Scotts Landscapers Mix Vs. Contractors Mix: In-depth Differences

Scotts Landscapers Mix is a mixture of bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue. In contrast, Scotts Contractors Mix combines annual ryegrass and Bermuda seed. Landscapers take 6 to 10 days to germinate, whereas Contractors take around 5 to 10 days.

Are you looking for top-rate grass seeds?

Then, Scotts might be already on your list. But which option to choose? This brand offers more than dozens of products. Here, we develop a comparison session on Scotts Landscapers Mix vs. Contractors Mix. Let’s dive in!

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsScotts Landscapers MixScotts Contractors Mix
Main Grass TypeBluegrass, ryegrass, and fescueAnnual ryegrass and Bermuda seed
Days to Germinate6-105-10
Drought ToleranceMediumGood
TextureMedium to fineMedium
Grass Color FamilyDark blue-greenDark green
Ideal UsageGardens and yardsConstruction sites
Insect ResistanceMediumLow

Key Differences Between Scotts Landscapers Mix And Contractors Mix

  • Main Grass Type
Scotts Landscapers Mix

Scott’s landscaper’s mix has three types of grasses: bluegrass, ryegrass, and fescue.

Bluegrass can recover from damage quickly and can multiply.

In contrast, Scott’s contractor’s mix is mainly a combination of Annual ryegrass and Bermuda seed.

Ryegrass can germinate swiftly and has a decent tolerance level against foot traffic.

  • Days To Germinate

The average time Scott’s landscaper’s mix takes to germinate is 6 to 10 days. But well, moist soil and surrounding climate will affect their germination process.

On the contrary, Scott’s contractor’s mix can germinate within 5 to 10 days. Their high-quality coated seed can start to grow within a short period.

  • Drought Tolerance

Drought tolerance is essential when your location is in a hot area. Scott’s landscaper’s mix has a medium drought tolerance level. They require minimal water.

Contrastly, Scott’s contractor’s mix has a decent drought tolerance level since it contains Bermuda grass seed. You can quickly grow them in dry and hot areas since they need less water.

  • Texture

Grass texture is highly related to its aesthetic. Scott’s landscaper’s mix comes with a medium to fine texture. It will not have a dull or yellow color in dry areas.

On the flip side, Scott’s contractor’s mix maintains a medium texture even in extremely hot and dry weather. But make sure to water the grass regularly.

  • Grass Color Family

A grass color defines how healthy it is. Scott’s landscaper’s mix has a Dark blue-green color. Its bluegrass will have a rich emerald to blue-green color.

In contrast, the color of Scott’s contractor’s mix is dark green. It is a good indication of healthy grass since it produces a vast amount of chlorophyll.

  • Ideal Usage

Choosing suitable grass in a particular position is crucial. After all, not all grass grows in all areas in a similar pattern. You want to select the best suitable location.

Scott’s landscaper’s mix is ideal for growing in Gardens and yards, whereas Scotts contractor’s mix is a better choice for contraction sites.

  • Insect Resistance

Surface-active insects are one of the main culprits for damaging grass. They can destroy the entire lawn within a short time. That’s why choosing higher-quality grass is vital.

Scott’s landscaper’s mix has medium insect resistance capabilities. But Scott’s contractors’ mix can’t withstand insects’ attacks. Plus, you need to take preventive action quickly.

  • Price

Since both products are from the same brand and have a similar quality, their price doesn’t vary too. They are just different versions of products.

One product is usually suitable for gardens, parks, and backyard areas. The other one is ideal for construction areas where regular grass may struggle to grow naturally.

Which Grass Seed Is The Best For You?

Scotts Contractors Mix

You can use Scott’s landscaper’s mix if your area has full sun or partial shade.

They are mainly cool-season grass, a combination of sun-and-shade compounds.

But ensuring a decent drainage system and a neutral pH without being highly basic or acidic is necessary.

This will provide better natural growth with a healthy and rich look.

In contrast, if your area has complete and direct sun, you can use Scott’s contractor’s mix. Its grass can endure extreme heat and humidity levels.

They can thrive in full sun if you ensure a sound drainage system and feed them a nitrogen fertilizer.

Also, maintain the pH soil level from 5.8-7.0 and control weeds appropriately.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of grass is Scotts landscapers mix?

 Scott’s landscaper’s mix combines bluegrass, ryegrass, and tall fescue grass.

What grass seed is in landscapers mix?

Most landscapers mix grass products have a mixture of Fescue, Ryegrass, and Bluegrass.

What kind of grass is contractors mix?

Most contractors mix grass products and have a mixture of half annual ryegrass and half-tall fescue grass.

When should I use contractor grass seed?

You should use contractor grass seed if your location has a temperature between 60°F and 80°F.

Bottom Lines

Before choosing a particular grass seed product, you want to make sure it can adjust with the temperature of your location. Choosing high-quality grass seeds is also crucial.

Also, you want to feed the soil with adequate fertilizer and adequate water for the best result. That’s the end of our discussion on Scotts Landscapers Mix vs. Contractors.

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