Reliabilt Vs. Pella Patio Doors: In-Depth Comparison

Installing stylish new patio doors is one of the best ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal and let the outdoors in. As you shop for patio doors, you’ll find there is quite a range when it comes to pricing and quality.

On the lower end, Reliabilt patio doors provide an affordable option sold exclusively through Lowe’s. For high-end patio doors with premium features and performance, Pella is a leading brand.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare and contrast Reliabilt and Pella patio doors to help you determine which is a better fit for your home improvement needs and budget.

We’ll provide an in-depth examination of the materials, energy efficiency, warranties, styles, costs, and overall durability of each brand. Read on to become a savvy patio door shopper!

A Brief Comparison Table

To summarize the key differences, here is a direct comparison chart:

MaterialsVinyl, wood, aluminum, fiberglassVinyl, wood, fiberglass
Cost$700 – $2000$1200 – $5000+
Energy EfficiencyGood, meet ENERGY STAR standardsExcellent, exceed ENERGY STAR standards
Warranties1 year on parts, 5 years on glass, 10 years on frame10 years on parts, 20 years on glass, lifetime on frame
StylesSliding, hinged, frenchSliding, hinged, french, multi-slide
CustomizationMinimal color and style optionsExtensive color and style options
QualityBudget-friendly qualityPremium materials and construction

Overview of Reliabilt and Pella

ReliaBilt Double Door Sliding Patio Door
ReliaBilt Double Door Sliding Patio Door

Before diving into the details, let’s briefly introduce these two patio door brands.

Reliabilt is a house brand owned by Lowe’s that offers vinyl, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass patio doors at affordable price points.

They aim to provide quality patio doors to budget-conscious DIYers and homeowners.

Reliabilt products can only be purchased at Lowe’s stores or on

Pella is a long-standing, premium window and door brand sold through exclusive dealers across North America. Unlike Reliabilt, Pella specializes in upscale wood, fiberglass and vinyl patio doors with high-end features and top warranties.

They are known for exceptional quality, performance, and aesthetics.

Now that you understand the overall vibe of each brand, let’s explore how Reliabilt and Pella patio doors compare across several important factors:

Patio Door Frame Materials Comparison of Reliabilt And Pella Patio Doors

One of the biggest differences between Reliabilt and Pella is the materials used for the patio door frames and sashes. This impacts the overall durability, functionality and cost.


Pella Sliding Patio Door
Pella Sliding Patio Door
  • Reliabilt vinyl patio doors feature heavy-duty vinyl extrusion frames and sashes. While dependable, the vinyl formulas are more basic compared to premium brands.
  • Pella uses their proprietary vinyl formulations for enhanced durability and longevity. Their premium vinyl resists fading, pitting, and warping.


  • Both Reliabilt and Pella offer fiberglass patio doors praised for their strength, low-maintenance, and resistance to temperature fluctuations.
  • Pella fiberglass doors feature thicker, denser fiberglass construction compared to Reliabilt’s standard fiberglass.


  • Reliabilt only uses basic pine wood species, which is knotty and prone to swelling/shrinking. Their wood doors are among the lowest cost options.
  • Pella handcrafts their wood doors from clear premium pine, oak, and other luxury hardwoods selected for beauty and performance.


  • One material option only offered by Reliabilt is affordable aluminum-framed patio doors. But aluminum is prone to denting and has high conductance.
  • Pella does not offer aluminum patio doors, likely because it is considered a lower-end metal with subpar insulation properties.

In summary, Pella invests in top-tier materials across all their patio door product lines, while Reliabilt uses good yet more basic, budget-friendly materials.

Energy Efficiency and Temperature Performance Comparison

Energy efficient patio doors are important for keeping your home comfortable and reducing energy bills. Here is how Reliabilt and Pella patio doors compare when it comes to thermal performance:


  • Pella offers high-performance Low-E coated, argon gas filled double or triple pane glass. This provides excellent insulation with solar heat control.
  • Reliabilt patio doors come standard with basic clear, double pane glass. Triple pane is an upgrade option, but still lower quality than Pella.


  • Both brands use weatherstripping around the door panels to seal out drafts. However, Pella tends to use thicker, higher grade weatherstripping for a tighter seal.
  • Reliabilt weatherstripping meets minimum standards to keep air and water out, but it is not as heavy duty or long-lasting.


  • Pella patio door frames are engineered with innovative designs and structural enhancements for top thermal performance.
  • Reliabilt door frames meet basic insulation standards but lack Pella’s advanced construction.


  • Top end Pella patio doors can meet stringent ENERGY STAR Most Efficient performance criteria.
  • Reliabilt patio doors typically achieve only the minimum qualifications for basic ENERGY STAR certification.

In summary, Pella patio doors are decidedly more energy efficient. Their U-Factors can be as low as 0.17 compared 0.30 for Reliabilt. But Reliabilt still provides good energy savings on a budget.

Patio Door Styles and Configurations Comparison

When it comes to patio door styles and configurations, Reliabilt and Pella have plenty of options in common along with a few key differences:

Sliding Patio Doors

Pella Sliding Patio Door
Pella Sliding Patio Door
  • Both brands offer standard sliding patio doors with two panels, one operating and one stationary. These provide wide access to backyards and patios.

French Patio Doors

  • Inswing or outswing french patio doors with multiple glass panes are also available from both Reliabilt and Pella.

Hinged Patio Doors

  • For a classic single entry door look, Reliabilt and Pella have hinged patio doors that swing open like standard doors.

Multi-Slide Patio Doors

  • Pella’s upscale Smoothslide doors feature multiple panels that glide along adjustable tracks, providing entire walls of door access. Reliabilt does not offer multi-slide options.

Color and Design

  • Pella patio doors come in a vast array of exterior color options, wood species, and custom etched glass designs. Reliabilt doors have minimal color and design variability.

In summary, while Reliabilt and Pella both offer all the most common patio door configurations, Pella provides far more aesthetic customization possibilities for a luxury look and feel.

Costs, Warranties and Contractors for Installation

There are major differences between Reliabilt and Pella when it comes to patio door costs and warranties:


  • A basic Reliabilt vinyl sliding patio door starts around $700, with higher end doors costing up to $2,000.
  • Entry-level Pella patio doors begin around $1,200, with premium wood or fiberglass styles running $3,000 to $5,000 or more.

Professional Installation

  • Reliabilt patio door prices include free factory installation through Lowe’s.
  • Pella charges extra for expert installation by one of their certified professionals, typically $200 or more per door.

Product Warranties

  • Reliabilt provides relatively basic coverage: 1 year on parts, 5 years on glass panels, and 10 years on the door frames.
  • Pella offers among the best patio door warranties: 10 years on parts, 20 years on glass components, and lifetime guarantee on frames.

The bottom line is Reliabilt patio doors provide big savings upfront. But Pella’s higher pricing comes with superior warranties and professional installation included.

Which Brand Is The Better Choice?

With this thorough comparison under your belt, which patio door brand – Reliabilt or Pella – should you choose for your home improvement project?

Here are some key factors to help you decide:

  • Prioritizing Affordability

If your main priority is finding the most budget-friendly patio doors, Reliabilt is the clear choice. Their prices are significantly lower than Pella across all door materials and styles. Just keep in mind you’re getting basic quality and warranties.

  • Seeking Maximum Energy Efficiency
Reliabilt 300 series Patio Door

For the highest energy efficiency along with superior temperature insulation, Pella is the winner.

Their advanced glass, gas fills and innovative frame designs provide exceptional thermal performance that exceeds ENERGY STAR criteria.

Reliabilt offers decent insulation at a much lower price point.

  • Wanting Luxury Design and Customization

Pella easily beats Reliabilt when it comes to the beautiful aesthetics and customization possibilities. Pella patio doors can truly transform a home with intricate woodwork, ornate detailing, and endless color choices. Reliabilt provides only basic vinyl and fiberglass door options.

  • Prioritizing Durability and Lifespan

While Reliabilt builds decently durable patio doors, Pella goes the extra mile engineering products made to last decades with minimal upkeep or repairs needed. From the quality materials to robust warranties, Pella invests in longevity.

  • Installing on a DIY Budget

Reliabilt offers pre-hung patio doors designed for easy DIY installation. The included factory installation through Lowe’s also makes the process hassle-free. Pella patio doors require professional expertise to install correctly.

So weighing your budget, priorities and home style will help decide whether Reliabilt or Pella is the best patio door brand for your next project. There is no universally superior option. The right brand depends on the homeowner’s needs and resources.

FAQs About Reliabilt and Pella Patio Doors

Still have some lingering questions about Reliabilt and Pella patio doors? Here we answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

How much do Reliabilt patio doors cost compared to Pella?

Reliabilt patio doors range from $700 to $2,000, making them significantly more affordable than Pella. Comparable Pella doors will cost you $1,200 at the low end up to $5,000 or more for premium styles.

What frame materials are Reliabilt patio doors available in?

Reliabilt manufactures patio doors with vinyl, wood, aluminum and fiberglass frames. Pella does not use aluminum and has higher grades of wood and fiberglass.

What warranty does Pella offer on their patio doors?

Pella provides excellent patio door warranties: 10 years on parts, 20 years on glass panels, and a lifetime guarantee against defects in the frame.

What patio door styles does Reliabilt offer?

Reliabilt patio doors come in popular configurations like sliding, hinged, and french styles. Pella additionally offers high-end multi-slide patio doors.

How energy efficient are Reliabilt patio doors?

Reliabilt patio doors meet minimum ENERGY STAR qualifications for good energy savings. But Pella doors with advanced glass and innovative frames far surpass ENERGY STAR standards.

Can I install Reliabilt patio doors myself?

Yes, Reliabilt patio doors are designed for easy DIY installation. Pella patio doors require professional expertise for proper installation.

The Bottom Line

As you shop for patio doors, carefully weigh the pros, cons, costs and warranties offered by Reliabilt and Pella. Lower priced Reliabilt doors make sense if you want basic quality on a tight budget.

For outstanding performance and luxury, Pella patio doors justify their higher price tag.

Focus on the features most important for your home and lifestyle. With smart comparisons, you can determine whether value-priced Reliabilt or premium Pella patio doors are the ideal choice for enhancing your living space inside and out.

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