Shell Stone Pavers Vs. Travertine Pool Stones Reviews (2023)

Both Shell Stone Pavers and Travertine have an excellent reputation in the pool stone market. However, Travertine offers more lucrative designs and extra protection against microbes than Shell Stone Pavers.

Purchasing the best pool stone is a prerequisite to creating your swimming pool. Shell Stone Pavers and Travertine pool stones have exceptional products that offer superior quality and long-lasting service. 

Here is a quick comparison chart highlighting the key specifications of Shell Stone Pavers and Travertine pool stones. 

Quick Comparison Table  

SpecificationsShell Stone Pavers Travertine Pool Stones
MaterialsDiatomaceous Earth MaterialsLimestone, and Diatomaceous Earth Materials 
DurabilityResistant to UV rays, Prone to crackingExtra Resistant to UV Rays, Not Prone to Cracking
Anti-Microbial PropertiesNo Anti-Microbial PropertiesStrong Anti-Microbial Protection
Eco-Friendly ProductWashes Out Bacteria, and ParasitesFeature Natural Sea Mineral
Price$6 to $8 per square foot $9 to $15 per square foot

Key Differences Between Shell Stone Pavers And Travertine Pool Stones

You got a brief idea about the specifications of Shell Stones Pavers and Travertine pool stones. It’s time to identify the key features of the two products. 

  • Materials
Shell Stone Paver
Shell Stone Paver

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is the main component of Travertine and Shell Stone Pavers pool stones.

The material ensures quick drying of water and versatility. 

In the case of Shell Stone Pavers pool stones, diatomaceous earth can absorb moisture and kill bacteria and parasites to protect the surface.

Moreover, DE is an odorless substance that prevents the smell of wet fabrics. 

Travertine pool stones offer similar advantages due to their construction materials. Besides soaking up water quickly, Travertine sticks firmly on the ground. 

The anti-microbial properties of Travertine pool stones make the product unique. The pool stones eradicate harmful bacteria and protect your feet from allergies. 

Since limestone plays a massive role in the composition of Travertine pool stones, you will get proper balance and a robust grip from it. 

  • Absorbency Features 

One of the main functions of a pool stone is its absorbing capabilities. Regarding absorbency, Travertine features better soaking capability than Shell Stone Pavers pool stones. 

Users have showered massive praise for the absorption power of Travertine pool stones. The products provide maximum water evaporation rate and incredible drying. 

Moreover, Travertine pool stones are more efficient at keeping water from the floor. Even without absorbing chemicals, Travertine can produce the best-absorbing pool stones. 

On the other hand, Shell Stone Pavers pool stones feature basic absorbing materials that can catch stains after a while. 

Therefore, Travertine pool stones are better with high-absorbing capability that will suit your caliber. 

  • Designs And Layouts 
Travertine Pool Stone
Travertine Pool Stone

You wish to purchase the best pool stones with lucrative designs that will give a dazzling touch to your swimming pool. 

Regarding styles and vibrant colors, Travertine offers the best pool stones.

Travertine is regarded as a luxurious product due to its sophisticated designs and layouts. 

Moreover, you can select your preferred color combination from many formats and styles.

Travertine also enables you to customize the perfect design that will match your swimming pool’s interior. 

In contrast, Shell Stone Pavers offer limited designs and layouts. The absence of customization features has costed Shell Stone Pavers to become the market leader. 

Therefore, if you want an elegant and dazzling swimming pool, you should purchase Travertine pool stone. 

  • Price 

Pricing is the final segment of this discussion. When it comes to price and cost, Travertine pool stones are more expensive than Shell Stone Pavers. 

Since Travertine is a luxurious product, the market price is also high compared to other brands. The price of Travertine pool stone ranges from $9 to $15 per square foot. 

However, the superior quality and exceptional features justify the high price range of Travertine pool stones. 

Shell Stone Pavers, on the other hand, offers affordable products that will fit your budget. Shell Stone Paver pool stone’s price range from $6 to $8 per square foot. 

Therefore, if you are tight on budget, you should go for Shell Stone Pavers. Otherwise, you should select Travertine pool stones for a better experience. Here is a Shell Stone paver quick overview for you.

Which One To Pick?

Travertine pool stones lead the race against Shell Stone Pavers due to their exceptional features and top-notch service.

Quick absorption, eco-friendly components, and dazzling designs are the significant aspects of Travertine pool stones. 

Moreover, the anti-slipping bottom provides a firm attachment to the floor and prevents stains. The product doesn’t contain any toxic elements that can cause health hazards. 

However, Travertine pool stones compromise some drawbacks. You might feel uncomfortable on the ceramic surface, which may creak after a certain period. 

Price is another drawback of Travertine pool stones. But the top-class materials prove the high worth of the product. 

Therefore, if you can manage your budget, you should go for Travertine pool stones. 

Besides the flaws, Travertine pool stones are the best that will enhance your pool’s beauty and keep it odor-free. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Shell stone and travertine?

Designs and layouts are the biggest differentiators between Shell Stone and Travertine. Travertine offers more lucrative designs and extra protection against microbes than Shell Stone. 

Which is better pavers or travertine?

Travertine pool stones are better than pavers due to their superior quality and long-lasting products. 

Is travertine or pavers more expensive?

Travertine pool stone is more expensive than pavers due to its quality features. The price of Travertine pool stone range from $9 to $15 per square foot. 

What is the best stone to put around the pool?

Travertine is the best stone to put around your swimming pool. Shell Stone Pavers come in the second position for its affordability. 


Clearly, Travertine pool stones triumph in this in-depth comparison of the two stone brands. The combination of eco-friendly materials and excellent absorption capacity make Travertine pool stones unique. 

Despite a high price range, you can enjoy a wide range of features and increase the standard of your swimming pool by purchasing Travertine pool stones. 

Travertine pool stones are the best option to satisfy your demand considering the pros and cons.

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