Sola Vs. Stabila Level: In-depth Differences With Features

When builders build homes and catch contracts, they also need levels to do certain corrections for building walls, leveling floors, and more. Sola and Stabila are the most used level brands out there that catch many people’s attention.

But is there any difference between these two?

Sola is much easier to read under direct sunlight, and it is pretty lightweight. But Stabila is not like that. It is a little heavier. However, both have their likes and dislikes that we’ll be discussing in this guide.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsSola LevelStabila Level
PurposeUsed for leveling purposesUsed for leveling purposes
Reading Accuracy Under SunlightClearerIt might not be that clearer
Weight Or PortabilityLightweightLittle heavy
Country of originAustriaGermany
DurabilityNot that durableFine build quality
Digital System IncludedNot includedIncluded

Key Differences Between Stabila And Sola Levels

  • Purpose
Sola Level

Defining these level sets or brands on purpose would always determine their similarity.

I mean to say, when we compare two level sets, they both have the same purpose.

This purpose is to measure the accuracy and provide perfect precision so that you can do things correctly while building, installing, or fixing something.

Sola is a simple, built leveling system with perfect accuracy and provides vials. You can always have it through the patented Sola Focus Vials to provide you with a faster, better, and more accurate reading.

Made with pure aluminum, it stands well against the price you would pay to buy it.

On the other hand, Stabila usually includes an additional digital leveling system that increases the product’s price.

But having such a water and dust-resistive leveling system is always worth it because it provides more features.

  • Reading Accuracy Under Sunlight

After researching different forums, I have concluded that Sola levels are better in providing more readability on levels when under direct sunlight.

People claim that they can easily see the readings on sola levels when there is too much light.

It is because the leveling system comes with an Optimized Sola Luminous Backing, which works great under dim light.

Comparing it with the Stabila Levels, you may not have the same comfort while reading the exact readings on this level. Users claim that Stabila levels are a bit dim under sunlight.

  • Weight Or Portability

Sola Levels are lightweight, more portable, and easier to use than Stabila Levels. It is because when you compare a Sola level of 24 inches with the same Stabila level of 24 inches, you find only 0.9 lbs. weight with the former one.

And with the latter one, the weight is 1.6 lbs. It means Sola levels are more portable than Stabila levels.

  • Country of Origin

Another difference between these two levels of measuring tools is brands you can find in their country of origin.

The Sola is officially built in Austria. And the Stabila is built in Germany. This means the quality of having a home country product vs. the imported one always varies.

  • Durability

How long can a specific leveling system work and make things easier for you? Genuinely speaking, Sola levels are not that durable against Stabila levels.

They will work out if you use them with much care and protection.

But still, they have lower build quality than Stabila. Because Stabila levels are more rigid and heavy duty.

  • Digital System Included
Stabila Level
Stabila Level

A reason for Stabila levels becoming a little more with weight could be the addition of digital systems.

They can store or hold all the measured readings for any future reference.

Besides, you can have control of sound when this level has a display out of view.

It doesn’t matter whatever angle you set from 0 degrees to any point, and the readings will be accurate.

However, though the Sola levels do not have these digital display systems, they are still worth the cost.

A Sola level will work just fine for a normal person who knows better how to make accurate readings even without a digital system.

  • Pricing

On the pricing side, Stabila levels are way more expensive than Sola levels just because of the addition of that digital system.

Suppose you measure the price difference of a 24 inches Sola level with the same 24 inches Stabila level. In that case, you will find a huge difference in the price tags.

The former comes at only up to $60, and the latter comes at about $280. If you have money and want something advanced, a stabila level is always a good consideration.

Which Brand Level Is Best For You?

Suppose you are not that latest guy and can work easily on those classical leveling systems. In that case, a Sola level is always best for you.

It is cheaper; lightweight shows better accuracy even in dim light.

However, if you want your level with something additional, you should go with the Stabila leveling system with a digital reading measurement.

So, the choice is yours to find out which one you stay more comfortable with.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Sola Levels Good?

They are pretty good because of their low light accuracy, lightweight, cheaper, and classical leveling systems. So, you will find a value for money level if you go with Sola levels.

How Accurate Are Stabila Levels?

Stabila levels come with excellent accuracy. It goes with 1/32 out to 72-inches with that normal position. So, one should think of stabila levels if he is concerned about having this level of accuracy.

What Are Stabila Levels Made Of?

The stabila levels are made from pure Aluminum material. And their vials are made from block acrylic glass integrated and firmly locked in a frame of that level.

How Wide Is A Stabila Level?

Stabila levels come in different sizes. It could be from 16 to 96 inches including 16, 24,32, 36, 48, 58, 72, 78, and 96. You can have any of these Stabila levels.

Final Thoughts

When making a comparison between Sola and Stabila levels, one should have their priorities on choosing either leveling system. Choosing Sola is always worth it when you are short on money and need a lightweight, accurate, perfectly managed, and excellently built level system.

On the other hand, stabila is always good for people with more budget and who want a digital level system in their levels.

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