Semco Liquid Membrane Vs. Flex Seal: Which One To Pick?

When you are looking for a long-lasting waterproofing solution for your home projects, then you may end up getting overwhelmed by so many products available in the market.

However, if you are stuck between Semco liquid membrane and Flex Seal, then this blog post is for you. It is indeed a difficult choice to make as both come with better waterproofing capabilities.

However, in this blog post, you will get to know about the different features of these two products. Hopefully, it would help you to pick the ultimate one for yourself. So, let’s dive in.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsSemco Liquid MembraneFlex Seal
BrandSEMCO is the brand.Flex Seal is the brand for this sealing.
ManufacturerSEMCO Surfaces.Swift Response, LLC is the manufacturer of Flex Seal.
ApplicationBrush or spray.Spray is the way to apply this on the surface.
PriceSemco Liquid Membrane is more expensive than Flex Seal.Flex Seal is comparatively cheaper than Semco Liquid Membrane.
DurabilitySemco Liquid Membrane is significantly more durable than Flex Seal.Durability is not specified here. But it is much lesser than Semco Liquid Membrane.
Easiness of applicationNo special tool is needed so easy to apply.Flex seal is easy to apply as well, as special equipment is not needed here.
Weather resistanceSemco Liquid Membrane can protect the surface from UV rays, extreme weather conditions, and so on.Flex Seal is not suitable for extreme weather conditions.
Surface suitabilityMetal, wood, concrete, asphalt, and so on.Plastic, metal, rubber surface, and so on.
Drying timeIt takes 24 hours to dry completely.Flex Seal takes 24-48 hours to dry out completely.
Item weight9 pounds.‎28 Ounces.
Adhesion to surfacesExcellent.Good.

So, these are some notice-worthy features of both Semco liquid membrane and Flex Seal. Having ideas about these, you can decide which fits your requirement best. If you still cannot make up your mind, then, you will get to know about these in detail in the following section.

Key Differences Between Semco liquid membrane And Flex Seal

After getting some idea about the features of both sealants, it is time to know about those in detail to make an educated final decision for picking between the two.

So, let’s get to know about those.

Semco Liquid Membrane
  • Brand

As the name says, both of the sealants come from different brands.

Semco Liquid Membrane comes from the Semco brand and Flex Seal is the brand for Flex Seal sealing.

Both of the brands have gained ample popularity among users.

  • Manufacturer

There are different manufacturers for both sealants.

SEMCO Surfaces is the manufacturer of Semco Liquid Membrane and ‎Swift Response, LLC is the manufacturer of Flex Seal. Both companies are committed to providing better sealing solutions to their customers.

  • Application

Application ways for Semco Liquid Membrane are both brush and spray. On the contrary, spray is the way to apply this to the surface for Flex Seal.

  • Price

Price plays a good role in taking the purchase decision of a product for the majority of customers. Here, the price of Semco Liquid Membrane is significantly higher in comparison with Flex Seal. But considering the longevity it brings in after the application, this higher price seems to be worth it.

Once you apply it, you will be able to remain tension free for the upcoming years.

  • Durability

Semco Liquid Membrane is more durable and expected to remain up to 10-15 years even. But this durability is much lesser for Flex Seal, though it is not specified. It would depend a lot on the condition and other external factors.

  • Easiness of application

For both of the sealants, there is no need for any special tool to do the job. That is why the application process is quite easy.

  • Weather resistance

Semco Liquid Membrane can protect the surface from UV rays, external elements, extreme weather conditions, and so on. But Flex Seal is not as hardy as the Semco Liquid Membrane. That is why it is not very suitable for extreme weather conditions.

  • Surface suitability

Metal, wood, concrete, asphalt, etc. surfaces are suitable for Semco Liquid Membrane. On the other hand, plastic, metal, rubber surface, etc. are suitable for Flex Seal.

  • Drying time
Flex Seal LIQUID

Semco Liquid Membrane takes lesser drying time. It is about a day or 24 hours.

But the drying time may take longer for Flex Seal. It may take around 24 to 48 hours.

  • Item weight

Semco Liquid Membrane weighs 9 pounds and Flex Seal weighs 28 Ounces.

  • Adhesion to surfaces

The quality of a sealant depends a lot on the ways it remains with the surfaces. Semco Liquid Membrane comes with excellent adhesion quality and Flex Seal comes with better quality but it may not be as good as the Semco Liquid Membrane.

I am sure after getting to know about the details features you have matched those with your requirements and must have made up your mind.

Which Sealing Is Better for You?

There goes the answer to your most awaited question of yours. Considering so many aspects, if you are seeking a solution for a longer time, then Semco Liquid Membrane is the ultimate one.

It would cost you more but considering the durability, you can consider the extra cost as an investment. It is more versatile, very easy to apply, and drying time is also very low.

But if you need a solution for a shorter period then Flex Seal is the one to pick.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long does Semco liquid membrane last?

Semco liquid membrane can last up to 10 to 15 years.

How long does Flex Seal last once applied?

Though the duration is not specified, with proper application job, care, and environment it can last for years.

What is Semco liquid membrane made of?

Semco liquid is made of elastomeric fluid suspended in a copolymer adhesive.

What should you not use Flex Seal on?

You should use Flex Seal on Foam in any way.

Wrapping Things Up

After getting to know about the features and the debate of Semco Liquid Membrane and Flex Seal I am sure you can decide which one is going to be best for your application job. Both of them come with a good number of features and benefits, but they are different in their ways.

Semco Liquid Membrane is more expensive, but it comes with excellent durability, versatility, and low drying time. But if you need a solution for a shorter time, then Flex Seal is the one to pick. Hence, picking the ideal one would depend a lot on your requirement.

I am sure you will pick the most suitable one. Cheers!

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