Tenacity Vs. Mesotrione Herbicide (2024): In-depth Differences

Mesotrione is a generic version of Tenacity. This means they are both effective. However, the two herbicides are very different.

Mesotrione is a post-emergent herbicide, while Tenacity is a pre-emergent herbicide. Mesotrione is affected by high temperatures, which makes it ideal during cold weather.

Tenacity and Mesotrione also affect various plants differently. This post will give a comparison between the two herbicides. By the end of the post, you will know which herbicide to use on your lawn and how.

A Brief Comparison Table

Mode of ActionPre-emergentPost-emergent
EfficiencyNonselective and very effective.Strong enough to kill the mature weed.
Used on which plantsNutsedge, crabgrass, bent grass, dandelions, ground ivy, and many others.Clover, chickweed, crabgrass, foxtail, nutsedge, dandelion, and henbit.  
SafetyDeemed safe Agency of protectionFaces some restrictions in different states. They are restricted from home lawns.
Ideal Time to useIdeal during fall or springIt dries up faster, making it ideal during all seasons.
ApplicationBest applied directly to the soil Sprayed on grown grass
PriceA bit more costly than MesotrioneCheaper than Tenacity

Differences Between Tenacity And Mesotrione

  • Mode of Action
Mesotrione Herbicide

Tenacity is a pre-emergent herbicide.

A pre-emergent herbicide is used before the plants germinate.

The herbicide inhibits the enzyme that causes photosynthesis, stopping the weed from growing.

Once the weed is repressed, new healthy grass grows.

Mesotrione is a post emergent herbicide.

This herbicide will kill the selected plants and let the others survive.  

  • Efficiency

Although the two herbicides contain the same active ingredients, they do not have the same efficiency. Tenacity is extreme. This is why it is sprayed before the plants start to grow.

The herbicide kills weeds within three weeks, and the dead weed starts to compose naturally.

Stubborn weed requires more than one treatment when using Tenacity herbicide.

Mesotrione is still as effective as Tenacity. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using this herbicide to ensure you achieve what it promises.

  • Used On Which Plants

If you use a herbicide on your grass, it would be a huge mistake to use any herbicide other than Tenacity. This herbicide kills other weeds, including nutsedge, crabgrass, bent grass, dandelions, ground ivy, and many others.

The Mesotrione herbicide can be used on several different types of plants. It is best to avoid the vegetable garden when using this product, as it can ruin some of your favorite vegetables.

If spraying near the fruit trees, ensure that you refrain from spraying after it has started to bloom.

Mesotrione is ideal for killing weeds such as clover, chickweed, crabgrass, foxtail, nutsedge, dandelion, and henbit.

  • Safety

Tenacity has been deemed reduced risk herbicide by the National Agency for protection. It also does not contain cancer-causing chemicals.

This is why you can use this herbicide on your home lawn. After the herbicide has dried after two hours, pets and children can play on the property. You should avoid inhaling the herbicide or letting it close to your eyes.

Mesotrione faces restrictions in Hawaii, New Mexico, Alaska, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Wyoming, and Washington. Do not apply this herbicide to transgenic crops since it can harm these plants.

The chemical also has limitations on how it can be used and is unsuitable for lawns, beds, or pastures.

  • The Ideal Time To Use
Tenacity Herbicide for Lawn

Tenacity dries up faster after touching the plants.

The dilutant mixed with the herbicide makes it stick to the plants for effectiveness.

However, it is best used on the lawn during fall or spring when the temperatures are not too high and it is not raining.

Rain and the sun will not affect the herbicide 2 hours after application.

Very high temperatures evaporate mesotrione herbicide, while rain can wash away the herbicide before it works.

To ensure the herbicide works efficiently, spray early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

  • Application

The most common way you’ll see Tenacity Herbicide used is in the soil to help reduce and deter weed regrowth. Tenacity Herbicide can be applied directly to the soil or mixed with water and injected into the ground.

To apply Tenacity Herbicide to the soil, ensure the target area is weed free and watered in. Then mix the product with water to create a slurry and apply it to the ground surface.

If you’re using Tenacity Herbicide as a pre-emergent herbicide, it’s called an A-B pre-emergent mix. You apply by either sprinkler or hand spreader systems.

A pre-emergent mixture is applied with a hand-spreader or a nozzle. It would be best to use the correct dilution, so read the kit’s instructions carefully.

You will use a dilutant for mesotrione herbicide. Often you need to add one part diluent to ten parts mesotrione to make it work most efficiently.

Read the manual for your mesotrione herbicide before application, then follow all directions carefully! Watch this video to understand why mesotrione is great!

  • Price

Since Mesotrione is a generic of Tenacity, it is cheaper than Tenacity. They, however, have the same active ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Mesotrione the same as tenacity?

Mesotrione and Tenacity have the same active ingredients. However, they are not the same. Tenacity is used as a pre-emergent herbicide, while Mesotrione is a post-emergent herbicide.

What is better than Tenacity Herbicide?

If you are looking for a herbicide for your home lawn, Tenacity lawn is the best herbicide. Tenacity is also safe for pets and children.

Is there a generic for tenacity?

Mesotrione is the generic version of Tenacity.

Can I use mesotrione on my lawn?

Mesotrione herbicide is an effective herbicide. However, you should avoid using it on your home lawn. This herbicide will kill anything that is not fine-bladed grass.


If you are looking for an herbicide for your lawn, the Tenacity and Mesotrione comparison is an excellent start for your search. The post discusses all the main features used to differentiate the two herbicides.

However, if you are looking for a herbicide for your home lawn, Tenacity is the best herbicide. It is deemed safe for use by National Agency for Protection.

Mesotrione herbicide faces restrictions in different states.


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