Somfy Vs. Hunter Douglas Blinds: In-depth Differences

Somfy and Hunter Douglas are two reputed names in the smart home appliances market. While Somfy blinds have in-hand operation and voice-control features, Hunter Douglas offers only voice-controlled shades.

Smart home appliances are taking over traditional devices. They provide convenience and enhance the outlook of your apartment. Moreover, smart blinds are energy efficient and help you to save enough.

Here is a quick comparison table highlighting the primary specifications of Somfy and Hunter Douglas smart blinds.

Quick Comparison Table

Specifications Somfy Blinds Hunter Douglas Blinds
MaterialsZ-Wave, ZigBee, and Radio TechnologyPowerview Motorization System
Power Source Sonesse MotorsSolar Charging Panel and Powerview Motors
Voice Control Feature Active Voice Control from Alexa, Siri, and Google AssistantActive Voice Control
Noise Controllation Low Noise during OperationZero Noise 
Price Around $270 to $300 Around $330 to $350 

Key Differences Between Hunter Douglas And Somfy

You got a brief idea about the specifications of Somfy and Hunter Douglas smart blinds. Now it’s time to discuss the key features of both products in detail. 

  • Materials 
Somfy Smart Blinds
Somfy Smart Blinds

The strength of smart shades and blinds depends on their internal components.

It’s tough to differentiate Somfy and Hunter Douglas blinds based on their materials. 

Somfy smart blinds are made of Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Radio technology components for smooth locomotion.

Moreover, the materials provide a robust framework for window blinds and protect them from extreme weather conditions. 

Meanwhile, Hunter Douglas blinds consist of a Powerview Motorization system that ensures fast motion of the windows. Therefore, the voice-controlled window can be quickly navigated from any corner of the room. 

  • Voice Command Feature 

Regarding the voice command feature, Hunter Douglas offers the best window blinds. The fast locomotion of the Hunter Douglas blinds you to control them from any corner. 

Hunter Douglas blinds are voice automated. You can control the window blinds via mobile or voice control applications like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Homekit. 

On the other hand, you can control Somfy blinds both by voice activation or manually. The window shades feature advanced voice-controlling technology that ensures fast motion of the gliders. 

You can also control Somfy blinds and shades via Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple Siri. 

  • Power Source 

The power source ensures fast motion and longevity of the window blinds. Somfy and Hunter Douglas contain different sources of power. 

Hunter Douglas Blinds
Hunter Douglas Blinds

In the case of Somfy blinds, the primary power source is the Sonesse motors that provide low noise during operations.

Moreover, due to the efficient power supply, the blinds function nonstop for hours. 

You don’t have to worry about charging the blinds regularly due to the solid Sonesse motors of Somfy window blinds. 

However, Hunter Douglas blinds feature a better power source than Somfy. The handles and wooden structure of Hunter blinds can absorb solar energy as their power source.

As a result, you can use the blinds for days without charging. 

Another power source of Hunter blinds is the Powerview motors that look after the whole mechanism. 

The dual power sources of Hunter Douglas provide superior strength and longevity than other brands. Therefore, if you want long-lasting window blinds, Hunter is a perfect choice. 

  • Noise Cancellation

Squeaky sounds while navigating your blinds can irritate your ears and break the serenity of your room. Therefore, it is crucial to select the best blind with low or zero noise cancellation features. 

Somfy window blinds feature Sonesse motors that ensure less noise cancellation. As a result, when the gliders start working, the windows will make little to no sound.

Meanwhile, Hunter Douglas blinds provide the most efficient noise-cancellation feature. The solid components of Hunter blind ensure zero noise during operations and give you a serene room experience. 

Therefore, if you prefer a calm and peaceful interior, you should opt for Hunter Douglas window blinds. 

  • Price 

The final destination of this discussion is the pricing of Somfy and Hunter Douglas window blinds. 

When it comes to pricing, Hunter Douglas blinds are relatively more expensive than Somfy blinds. Each set of Hunter’s blinds costs around $330 to $350. 

However, you can also purchase Hunter blinds according to per square-foot measurement. 

Somfy blinds, on the other hand, cost around $270 to $300. Again, the blinds will cost about $30 per square foot measurement if you want to purchase a limited set of Somfy blinds. 

Which Smart Blinds Option Is Better?

Hunter Douglas Shades
Hunter Douglas Shades

Considering all the pros and cons, Hunter Douglas blinds lead the race against Somfy.

The combination of advanced technology and solid components make Hunter blinds unique. 

Moreover, the Hunter window shades provide zero noise cancellation that maintains the serenity of your interior. 

You can enjoy the continuous function without hesitation due to the vital power source of Hunter Douglas blinds. 

Lastly, the automated voice command feature adds the cherry on top of Hunter Douglas window blinds. You can control the blinds from any corner of your room via a mobile app or other voice control device. 

Even though Hunter Douglas blinds are relatively more expensive than other brands, you can rely on the product for its excellent performance and quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best brand of window treatments?

Bali Blackout Cellular Shades is the best brand of window treatments due to its exceptional features and superior service. 

Are Hunter Douglas blinds good quality?

Yes, Hunter Douglas blinds feature a solid framework and advanced technology to provide excellent quality. 

Who makes the best solar shades?

SIlverScreen is proven to be the best company to produce solar shades that provides resistance against heat, glare, and UV damage. 

What types of blinds are in style in 2022?

Some notable blind styles in 2022 are Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Venetian blinds, and Veri Shades. 


Clearly, Hunter Douglas blinds triumph between the Somfy and Hunter Douglas blinds comparison. You can enjoy a long-lasting service and incredible benefits by purchasing Hunter Douglas blinds. 

Hunter Douglas blinds combine stability and elegance with a modern touch. You can control the smart blinds with one touch or whisper. 

Therefore, Hunter Douglas blinds will not only provide superior features but also enhance the beauty of your interiors.

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