St. Martin Vs. Fabuwood Cabinets: In-depth Differences

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, St. Martin and Fabuwood are two reputable brands known for their quality and style. But which one is the better choice for your kitchen remodel or new construction project?

Here we’ll compare the pros, cons, costs, and key differences between St. Martin and Fabuwood cabinets to help you make the right decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

ComparisonSt. Martin CabinetsFabuwood Cabinets
ConstructionSolid hardwood frames and doors, plywood panelsPlywood construction for boxes, doors, and drawer sides
QualityMid-to-upper level, very good qualityMiddle tier, decent quality
DurabilityVery durable with all wood constructionGood durability thanks to plywood
Style OptionsWide array of approximately 25-30 door stylesSimilarly large selection of door profiles
CustomizationMore flexible semi-custom sizingGood semi-custom options
Cost$$-$$$, $150 – $350 per linear foot installed$, $100 – $250 per linear foot installed
WarrantyLifetime limited on cabinets, 1 year finish5 years limited, 1 year finish

Overview of St. Martin Cabinets

Founded in the 1960s, St. Martin is an American cabinet manufacturer known for their wide range of kitchen, bath, and other cabinetry.

They offer both stock and semi-custom cabinet lines across multiple door styles and finishes. Some key features of St. Martin cabinets include:

St. Martin Cabinet
  • Construction – St. Martin uses 3⁄4” solid wood frames and doors along with plywood side panels. Drawers feature solid wood sides and structural composite bottoms.
  • Quality – St. Martin is generally regarded as a mid-to-upper level brand in terms of quality. Their cabinets are decently made with reliable construction and finishes.
  • Style – Door styles range from simple Shaker to more ornate traditional and contemporary looks. St. Martin has a large catalog of door designs to choose from.
  • Finishes – From natural wood stains to painted colors and glazes, St. Martin provides numerous finish options to match any kitchen design aesthetic.
  • Customization – St. Martin allows for some customization of cabinet sizes and layouts, trim details, accessories, and more. But they are not fully custom.
  • Price – Pricing is moderate, typically ranging from $150 – $350 per linear foot installed, with more expensive options also available. Provides good value for the quality.

Overview of Fabuwood Cabinets

Fabuwood is also an American cabinet company, founded in the 1990s. They manufacture semi-custom, stock, and RTA (ready-to-assemble) kitchen, bath, entertainment, and storage cabinetry. Here are some Fabuwood basics:

Fabuwood Cabinet
  • Construction – Fabuwood cabinets have 3⁄4” plywood box construction with solid wood doors and drawer fronts. Dovetail joinery is used on the drawers.
  • Quality – Fabuwood is considered a step up from economy brands but a small step down from premium cabinetry. Decent quality and durability for the price point.
  • Style – Offers a wide catalogue of door styles from simple Shaker to elegant raised panels to match varied design tastes.
  • Finishes – Choose from wood stains, paints, glazes, and multi-step finishes. Match any décor from traditional to modern.
  • Customization – Fabuwood provides size adjustments and some layout changes. Not fully customized but more flexible than stock cabinets.
  • Price – Affordably priced, ranging from $100 – $250 per linear foot installed. Good value kitchen cabinets.

Now that we’ve provided an overview of each brand, let’s directly compare the pros, cons, costs, features, and other factors between St. Martin vs. Fabuwood cabinets.

St. Martin And Fabuwood Cabinet In-depth Comparison

  • Construction and Materials

One of the biggest differences between St. Martin and Fabuwood is in their cabinet construction.

St. Martin uses solid hardwood frames and doors along with plywood panels. This gives their cabinets added strength and stability. The drawers have solid wood sides as well for durability.

Fabuwood constructs their cabinets from plywood, including the boxes, doors, and sides of drawers. This makes Fabuwood lighter in weight and a bit more affordable. However, solid wood is stronger and more resistant to wear and tear over time.

In terms of quality of materials, St. Martin cabinets edge out Fabuwood slightly due to the use of more solid hardwoods. But Fabuwood’s plywood construction is still reasonably good.

  • Quality and Durability

Related to construction is the overall quality and durability of St. Martin vs. Fabuwood cabinets.

As mentioned previously, St. Martin is considered a mid-to-upper level cabinet brand, while Fabuwood falls more into the middle tier. St. Martin’s solid wood frames tend to make their cabinets longer-lasting than Fabuwood’s plywood construction.

Both use quality finishes and hardware that should hold up well. The dovetail joints on Fabuwood drawers do add strength. Overall, St. Martin cabinets are built a bit better, but Fabuwood’s quality is certainly satisfactory for most kitchens.

  • Cabinet Style Selection

When it comes to choices of cabinet door styles, finishes, and decorative options, St. Martin and Fabuwood are closely matched.

St. Martin offers approximately 25-30 door styles across traditional, transitional, and contemporary categories, along with dozens of finish choices.

Fabuwood provides a similarly large selection of door profiles and finishes. Their catalog allows mixing door styles within one kitchen too.

Both brands allow some modifications to door and case trim profiles to further customize the look. Overall, style selection is excellent with both St. Martin and Fabuwood.

  • Customization Options
Fabuwood Cabinet
Fabuwood Cabinet

For true custom-made cabinets built completely from scratch to your specifications, neither St. Martin nor Fabuwood is the best option.

Their lines are considered “semi-custom”, allowing some size changes but within the limits of their existing cabinet boxes and layouts.

St. Martin probably has a slight edge in terms of the range of sizing adjustments available.

But Fabuwood also provides decent flexibility compared to other mid-level cabinet brands.

For semi-custom options on par with typical remodelers’ needs, St. Martin and Fabuwood are quite similar. Those wanting completely bespoke cabinets would need to look at true custom brands instead.

  • Cost and Budget

From a budget perspective, Fabuwood cabinets tend to be a little more affordable than St. Martin on average.

Here are some typical installed price ranges for each:

  • St. Martin – $150 – $350 per linear foot
  • Fabuwood – $100 – $250 per linear foot

However, there is some overlap in prices depending on the exact lines chosen. And you can find budget-friendly options from St. Martin or upgraded options from Fabuwood that buck these general price trends.

Both brands offer very good value for money based on the quality and features included. Fabuwood caters best to tighter budgets, while St. Martin provides upgraded quality and customization for an affordable premium.

  • Warranties

It’s always important to consider warranties when buying new cabinets as well.

Here is how St. Martin and Fabuwood compare:

  • St. Martin – Limited lifetime warranty covering defects. 1 year warranty on finishes.
  • Fabuwood – 5 year limited warranty on cabinets. 1 year on finishes.

St. Martin provides a stronger warranty overall, really for the lifetime of the cabinets rather than just 5 years. This matches their higher-end quality and reputation in the market.

Key Differences Between St. Martin and Fabuwood

To recap the major differences between these two cabinet brands:

St. Martin Cabinetry
St. Martin Cabinetry
  • Construction – St. Martin uses more solid wood, while Fabuwood relies on plywood.
  • Quality – St. Martin is built a little better and sits in a slightly higher tier than Fabuwood.
  • Customization – St. Martin provides more semi-custom sizing options compared to Fabuwood.
  • Price – Fabuwood cabinets cost less on average than St. Martin.
  • Warranties – St. Martin offers a lifetime limited warranty versus 5 years from Fabuwood.

While they differ in these aspects, St. Martin and Fabuwood are quite closely matched when it comes to overall style selection and both representing good mid-range kitchen cabinet options.

Which Is Best For You?

So which of these reputable semi-custom cabinet brands ultimately provides the right choice for your kitchen? Here are some factors to help determine whether St. Martin or Fabuwood is the better fit:

  • If you want the highest quality and durability, choose St. Martin cabinets.
  • To maximize your cabinet budget, Fabuwood typically provides the most value.
  • If you require lots of custom sizing with your semi-custom order, St. Martin is likely the better brand.
  • For widely varied style options from modern to transitional to traditional, both brands are excellent.
  • Homeowners who value solid wood construction may prefer St. Martin cabinets.
  • Those less concerned with all-wood cabinets can save with Fabuwood.
  • Consider your kitchen’s long-term timeline – St. Martin’s lifetime warranty provides peace of mind.

For many homeowners, it’s hard to go wrong with either of these reputable manufacturers. Think about your budget, how customized you need cabinets to be, your preferred construction, and style preferences to decide if St. Martin or Fabuwood is better suited for your specific kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still have some questions about comparing St. Martin and Fabuwood cabinets? Here are answers to some of the most common questions:

What cabinets are comparable to Fabuwood?

Some other cabinet brands similar to Fabuwood’s quality, price point, and offering semi-custom options include Aristokraft, Canyon Creek, Mid Continent, and Kemper.

Is Fabuwood high end?

No, Fabuwood would not be considered a high-end or luxury cabinet brand. Fabuwood sits in the middle tier of cabinetry – well made and with lots of options, but not at the top level of quality like Christopher Peacock or Wood-Mode cabinets. Their prices reflect these mid-range position in the market.

What are St. Martin cabinets made of?

St. Martin cabinets feature frames constructed from solid hardwoods, often oak, maple, or cherry. Their doors are also made from solid wood. Plywood panels are used for the cabinet sides, bottoms, tops, and backs. Drawers include solid wood fronts and sides.

Who are the best kitchen cabinet makers?

Some of the best high-end kitchen cabinet brands include Christopher Peacock, Neil Kelly, Leicht, deVOL Kitchens, Traditional Cabinets, and OFS Brands. These manufacturers provide luxury custom-made cabinetry using top notch materials, craftsmanship, and customer service. Expect prices starting around $500 per linear foot.


When comparing cabinet options for your kitchen remodel, you can feel confident choosing between reputable brands like St. Martin and Fabuwood. Take your time considering the construction, quality, customization, cost, and style factors discussed here.

This will allow you to determine if the slight upgrade of St. Martin over Fabuwood is worth it for you, or if Fabuwood provides all you need at a more affordable price point. Either way, ensure your contractor provides detailed estimates so you know exactly what to expect.

With some smart planning, you can end up with a kitchen you’ll love for years to come.

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