Cheaper Alternatives To Woodpecker Tools: And Good Are They?

While Woodpecker tools are designed with serious woodworkers in mind, they can be rather expensive and difficult to come by. However, there are some cheaper alternatives to Woodpecker tools that can still get the job done without breaking the bank. 

In this blog post, you will know about some alternatives to Woodpecker tools, that are suitable for any woodworker at any skill level!

Woodpeckers Tools Alternatives That Are Available

Here is a list of these substitutes I am about to talk about:

  • Incra Tools
  • Tajima LC-48M Chalk Line
  • Starrett 
  • Kreg True-Flex Straight Edge
  • Woodraphic
  • Lee Valley
  • Wood chisel
  • Calculated Industries Construction Master Pro
  • iGaging

Several tools can be considered as a Woodpeckers substitute and the outcome is to some extent similar.

These are some of the Woodpeckers tools alternatives that you can consider that are really cheaper and a good number of people have already used this tool to get the job done.

So, let’s get to know about these tools.

  • Incra Tools
Incra Tools
Incra Tools

There are so many recommendations for this particular brand as an alternative to the Woodpeckers tool.

The tools that come from this particular brand perfectly make themselves substitutes for the Woodpecker tools brands.

This brand is created by the Taylor Design Group, Inc. Chris Taylor founded the company in the year 1987 after inventing two products of this brand.

Incra has been serving the woodworkers ever since while doing all the complicated wood jobs.

But some of the users say that they may not prefer buying it as they are a bit complicated to use for a newbie. But expert woodworkers will get accustomed to it for years and years of practice.

  • Tajima LC-48M Chalk Line

Woodpecker offers a high end gold chalk line designed for superior control and line visibility. But unless those specific advantages are imperative for your work, you can save 90% opting for the Tajima LC-48M magnesium chalk line instead.

This unit has an 48 meter nylon string that effortlessly slices through the air for faster marking and one-person operation. The unique 14 oz concave magnesium case design allows the line to feed smoothly without jamming. It also produces vibrant crisp blue chalk lines on any surface from concrete to lumber.

For just over $20, Tajima’s magnesium chalk boxes are trusted globally for delivering consistent bold lines at a fraction of premium prices. While cases have gotten plastic lately, magnesium still works great for cost-effectiveness. If you want better than average performance without overspending, this checks the boxes.


  • Trusted Tajima quality at 90% cheaper than Woodpecker
  • Concave case ensures smooth string feed
  • 14oz magnesium case casts lines strongly
  • Produces extra vibrant marks great for visibility


  • Magnesium requires more delicate handling than steel boxes
  • Lines could fade faster than premium chalk
  • Fixed line length rather than adjustable
  • Starrett 
Starrett tools

Starrett tools are also considered a substitute by so many users.

You will find that in many forums people are praising the output of the tools of this brand.

It seems to be more versatile and cost-effective compared to the Woodpeckers tool.

This tool is accurate, precise, and longer-lasting. PEC seconds are another good pick that is being recommended by the users in a lower range of price.

Starrett C11H-12-16R Combination Square is another tool of the same or a lesser price range to consider.

  • Kreg True-Flex Straight Edge

The Kreg True-Flex self healing cutting guide is a great budget pick for circular saws, routers, and laminate trimmers. The durable flexible plastic material absorbs damage from cutting blades without permanently deforming.

That means it holds dead straight accuracy for years rather than getting nicked and ruined like traditional guides.

Its rigid ribbed backing lets you firmly apply pressure during cutting while preventing wander for flawless lines. The generous size handles large workpieces like shelving and paneling. It also works great as an extra long ruler for marking, measuring, inking lines etc.

For $25-40 depending on size, Kreg’s True-Flex guides do 80% of what Woodpecker’s premium phenolic options do at 10% of the cost. Unless you absolutely need indestructible industrial grade cutting guides, these are an exceptional value choice.


  • Unique self-healing flexible plastic
  • Holds straightness despite blade nicks
  • Ribbed backing prevents cutting wander
  • Large sizes for sizes for sheets/panels
  • Great value alternative to phenolic guides


  • Not as perfectly rigid as Woodpecker phenolic
  • Max width of 18″
  • Requires firmer pressure application
  • Woodraphic
Woodraphic Marking Tools

Woodraphic Precision Square Bundles are picked by so many users as an alternative to the Woodpecker tools.

They cost less than the Woodpecker tools, which are being given the most consideration while the measurement seems also very correct.

The tool is very much stable to do the job yet very lightweight which is astounding to some users.

This seems affordable to most users when it comes to pricing. Learn all the differences between Woodraphic and Woodpecker tools.

  • Lee Valley

Lee Valley is another pick from us. It has a line of engineer’s squares that is meant to do the job with proper precision.

It is significantly cost-effective for this deviation per inch in sizes up to 8 inches for under $30 each. The users may not find any dimension marks but it is not required to verify the square of this product.

When you are under a budget constraint then you can give it a try.

  • Wood chisel

A woodworking chisel can be a good cost-friendly alternative as well. In short, it is called a Wood chisel.

Wood Chisels

The main purpose of using this tool is to sharpen the surface of the wood rather than having a measurement of it.

It can be used to do multi-purpose works like shaping, sharpening, dressing, shaping, and working on a solid material, mostly wood.

You will not have to let go of a fortune for this tool, unlike the Woodpecker tools.

So, many people take it as an alternative to it do varieties of jobs.

These tools have been used for centuries and can be bought quite cheaply at your local hardware store. They come in different types including straight, fluting, and U-shaped varieties, so check them out before making your purchase.

  • Calculated Industries Construction Master Pro

In addition to combination squares, the Construction Master Pro also replaces multiple Woodpecker layout tools for a fraction of individual prices. This includes t-squares, protractors, stair gauges, and metric conversion tools.

The digital LCD screen makes calculations a breeze. Simply enter your specs and it does all the math instantly. The durable aluminum body then allows you to transfer measurements precisely. When setup on a work table, the extended fence serves as a cut guide or gauge reference.

For around $40, this single tool delivers t-square, protractor, changer gauge, and metric conversion capabilities way cheaper than buying from Woodpecker individually. The value is impossible to beat for basic construction and renovation applications.


  • LCD display for easy table saw/miter saw setups
  • Built-in stair, pitch, and angle calculations
  • Durable aluminum body doubles as straight edge
  • Fence extends as cut guide or stop block
  • Single tool replaces multiple Woodpecker ones


  • Not as large as full-size table saw slides
  • Precision limited to 1/8″
  • vulnerable LCD screen
  • iGaging
iGaging Bench Square Set

When it comes to having a cheaper alternative to the Woodpecker tools, then the users would name iGaging without any doubt.

Their measuring tools have got the acceptance by the users. They seem to give the best outcome considering the money that needs to be paid for availing them.

You can consider having iGaging tools if you think Woodpecker tools are going to be costly for you. This is a good precision tool that will not let you regret it once you get it to do the job.

So, if you think you need to find out some alternatives to the Woodpeckers tools then the mentioned alternatives can help you out.

But it is better before picking up anything to be sure about the features that the tool might bring in and if it will be convenient for you to work with.

Woodpecker Tools: Is It Worth It?

The Woodpecker tools are being used for woodwork. With the assistance of Woodpecker tools, you will be assured about making the best quality wooden products.

It makes the best well-made wood tools that are going to last for years to come.

There are some features that Woodpeckers tools bring in that make them so expensive compared to the other Woodpeckers tools alternatives. So, the people who can afford it don’t seem to hesitate to pay the price as they feel it will be worth their investment.

But if you have a very tight budget, then you will have no other option than to seek other alternatives. But here the question remains if the other alternatives serve better just like Woodpecker tools.

If there are cheaper alternatives that serve just like the Woodpecker tools then there is no point in investing in woodpecker tools in exchange for a lot of o money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you think about the measuring equipment?

My personal opinion of these expensive measuring implements that provide precise angles and straight lines is this, if you cannot cut along a straight line, it does not matter how you got the line.

Why is the price so high?

I hope that Woodpeckers has a scientific explanation of why aluminum is the best possible material for their tools. By picking up some other material they can reduce the cost to some extent.

Wrapping Things Up

Just because a product is cheap doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it. While considering cheaper alternatives to Woodpecker tool, you need to take this into your consideration.

If you’re just starting, consider using cheaper alternatives, so you can buy more gear and learn as you go. Some notable alternatives are mentioned in this blog post.

You can pick any of these and carry on the job at a reasonable initial cost. 

Ralph Wade

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2 thoughts on “Cheaper Alternatives To Woodpecker Tools: And Good Are They?

  1. As a commercial furniture maker and company owner, I very much would like to see an American alternative to Woodpecker. While I spend a lot with WP, I find their attitude to be arrogant, and go to market strategy cold. Further most every design is not new. Most are reproductions from Stanley, or other 19th century tool makers. While they have a huge investment in CNC for alloy and steel, they struggle with plastics. While their rules are laser etched, Sterrett’s are laser engraved and embrace the metric system.

    Unfortunately with the exception of Sterrett Incra and Lee Valley, none of the others have any original thinking or focus on quality. I’ve used them all. They steal Woodpeckers designs and try to be a fast follower. Meaning, they aren’t thinking about our day to day challenges, and how to improve, they are just optimistically looking to profit selling a 80% weaker product for 50% less money. In no instance are you getting a product that is comparable to Woodpecker or Sterrett. Zero.

    Here’s the problem. Sterrett is focused on bigger more complex areas in measurement. Woodworking is just a legacy business. So investing our money there brings no benefit to us long term. Incra shares WP’s arrogance. They do not provide great customer service and I believe their business is fading. They lost the hold they had in table saw and router table add on’s to JessEm who makes remarkable products where they choose to play. Investing into Incra is a risky choice. That leaves Lee Valley.

    Lee Valley is a remarkable family owned manufacturer and distributor. Based in Canada, they provide one of the best sources if hand tools on the market. They also own Veritas who on their own are among the top three makers of hand planes, chisels and saws. They are known to produce products the market needs even if small. Customer care is excellent and prices are reasonable.

    I think the best place commercial and hobbiest woodworkers can invest their spend and hope for it to be reinvested in this area is Lee Valley / Veritas. Their track record is top notch in all respects. Humility, focus on quality, and they manufacture roughly 30% of all the products they sell. If not more. They have a presence in Reno, Nevada which allows for domestic shipping.

    Nobody has paid me or given me product for my endorsement. But as you look for alternatives, think strategically. Keep your money in North America and help build competition for Woodpecker. Doing so only makes them better and cheaper, and moves the foundation of quality tools to North America not Asia.

    1. My choke point with Woodpeckers is shipping cost. I have a number of Woodpeckers tools including their router fence and every add on that goes with it.

      Even Woodpeckers’ simplest products, all well made and well designed, are over the top on price, shipping AND what must be embedded handling. I have often gotten to the bottom line at checkout and skipped the opportunity. Woodpeckers charges the industry’s highest prices for products AND full boat shipping and (probably embeded ) handling which I believe is also a profit center. It is “their way or go find something else” . I can afford Woodpeckers products for my 1500 ft workshop but I feel that Woodpeckers wants top dollar for every aspect of what they sell and sometimes I say”enough is enough As a retired banker I have worked with many large and small businesses, so I understand gross margin and operating costs. But these people wont even absorb a portion of “shipping on a $100 simple item.

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