Stearns & Foster Lakeridge Vs. Rockwell Mattress

Stearns and Foster have been on the front line in producing veteran mattresses ideal for everyone. However, different mattress in this line has unique features that differentiate them.

Lakeridge mattresses are cheaper than the S & F mattress, which uses indulge memory foam instead of the HD used on the Rockwell mattresses.

The Stearns and Foster Lakeridge vs. Rockwell guide discusses the other differences between the two S&F mattresses below. Let’s get started:

A Quick Comparison Table

Type of mattressTraditional spring mattressMattress-in-a-box
Type of CoverTraditional cover made out of cottonFoam layer on top
Motion IsolationLess movementMore movement
FirmnessOffers one firmness optionUltra firm
Gel infusedYesNo
DurabilityDurable enoughMore durable
PriceInexpensiveA bit expensive

Key Differences Between Stearns & Foster Lakeridge And Rockwell Mattress

The Stearns and Foster Lakeridge has a traditional innerspring mattress, while the Stearns and Foster Rockwell is a mattress-in-a-box.

If you want to use the box springs, you can buy the box springs without having to purchase anything new if you choose Lakeridge.

For the Rockwell, you will have to purchase a foam mattress cover that goes over it to achieve balanced comfort.

  • Motion Transfer
Stearns and Foster Lakeridge Mattress
Stearns and Foster Lakeridge Mattress

Stearns and Foster Lakeridge is better to share your bed with another person.

This is because the heavy coils will prevent your partner from getting any motion transfer.

If one partner moves around on the mattress, you would feel almost nothing as there is hardly any motion transfer from this mattress.

Stearns and Foster Rockwell mattress is good for couples who like to cuddle in bed but can also be less comfortable for those who need more room for themselves.

  • Comfort

Rockwell is more comfortable than Stearns and Foster Lakeridge. It is better for those who want to use the box springs in their bed without the hassle of a traditional spring and have a more sensitive back.

  • Temperature Control And Pressure Relief

Rockwell uses an air vent system and gel foam, relieving any numbness or discomfort you may feel from pressure. Lakeridge uses technology that causes the mattress to mold around the body and relieve stress all night long.

The Lakeridge mattress has more technology to help with temperature control and pressure relief than the Rockwell mattress.

  • Relief From Moisture

Innerspring mattresses are vulnerable to fire and moisture. Because of this, it is recommended that they should be covered to prevent any damage or fire hazard.

Lakeridge mattress features a cover made of Cool Touch materials, which repels moisture and makes your bed dryer than a traditional cotton cover.

Rockwell features a stretch knit cover made from Tencel, which is breathable and wicks away moisture.

The Lakeridge cover is soft, calm, and dry, making it more comfortable for those sensitive to the feeling of moisture on their skin.

  • Support

Lakeridge has a traditional spring system with coils around an inner core. Rockwell mattresses also have springs but are set on top of foam instead of an inner core.

Both mattress types have a similar feeling when you lay down on them. However, the Rockwell mattress is a bit softer.

Lakeridge mattresses are more supportive than the Rockwell mattress.

  • Durability

All Stearns and Foster mattresses are durable and have a ten years warranty. However, comparing the two-mattress series, the Rockwell series will last you more years while maintaining its efficiency. This is because the materials

  • Edge Support
Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell Luxury Plush Mattress
Stearns & Foster Estate Rockwell Luxury Plush Mattress

The edge support on the Lakeridge is better than the Rockwell.

The coils are dense, and you feel the support as soon as you lie down near the edge of your bed.

The edge support of the Rockwell mattress is better than that of the Lakeridge.

The foam layer on top of the springs makes it more challenging to feel the edge support.

Stearns and Foster Lakeridge mattresses have better overall support compared to Stearns and Foster Rockwell mattresses.

  • Price

Due to the high-quality HD materials used in the Rockwell series, the mattress retails at a higher price than the Kirkland Lakeridge series.

The prices of each mattress differ depending on the mattress size and the outlet store you are purchasing the mattress.

Which Mattress Is Better?

Based on the features discussed above, the two mattresses compete very highly. However, when it comes to performance, efficiency, quality, and maintenance, Rockwell is a pretty high-quality, luxurious mattress.

Both mattresses come with a warranty. But Lakeridge has a limited warranty, depending on your retailer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the levels of Stearns and Foster mattresses?

The three levels of S&F mattresses include Plush, Ultra Plush, and cushion firm.

What are the top-of-the-line Stearns and Foster mattresses?

The S&F mattress that is on top of the line is Reserve Hepburn. The big difference between this mattress and others is that it does not come with pillows. This mattress is the most premium because every material used is HD.

Are Stearns and Foster mattresses suitable for heavy people?

All Stearns and Foster mattresses feature hybrid constructions and are generously supportive, so heavier people will feel comfortable on any of them.
However, the Luxe Estate model has two coil layers if you’re seeking even more endurance and support.

Are Stearns and Foster a luxury brand?

Stearns and Foster offer a variety of beds for customers to choose from and is a luxury mattress company.
Numerous stores, both online and offline, carry Stearns and Foster mattresses. They feature an economical Estate line selection, which is excellent for individuals on a tighter budget.


Comfort, efficiency, and durability are what Stearns and foster promise their clients on all their products. Each of the products they produce is customized uniquely to fit the vast need for different features in mattresses.

The comparison above on Stearns & Foster Lakeridge and Rockwell compares two luxurious S&F mattresses. From the guide, Rockwell’s design is made so that you can control the temperature of the bed, adjust the edges and still experience the comfort promised by the mattress.

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