ralph!! I appreciate you…

  2. I have both, a brand new 2023 California Trimmer 20 with the 160 and a brand new 2023 Mclane 20 with the 120.

    The following has been my experience and opinions:

    I mow at very low levels and up to 1/2 inch. FYI, that clutch lever on the California absolutely sucks! It’s a disaster! You’re fighting that machine instead of trying to cut, focus, and manicure a turf with controlled speeds etc.

    Also, though California Trimmer has many height options, they’re worthless with the grooved roller installed because you cannot cut below the 3rd pin without hitting its side ground metal frame. Garbage garage garbage! Get your stories correct before you misleading.

    California trimmer ought to be ashamed of themselves for that new disastrous lever clutch!

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