Steiner 450 Vs. Ventrac 4500 Tractor: In-depth Differences And Features

Well, choosing a tractor is no joke let’s compare Steiner 450 and Ventrac 4500 to make it easier for you. 

Ventrac 4500 comes with 4 variants, whereas you can choose from 3 variants of Steiner 450 tractor. Again, Steiner 450 has Kubota engines, but the Ventrac 4500 series has Vanguard, Kawasaki, and Kubota engines in their tractors. 

Let’s find some other differences. 

A Quick Comparison Table 

Here is a quick comparison between Steiner 450 and Ventrac 4500 tractors: 

AspectsSteiner 450Ventrac 4500
Tractor TypeFour-Season Lightweight TractorCompact Pro-Grade Tractor
Available Variants3 Available Variants4 Available Variants
Engine TypeKubota & Vanguard EnginesKubota, Vanguard, & Kawasaki Engines
Cooling SystemAir and Liquid CoolingAir and Liquid Cooling
Features & BenefitsInferior to Ventrac 4500Superior to Steiner 450
Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty2 Year Limited Commercial Warranty
PriceAround $26,995Around $22,725 – $37,900

In-Depth Comparisons Between Steiner 450 And Ventrac 4500 

Here I will show you some comprehensive key differences between both tractors. You can decide which one will be best for you. 

  • Tractor Type 
Steiner 450 Tractor

Steiner 450 is a four-season tractor that can take on any task you throw at it throughout the year.

With uncompromising power and incredible versatility, this tractor has every feature to become your go-to tool. 

14 attachments are compatible with this tractor, and they will allow you to take on all types of projects in every season. 

On the other hand, Ventrac 4500 is a compact tractor with superior features. You can perform tasks more efficiently and better than other tractors and hand laborers. With an extensive level of attachments, you can face any projects all year round. 

Most importantly, this tractor provides a pro-level performance to professionals and homeowners with many superior features. 

  • Available Variants

You will find multiple variants for both tractors. Steiner 450 offers 3 variants. They are 75-75025 with 25 HP, 75-75032 with 32.5 HP, and 75-75037 with 37 HP. 

On the contrary, Ventrac 4500 comes in 4 variants. A 4500K with 31 HP, 4500P with 31 HP, 4500Z with 32.5 HP, and 4500Y with 25 HP. 

So, we can see that Ventrac 4500 has more tractor variants than Steiner 450. But, Steiner 450 provides the highest 37 HP engine. You can choose from more variants from the latter option but will get a more powerful engine HP from the former one. 

  • Engine Type 
Ventrac 4500 Tractor

Both tractors and their variants use various engine motors. Steiner 450 tractor uses 3 types of engines with its three variants. 

The 75-75025 variant comes with an 898 cc Kubota D903 engine, which is run by Diesel. It has three cylinders with 7 gallons fuel capacity. 

Steiner 450 75-75032 variant comes with a 962 cc Kubota WG972 engine, run by Gasoline. This 3 cylinders engine also has a 7-gallon fuel capacity. 

With a 993 cc Vanguard M61 engine, the 75-75037 variant is the highest power tractor of this model. You can fill up to 7 gallons of Gasoline in this 2-cylinder engine.  

Similarly, Ventrac 4500 tractor’s 4 variants offer four different engines. You will get a Vanguard M54 896 cc engine with a 4500K variant. It has 2 cylinders and is powered by gas. 4500P has a Kawasaki engine with 824 cc displacement. It’s also a 2-cylinder engine and is run by gas. 

Ventrac 4500Z variant has a 962 cc Kubota WG72-GL engine with 3 cylinders and run by gas. Lastly, 4500Y comes with an 898 cc Kubota D902 3 cylinder Diesel run engine. You will get a 6-gallon fuel capacity with all Ventrac 450 variants. 

  • Cooling System 

Engine cooling system is a vital feature for a best like tractors. An efficient cooling system will keep the engine’s health checked and helps them perform better.

Steiner 450 75-75025 and 75-75032 variants offer Liquid Cooling systems. We know it is a better cooling system than an Air Cooling system. However, Steiner 450 75-75037 comes with an Air Cooling system. 

On the other hand, Ventrac 4500K has an Air Cooling system, and 4500P, 4500Z, and 4500Y have Liquid Cooling systems. 

You can reduce the engine heat fast and more effectively with a liquid cooling system. So, you must choose one that has it. 

  • Features and Benefits 

With a Steiner 450 tractor and its three configurable commercial engine options, you can perform any challenging projects efficiently and quickly; you will get 30-degree slope head-on when you attach dual wheels. 

Four-wheel drive, wide-stance oscillating frame, and hydraulic weight transfer make this machine versatile and ready for any task. 

On the contrary, Ventrac 4500 offers increased safety on slopes while giving you a 30-degree slope with dual wheels, a 25-degree slope with wheel extension, and a 20-degree slope with standard wheels. 

With a Ventrac mount system and an array of attachments, you can use this tractor in all types of weather, including extreme snow. All-wheel drive makes this tractor versatile and offers traction control. 

In addition, you can effortlessly control your tractor with a computer-controlled onboard diagnostic system. Watch this video to learn more about Ventrac 4500.

  • Warranty 

A better warranty term will keep your tractor under protection for a more extended period. Besides, you will get better after-sale services if your tractor’s warranty is up to the mark. 

Steiner 450 offers a 2 Year Limited Warranty to the original purchaser on the tractor, its attachments, and accessories. But you will have to purchase them from an Authorized Steiner Dealer to avail warranty. 

In contrast to Steiner, Ventrac 4500 tractor comes with a 2 Year Limited Commercial Warranty for the tractor, attachments, and accessories. 

  • Price 

The price of both tractors varies on their models. You will have to spend around USD 26,995 for all three variants of the Steiner 450 tractor. 

On the other hand, a Ventrac 4500K will cost $22,725, 4500P will cost $26,090, 4500Y will cost around $35,000, and 4500Z will cost about $37,900. 

Which Tractor Will Be Best For You? 

STEINER 450 Tractor

Now that we’ve compared the specs and features of the Steiner 450 and Ventrac 4500 compact tractors, let’s summarize some key differences and help you determine which is the right choice for your property and needs:

  • The Ventrac 4500 has more power with its 37 HP engine, plus a faster top speed and larger mowing deck, making it the better choice for larger lawns and heavier duty mowing
  • The lighter weight and tighter turning radius of the Steiner 450 makes it more maneuverable for mowing tight spaces and easier to transport
  • Both offer a wide range of compatible attachments, but Ventrac has a slight edge with over 60 options to transform tasks year-round
  • The 4500 costs significantly more than the 450, so Steiner is likely the better value for residential users that don’t need commercial grade durability
  • For commercial use, Ventrac may be worth the premium investment thanks to its ruggedness and productivity

When choosing between these excellent compact tractors, think about the size of lawns you need to mow, terrain and access, desired attachments, and your budget.

Weigh how much power and productivity you require versus the need for maximum manueverability. Be realistic about how intensively you plan to utilize the tractor. For moderate residential use, the Steiner 450 likely represents the smarter choice. Professional landscapers who need maximum uptime will appreciate Ventrac’s near-indestructible durability.

Either model will serve you well for years as a multi-purpose property maintenance Swiss army knife. There’s a reason both Steiner and Ventrac enjoy enthusiastic fans and loyalty. With proper maintenance, you can expect decades of performance from these top-tier compact tractors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Are Steiner and Ventrac the same company?

Steiner and Ventrac belong to the same owners. In 1996, the owners renamed the firm Venture Products. After that, they created the Ventrac brand to produce next-generation compact tractors. 

How much does a Steiner 450 weigh?

Steiner 450 is a lightweight all-purpose tractor. It weighs between 1575 lbs. and 1665 lbs. depending on the model. 

How many horsepower is a Ventrac?

Ventrac 4500 tractor has various horsepower engines for different models. For example, Ventrac 4500Z has a 32.5 HP Kubota engine. 

How long is a Ventrac 4500?

Ventrac 4500 is a heavy-duty and professional-grade tractor. It is 81 and a half inches long. 

Is Steiner and Ventrac the same company?

No, Steiner and Ventrac are competing brands that manufacture similar lines of compact tractors and attachments. Steiner is based in New Berlin, Wisconsin while Ventrac is headquartered in Orrville, Ohio. They each have distinct model lineups and designs.

How much does a Ventrac cost?

Ventrac compact tractors range in price from around $10,000 for a basic unit up to $25,000 or more for the largest 4500 model with attachments. Their commercial-grade build quality commands a premium price. However, excellent resale value helps offset the higher initial investment.

Final Thoughts 

Purchasing a tractor involves many factors and decision-making. You have to look at all the necessary features, which can be tiring. But with my Steiner 450 and Ventrac 4500 review, you won’t have to worry about them as it tells you the best option.  

So, it’s time to do your part. Bring this beauty and beast home and perform whatever task you have all year long. 

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One thought on “Steiner 450 Vs. Ventrac 4500 Tractor: In-depth Differences And Features

  1. I question your assessment that a Ventrac is clearly the go to tractor. I repair both these tractors and listen to customer complaints and compliments about these machines. I won’t tell you which one to buy, but a consideration that should be observed is your use for the tractor. If you wish to use it as a bulldozer or run a 72″ mower deck I don’t care how many engine options there are. The only engines that will matter are the big ones. So multiple smaller engine options are a distraction and useless.

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