Sherwin-Williams Everlast Vs. Weathershield: Which One To Pick?

Taking the decision about the exterior paint in your home is a crucial decision to make for every homeowner. Especially when it would stay for a long time and create the first impression to the guests about your home.

Among so many exterior paint brands, Sherwin-Williams Everlast and Weathershield are undoubtedly renowned ones.

However, there are so many similarities and dissimilarities between the two. By knowing those from this blog post, hopefully, you will be able to pick the suitable one for yourself.

A Quick Comparison Table

Are you in a hurry?

I understand, maybe you want to make a quick decision just by knowing the features of both of the paints briefly. That is why this part of this blog post will show you the key features of Sherwin-Williams Everlast and Weathershield so that you can decide about the suitable one quickly.

SpecificationsSherwin-Williams EverlastWeathershield
BrandEverlast is from the brand Sherwin-Williams as the name says.Weathershield exterior paint is from the same brand Sherwin-Williams as well.
Requirement of coatsEverlast paint may need 1 coat only to give the proper outcome.Weathershield paint requires 2 coats to get a better outcome.
Cracking resistanceEverlast paint can resist cracking.Weathershield can also resist cracking.
Resistance to color changeEverlast can not resist color changes.It can resist color changes.
Drying time1-4 hours.1-2 hours.
Interval to recoat4 hours.24 hours.
WarrantyEverlast provides a limited lifetime warranty.Weathershield provides a limited lifetime warranty.
PriceIt would cost around $47.98 to $51.98 per gallon.There is not much difference regarding the price from Everlast.

These are some notable features of both exterior paint Everlast and Weathershield from Sherwin-Williams. As you can see, picking between the two can be difficult as there are very few differences. To make an educated decision, the next part will be helpful for you.

Key Differences Between Sherwin-Williams Everlast And Weathershield

As you know most of the notable features of both Everlast and Weathershield external paints, let’s get to know about those in detail. It would help you to make a more logical decision for your home, hence the overall valuation of your home will also increase.

Now, let’s get to know about the mentioned features in detail.

  • Brand

As the name says, both of the external paints come from the same brand, Sherwin-Williams. It is a very well-reputed brand for providing high-quality external paints. That is why there are so similarities between the two paints.

  • Requirement of Coats
Sherwin-Williams Everlast

Different paint requires different numbers of coatings.

Sometimes it can be a one-time coating and sometimes it can be multiple times coatings that you may need to go for.

However, in this case, according to the report of the consumers, Weathershield paint requires 2 coats to get a better outcome.

On the contrary, Everlast paint may need 1 coat only to give the proper outcome.

Hence, there will be less need for paint and hassles.

  • Cracking Resistance

There might be some cracking on the surface of the external walls of your home. When it becomes visible, it may diminish the overall look of the home. Hence, it is a must to seek paints that are resistant to the external crack of the home.

Here, both Everlast and Weathershield window paints are resistant to cracks.

  • Resistance To Color Change

Color resistance is another attribute that is given the utmost importance by customers. This would have an impact on determining the look of the home.

However, Weathershield can resist these color changes, whereas, Everlast external paint cannot do that.

  • Drying Time

The time a paint takes to dry may differ from paint to paint. The same goes for Everlast and Weathershield external paints as well. Weathershield paint would take 1-2 hours to completely dry out.

On the other hand, Everlast would take 1-4 hours to dry out completely. So, for Everlast paint, you may have to wait for some more time.

  • Interval To Recoat

If your home needs a recoat then it can not be done immediately after the first coating. You need to give an interval in between, and this interval you need to give ample time so that the first coating gets settled.

Here, Weathershield will take 24 hours interval time for recoating and Everlast will need 4 hours only for recoating the home.

  • Warranty

There is another similarity between the two external paints when it comes to warranty. Everlast and Weathershield both provide a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Price

There is not much difference between both external paints when it comes to the price.

So, these are some notable features of Everlast and Weathershield. Hopefully, by going through you have understood the pros and cons of both paints for yourself.

Which Paint Is Better for You?

Sherwin-Williams Weathershield

Now, it is time to answer the most awaited question.

Weathershield requires two coats of paint for optimal results while Everlast only requires one coat.

This could be beneficial if you are looking to save time and money.

Weathershield also takes longer to dry than Everlast, so if you are looking for a quicker drying time, then Everlast may be the better option.

In simple words, both come with certain pros and cons.

Overall, both paints offer better protection and have similar warranties and prices. It is ultimately up to you to decide which paint is best suited for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Sherwin Williams Weathershield?

It is an external paint from the renowned brand Sherwin Williams. This particular paint is very well known for its advanced weather protection ability.

What is the name of Sherwin Williams best exterior paint?

These are some of the names of the best exterior paints from Sherwin Williams Emerald, Weathershield, Everlast, Resilience, Latitude, and so on.

What is Sherwin Williams Everlast paint?

Everlast is an exterior paint and primer from the brand Sherwin Williams. It provides top-notch protection to the home from all sorts of weather.

Is Weathershield good paint?

Yes, the current users have given very good reviews for the Weathershield paint from Sherwin Williams.

Final Thoughts

While contemplating Sherwin-Williams Everlast and Weathershield, Everlast, and Weathershield are both excellent exterior paints that offer superior protection from external environments.

Both paints have similar warranties and prices, but there are some differences as well.

Both of the external paints bring both good and bad aspects. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide which paint is best suited for your needs. I am sure you are going to pick the most suitable one. Cheers!

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