Serenade Fungicide Alternatives: Are They Any Good?

Undoubtedly, Serenade Fungicide is a good product that helps control plant diseases. The spray also helps the healthy growth of herbs, trees, or plants in your garden.

But did you ever ask yourself what else you would use if this product is not available to you for a long while?

No problem if, due to any reason, you have ended up here. Because even if the Serenade Fungicide is not available, there are multiple alternatives you can use for your plants.

These products are worth considering and give better or moderate benefits than our discussed fungicide.

Serenade Fungicide Substitutes

Serenade fungicide is not a problem because it offers a broad spectrum of fungal and bacterial control.

The genuinely organic formulation of this chemical provides more strength to your plants. It makes them stronger & healthier when they are growing.

Serenade Fungicide

However, if looking for its alternatives is still a concern, below is a list of some other products that can be used in the place of Serenade Fungicide. Please have a look!

  • Southern Ag Garden Friendly Biological Fungicide
  • Natria 706250A Neem Oil Pest and Disease Control
  • Bonide (BND2031) – Fruit Tree and Plant Guard Concentrate
  • Monterey LG3190 Liqui-Cop Copper Garden Spray Fungicide
  • Gardentech Daconil Fungicide Ready to Use

Now, let’s stop wasting time and start digging into each alternative to the Serenade Fungicide Plant Protection chemical one by one.

  • Southern Ag Garden Friendly Biological Fungicide
Southern Ag Garden Friendly Biological Fungicide

Get this superior alternative to the Serenade Fungicide in a larger capacity and use it for the same purpose.

This Bio fungicide chemical is best used for controlling plant diseases.

You can use this fungicide anywhere in the house, including your home garden, fruit trees, flowers, bedding plants, ornamental and more.

The chemical affects differently and stops different kinds of diseases while applied to various types of plants.

It is recommended to use it for organic stuff only. We can’t say it’s a different product. Because you can use it as a better alternative to the Serenade Fungicide.

  • Natria 706250A Neem Oil Pest and Disease Control

Most people also recommend this Natria Neem Oil Pest and Disease Control for plants when Serenade is unavailable.

Just like our main product, it is adequate to kill all the insects that may hurt your plant’s growth.

Several things could hurt your plants, including spider mites, aphids, fruit flies, and more.

This chemical will be a better safeguard against them and protect those plants till the end.

In addition, one can use this to control Blackspot, Powdery Mildew, and more.

Whether you’d use it for roses, vegetables or flowers is no problem. Because it will be effective on all of them. So, use it on the day of harvest and keep your plants healthy and growing.

  • Bonide (BND2031) – Fruit Tree and Plant Guard Concentrate
Bonide (BND2031) - Fruit Tree and Plant Guard Concentrate

Due to any reason, if the Serenade Fungicide is unavailable or you don’t want to use it for other reasons, the Bonide Fruit and Plant Guard is here to serve you.

The best thing about the product is it’s ever ready to protect a wide range of fruits, vegetables, and plants.

It doesn’t matter if you grow roses, eggplant, pears, apple nut, or any ornamental trees; the spray will still be effective on all these.

Bonide protects your garden from numerous types of insects and diseases.

One can use it over aphids, leafhoppers, black mold, crickets, Japanese beetles, and more. Besides, it’s a multipurpose product to be used freely by home orchardists, including all skill levels. You can take it as an excellent alternative to the Serenade Fungicide.

  • Monterey LG3190 Liqui-Cop Copper Garden Spray Fungicides

Control 99% of diseases of your growing plants with this one of the best alternatives to Serenade Fungicide.

There are no plant diseases that this chemical cannot prevent or stop. It doesn’t matter if those leaves have leaf spots, downy mildew, anthracnose, or whatever; the chemical will fix it and stop it from occurring repeatedly.

With this giant-sized bottle, you can protect your whole garden. The best thing about this product is that it always comes ready to spray. There is a hose-end sprayer that makes it much easier to spray the liquid on the plants.

  • Gardentech Daconil Fungicide Ready to Use
Gardentech Daconil Fungicide Ready to Use

The last alternative I considered a worthy opponent to the Serenade Fungicide is this Gardentech daconil fungicide.

It also covers and kills a broad spectrum of multiple plant diseases.

Plus, one can spray flowers, shrubs, vegetables, and more.

There is no mixing of chemicals or other solutions with the spray because it always comes easy and is ready to use.

The plus point is it can be applied on leaf spots, fruit rots, ruts, and other defects in your plants and trees.

Is Serenade Fungicide Worth It?

It is used as a suitable chemical or sprayed on various plants and fruits to prevent various diseases.

Moreover, it was made to kill many insects. You didn’t need to mix it with other chemicals or change its orientation.

Because it’s a genuinely organic formulation, the product has been discontinued and is currently unavailable in the market. Therefore, you can use the alternatives that I have described above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Serenade Discontinued?

Yes, the product has been discontinued by its manufacturers.

What Is The Active Ingredient In Serenade Fungicide?

The main active ingredient in the Serenade Fungicide is the Bacillus Subtills Stain QST 713. Such an ingredient is much beneficial for the soil bacterium.

Is Serenade Fungicide Organic?

Yes, the chemical is used only for organic plants or purposes.

How Often Can You Spray Serenade?

It depends on your interval. But, most people like to spray the Serenade for 5 to 7 days.

Final Thoughts

Serenade Fungicide has been a good product of its era. It has multiple positive reviews on Amazon and several other stores. However, it’s not coming into the market nowadays.

Therefore, finding a worthy alternative for this product is always better.

I’ve discussed several alternatives in this write-up to make that easier for you. One can use any of them for the same purposes as he used to use Serenade Fungicide. They will be effective in stopping diseases and killing insects.

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