John Deere Plus-50 II Vs. Rotella T6: Which Oil To Pick?

When you start finding out the comparison between John Deere Plus-50 II oil and the Rotella T6, there is likely nothing much difference. The Rotella T6 is synthetic and 5-40, which JD Plus-50 II cannot provide.

Using Synthetic oil is perfect for cold starts. But both are rated highly, so there will not be so many differences. Please keep reading the article, as I’ll explain a complete comparison between these oils in this guide!

A Quick Comparison Table

Credentials/SpecificationsJhon Dheere Plus-50 IIRotella T6
ApplicationUsed for four-stroke, high speed, and compatible with API engine oil classificationsHeavy duty engine applications, including pickup trucks, semi rigs, or tractors
Viscosity Level15w-405w-40
PerformanceLow-Temperature Fluidity With fewer corrosion problemsTriple Protection plus technology
Fuel EconomyLowHigh

Key Differences Between The Jhon Dheere Plus-50 II And The Rotella T6 Oils

  • Application
John Deere Plus-50 II

When it comes to the use of these oils in Vehicles, there is a slight difference.

The basic is that both types of diesel are used for heavy-duty Vehicles that we mostly use for farming.

Plus, it also includes the vehicles used for heavy transportation.

Using John Dheere plus 50 II diesel is more advanced and heavier than Rotella t6.

Because plus, 50 II is being used in heavy-duty applications that are basically off the road.

Those carts include the on-road trucks. Natural gas engines. Engines designed for marine applications and more. This diesel is also suitable to be used for pickups and automobiles.

Moreover, you can find the john Dheere compatibility with the Jhon Dheere iT4 engines and the one requiring API CJ-4 engine oil. A true vehicle equipper can understand this importance very well.

Compared to this, the Rotella T6 is highly used for trucks, tractors, and other mid or semi-range rigs. But no matter what, you can also find the shell Rotella engine used in multiple engine applications.

  • Viscosity Level

The second main difference between these diesel engine oils is their viscosity. When you consider using the Jhon Dheere Plus-50 II, you get a viscosity level of 15w-40.

It is something that can stand up to 500 hours in extremely cold weather to save the engine from wear and tear. No harm will directly reach your engine if this diesel is being worked.

Compared with it, the Shell Rotella t6 has a viscosity level of 5w-40 which can be slightly less than shell Rotella. Still, it stands better in the cold weather and protects your engine.

  • Performance

On the performance side, we will not say that one is terrible and the other is good. Both have the capacity and ability to meet higher standards for engine advancement and speedy working.

With Plus-50 II, your vehicle engine gets a chance to survive with no oxidation problems, less corrosion, low deposits, and maintenance costs.

With Rotella T6, you get excellent triple layer protection with the multi-functional features ensured by its dispersant additives.

  • Synthetization
Rotella T6 Engine Oil

When diesel oil is compared to being more synthetic, Rotella T6 has always proved to be more.

It’s a full synthetic diesel engine oil that provides excellent usability to your vehicle engine regardless of the application and how you drive it.

Such a Synthetization feature is also essential and highly needed when starting your vehicle’s engine in cold weather.

However, on the other hand, the John Dheere plus 50 II oil is not as synthetic as the Rotella T6.

  • Fuel Economy

We don’t look at the ability of a diesel engine to work at its maximum; we also see how long it works in our truck or another vehicle.

Compared with the John Dheere Plus 50 II engine oil, the Rotella is highly economical on the fuel side.

It provides you with the enhanced fuel economy feature that provides 1.5 percent more efficiency in working than those 15w-40 engine oils.

 Moreover, this oil also doesn’t affect the normal working of your engine.

  • Price

When you compare these engine oils with their price tags, there is not much difference between them.

The Jhon Dheere Plus 50 II can be slightly more expensive than your Rotella T6. But this price difference would only be a few bucks if you are buying the oil in the same quantity.

Usually, a 128 fluid ounces Rotella t6 can cost about 10 to 15 USD, depending on your area or town.

On the other hand, the same quantity of Jhon Dheere Plus 50 II oil can go up to 20 bucks in the USA.

Which Diesel Engine Oil Is Better For You?

Plus-50 II Engine Oil

That’s dependent on someone’s usage experience. Some people love to use Jhon Dheere over Rotella.

And some likes to buy the Rotella T6 for being more economical and highly synthetic.

However, in my view, I would recommend you use Rotella t6 if you have a tractor, a car, or any semi or mid-range rig to drive.

But if you have a heavy-duty vehicle such as the machines we use to cut our corps, you can consider using the Jhon Dheere.

However, being a regular worker, you know better what to choose and what not to choose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Oil Is Equivalent To John Deere Plus-50?

All the oils meeting the Viscosity level of 15w-40 are equal to john Dheere plus 50 oil.

Is John Deere Plus-50 II Synthetic?

The john Dheere Plus, 50 11 oil with 15w-40 viscosity level, is less synthetic. But the 0W-40 Plus 50 II Jhon Dheere is fully synthetic engine oil.

What Viscosity Is John Deere Plus-50?

It is either available in 0w-40 or 15w-40 levels of viscosities.

What Is The Best Oil To ­­Use On A John Deere Tractor?

For Jhon Dheere Tractors, using Jhon Dheere oil only would always be great as it meets those requirements that the tractor engine offers.

Final Thoughts

Seeing the comparison between Jhon Dheere Plus 50 II vs. Rotella T6, there is not much difference to find out. However, both are great in their ways, and people who are highly addicted to using Rotella T6 don’t care much about john Dheere.

The same people addicted to using Jhon Dheere don’t even mention the name of Rotella. So, that’s all on you as to which one you decide.

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  1. John deere will literally replace your engine if it fails after 500hrs using plus 50 II.

    I think that it’s safe to say it’s the best heavy duty oil on the market.

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