Substitute For Exmark Hydro Oil: Are They Any Good?

While Exmark comes with amazing hydro oils, they have an issue with the availability. You may come across this trouble where you can’t find the oil in stock, or it’s not available in your local stores.

You have to think of a substitute for Exmark hydro oil.

To help you with the whole thing, I bring you a list of brands with hydro oil in their collection. These are some reliable options that you can check out as an alternative for your Exmark oil.

Let’s not waste any time and get right into the choices you have for substitutes.

Exmark Hydro Oil Substitutes You Can Try Out

Here is a list of those alternatives:

  • Sinopec
  • Maxima
  • Liquid Wrench
  • Mobil
  • Castrol

Remember that these are some brands you can check out, not the actual products. Before you get the oils, you must ensure that you get the proper size and type of oil compatible with your machine.

Let’s get ahead and check out the options you have available as your Exmark hydro oil alternative –

  • Sinopec
Sinopec Hydro Oil

Sinopec is a brand to pop out whenever you look for good-quality hydro oil or search for the best.

Most of the time, you will come across the AW Hydraulic oil from the brand.

They are a premium quality oil manufacturer, so you end up with good quality oil from the brand.

The only negative you might have with this brand is that they are expensive. You can’t consider these as an affordable option.

So, if you don’t mind paying the costly price of hydro oil, this can be a good pick.

  • Maxima
Maxima Hydro Oil

Maxima is another brand you can rely on for oil for your vehicles and machinery.

They provide you with a well-formulated oil solution that comes with top-notch quality.

The brand focuses a lot on the viscosity of its oil concerning the temperature.

It means the hydro oil you get from Maxima will have the perfect density for your oil.

One thing you have to keep in mind with this brand is that they are very selective of the machines and vehicles you can use them with. So, compatibility should be considered before jumping onto this oil brand.

  • Liquid Wrench
Liquid Wrench Hydro Oil

One of the best things about Liquid Wrench hydro oil is its lubrication quality.

You can expect excellent lubrication coming from the hydro oil.

No matter what machine you have, if the hydraulics struggle to move smoothly, this will surely get them working again.

Another thing to love about this oil brand is the sizing.

They come in perfect sizes suitable for your machines if you choose them accordingly.

The only thing you can nitpick about this brand is that sometimes your product doesn’t match the picture. It is a very common issue with Liquid Wrench. Although, it’s not that big of a deal, considering there is nothing wrong with the oil itself.

  • Mobil

Whenever someone talks about lubricating oil for a vehicle, the name Mobil is bound to come out. It’s one of the most popular oil brands for vehicles. They make very effective and dependable oils that work without any problems on the vehicle.

Mobil is undoubtedly the way to go if you want hydro oil for your vehicle. But if you are looking for hydro oil for a different machine, then Mobil might not be the thing for you because the intensity in oils from Mobil is sometimes a bit too much.

  • Castrol

Here’s another famous brand for lubricating your machine parts and vehicle parts. It’s similar to Mobil as a brand because of its popularity and application. One of the critical things with Castrol is the anti-wear facility they tend to have in their hydro oil.

A common issue with Castrol is that their oil tends to get streaks when you use them and keep them open for a while. The effectiveness is a bit underwhelming as well.

Once again, these are the brands you can try, not the exact products. You can check out their product line and find the most suitable hydro oil for your particular machine or vehicle.  

Is Exmark Hydro Oil Worth It?

Exmark Hydro Oil

No matter how many substitutes or alternative options you find out there, Exmark hydro oil is in a league of its own.

The quality you get from the oil is far superior to anything.

Also, if you are using a piece of machinery from Exmark, then I have to say that Exmark hydro oil is the best option to go along with that.

Based on that, Exmark hydro oil is undoubtedly worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What hydraulic fluid does an Exmark mower take?

You will need to use a premium hydro oil in your Exmark mower take.

What oil do you use in a hydro pump?

Mineral-based oils are the perfect choice you can use for your Hydro pump.

What kind of oil do you put in a zero-turn hydraulic system?

If you want to use an oil on your zero-turn hydraulic system, you can try out any 20W-50 motor oil, or you can also try out the 15W-50 synthetic motor oil.

What kind of hydraulic fluid does an Exmark Lazer Z take?

You can use Exmark premium hydraulic oil or 5W-40 synthetic oil for the hydraulic system. 


In summary, you can find a lot of substitutes for Exmark hydro oil out there. But not all of them will give you the same results or quality. Usually, Exmark hydro oils have this premium end quality that you don’t get to see in many alternate options.

Checking out the substitute brands may help you greatly if you cannot find Exmark hydro oils around you. You can choose the brands I have listed and try them out for your machine if they are compatible. 

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