Smith Brothers 5000 Vs. 8000 Series Furniture

For over a century, Smith Brothers has built a legacy of dependable, enduring American furniture. Their offerings encompass living, dining, and bedroom collections that blend durability with timeless appeal.

The 5000 and 8000 series represent two of the brand’s most popular lines.

In this guide, we’ll compare these collections to help homeowners understand the distinctions. From materials and construction to style and customization, we’ll highlight the key factors to consider when deciding between these high-quality, moderately-priced furnishings.

Whether drawn to Smith Brothers’ signature traditional vibe or transitional versatility, this overview will assist in choosing the series best suited to your needs.

A Brief Comparison Table

Feature5000 Series8000 Series
OriginIntroduced in the 1950sLaunched in the 1980s
StylesTraditional silhouettes with some contemporary detailsTransitional look between traditional and modern
MaterialsOak veneers with select hardwoodsOak veneers and select hardwood solids
ConstructionDovetail joinery on drawersTongue and groove joinery on drawers
CustomizationMore limited fabric and finish optionsWider selection of customizable options
PriceLower price pointSlightly higher price point

As you can see from the overview, while both series offer vintage Smith Brothers styling, there are some clear differences when it comes to materials, construction, customization and price.

Keep reading as we dive deeper into the specifics of each furniture line.

Exploring The Smith Brothers 5000 Series

The 5000 series has origins dating back to the mid-20th century. It encompasses bedroom, dining and living room furniture in traditional silhouettes. Styling cues nod to the Americana aesthetic the brand has become known for.

  • Materials and Construction
Smith Brothers Collection 5000 Sofa
Smith Brothers Collection 5000 Sofa

This more budget-friendly series utilizes oak veneers finished over select hardwoods.

While not solid wood construction, this combination of wood veneers and hardwood interiors provides a balance of durability and affordability.

The series features dovetail joinery on drawers, allowing for smooth gliding and stability.

Don’t let the lower price tag fool you – the 5000 series upholds the quality standards Smith Brothers is recognized for. The oak veneer exteriors give the solid wood look consumers love, enhanced by multi-step finishes.

From rub-through gunstocks stains to smokey greys, the selection of hues nicely complements the traditional forms.

  • Style and Customization

The styling fits squarely in the traditional camp, dominated by dark wood finishes. Iconic silhouettes like stepped bookcases, sleigh beds and button-tufted headboards give a classic sensation.

That said, contemporary updates provide added livability. Case in point – the Easton media console pairs barn door styled cabinetry with an open center compartment ideal for today’s audio/visual gear.

Customization is more limited than the 8000 series. Fabrics tend toward classic neutrals and small-scale patterns, with fewer color or print options. 8 standard finish options run the gamut from warm cherry tones to dramatic ebonies.

Overall, the 5000 series provides an accessibly-priced way to achieve a traditional aesthetic made to Smith Brothers’ meticulous standards. Those with more contemporary leanings or wanting greater customization may prefer the 8000 series.

But if clean-lined oak finishes and timeless silhouettes are your thing, the 5000 series delivers.

What The 8000 Series Offers?

The 8000 series represents a transitional spin on Smith Brothers’ classic American style. With origins in the 1980s, this line spearheaded the brand’s shift toward more casual, livable designs. It continues the tradition of finely-made furnishings with some key upgrades.

  • Materials and Construction
Smith Brothers 8000 series Sectional
Smith Brothers 8000 series Sectional

Like the 5000 series, the 8000 line utilizes oak veneers with select hardwood components.

A notable difference – the inclusion of solid wood elements on tops, fronts and sides.

This selective use of solid woods provides added durability and sophistication.

Drawers also get an upgrade with dovetail joining replaced by tongue and groove construction. This allows for slightly smoother operation and improved stability over time. From a materials standpoint, these enhancements provide an appreciable bump in quality.

  • Style and Customization

The overall aesthetic has one foot in classic Americana with the other rooted in clean-lined, contemporary design. Styling feels more current, with examples like the Avery media console and its mix of materials and modular compartments.

Traditional details get modernized through updates like angular metal legs, exposed frames and understated hardware.

Customization represents a major distinction for the 8000 series. Along with 10 standard finish options ranging from weathered oak to carbon, buyers can choose from 64 fabric selections for upholstered pieces.

Smith Brothers also offers contrasting finishes for items like mixed media consoles. With ample ways to personalize your furnishings, the 8000 line delivers exceptional flexibility.

For homeowners desiring furnishings that feel updated yet timeless, the 8000 series hits that sweet spot. The blend of quality materials, livable silhouettes and customization options make this line a go-to for many spaces.

How To Choose Between The Smith Brothers Series?

Now that we’ve explored what each collection brings to the table, how do you decide which is the better fit? Consider the following factors as you evaluate which resonates most:

  • Style preferences: Traditional or more eclectic? Clean and streamlined or highly ornamented? Your decor approach can quickly narrow which series aligns best. Leaning into the casual end of the spectrum? The 8000 line is likely the winner. Love stepping into a classic Americana aesthetic? You can’t go wrong with the 5000 series.
  • Budget: The 5000 series offers Smith Brothers’ craftsmanship at a more affordable price point. For budget-conscious buyers not wanting to sacrifice quality, this line provides excellent value. The 8000 series commands a slightly higher price tag, but the materials and customization upgrades merit the increase for many.
  • Purpose: How do you plan to use the furniture? The 8000 series offers more versatility for multi-functional spaces, thanks to transitional forms and material mixes. For a guest room or kid’s room, the 5000 series traditional vibe may have broader appeal. Think about your needs in choosing between the two.

While both series offer Smith Brothers’ trademark quality, the 8000 line’s enhanced customization and sophisticated yet casual vibe give it an edge for many homeowners.

For a traditional aesthetic on a budget, the value provided by the 5000 series is tough to beat. Take stock of your priorities, and you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

FAQ About Smith Brothers Furniture

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Smith Brothers furniture:

Is Smith Brothers furniture good quality?

Yes, Smith Brothers is known for making high-quality, durable furniture. They use solid American hardwoods and quality joinery techniques like dovetail drawers. Even their more affordable collections utilize wood veneers over hardwood frames for strength. The craftsmanship and materials enable their pieces to last for generations.

What happened to the Smith Brothers furniture?

Smith Brothers is still manufacturing furniture today in its original location in Wisconsin after over 100 years in business. The company has evolved with the times, expanding its styles from traditional American classics to more contemporary and transitional looks. They also now sell their furniture through national retailers in addition to their own showrooms. But their commitment to fine craftsmanship remains unchanged.

What furniture is comparable to Smith Brothers?

Some other furniture brands known for similar quality and styling as Smith Brothers include Stickley, Hancock & Moore, Simply Amish, and Century Furniture. Like Smith Brothers, these companies produce American-made furniture collections spanning from traditional to modern using techniques like dovetail joinery and solid hardwoods. They offer comparable styles, quality and value.

What is the top of the line furniture brand?

Brands considered among the finest in luxury, high-end furniture include Baker, McGuire, Milling Road, Poliform USA and Restoration Hardware. Many focus on custom-made pieces and use top-tier materials like metal, leathers and exotic woods. With price tags reaching well into the thousands or tens of thousands, these brands cater to the upper echelon looking for exclusive, premium home furnishings.

Wrapping Up

When it comes down to it, Smith Brothers’ 5000 and 8000 collections both provide quality furnishings rooted in American craftsmanship. The 5000 series offers exceptional value with its budget-friendly take on traditional style.

For those drawn to relaxed contemporary forms and robust customization, the 8000 line delivers. Assess your priorities from decor, budget and usage to select the optimal series. With sturdy materials and timeless construction, you can rest assured your investment will endure for generations.

Let your needs and aesthetic guide you, and you’ll find furnishings to suit your lifestyle while upholding the Smith Brothers legacy.

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