Red Label Abrasives Vs. Combat Abrasives Sanding Belts (2024)

Combat Abrasives belts are more famous and considerably used by a greater number of buyers than Red Label Abrasives. Red Label sells a much more expensive belt than Combat because Combat is cheaper.

The demands for Combat are high, yet they are not as qualitative as you might be expecting them.

In addition, Red Label brings a huge collection of belts for you that you can choose from. There is a variety of materials and size selections for these belts that help you choose easily.

Yet, it becomes a little difficult sometimes for a person to choose the right belt. That’s the reason we are here!

A Quick Comparison Table

Characteristics To CompareRed Label AbrasivesCombat Abrasives
Usage, Purchased, and Customer recommendationsLowerHigher
PricingExpensive BeltsCheaper Belts
DurabilityMade to stand for a longer periodStands for a shorter period
Belts collectionHugeSmaller
Availability In MaterialsA vast material construction and availabilityLimited Options available
Recommended To use forHeavy Gauge Steel and other rigid materialsInferior quality stainless steel products and other materials

Key Differences Between Red Label And Combat Abrasives

  • Usage, Purchased, and Customer Recommendations
Red Label Abrasives Sanding Belt

When you judge these brands based on these factors, it becomes easier for you to ensure which one is great to consider.

You can see at those community forums and discussions that Combat Abrasives are highly used and recommended by many people.

They are reasonably more recommended on these forums than Red Label Abrasive belts.

However, even if the Red Belts are not that greatly recommended, they ensure superior quality while being used on the machines for sharpening stuff.

That’s the sole purpose of having a belt from either brand.

  • Quality

Even if combat abrasives are highly recommended, they do not ensure superior quality over the longer run.

Some people have claimed that Combat abrasives run for a shorter period than Red Label abrasives.

That’s true because, at the same time, you won’t find the Combat abrasives achieving higher quality than the Red Label abrasives.

Therefore, depending on what you need, you can judge both on the quality of their construction.

  • Pricing

Comparing both brands’ products on their pricing, the Combat belts are way cheaper than Red Label Belts. You can even have a belt under $5 at Combat Abrasives.

But I am afraid that you will find the Red Label Belts a way expensive and sometimes out of your budget. It is true because the brand provides a 90-day extensive usage warranty.

If a belt gets defective during or before this period, you can return it and get your money back or a free replacement.

  • Durability
Combat Abrasives Sanding Belt
Combat Abrasives Sanding Belt

The only thing for which Red Label belts ensure themselves are superior to other brands’ belts like Combat is their excellent durability.

The company itself gives you a fantastic warranty of almost 90 days which means you can use these belts for a longer period.

Compared to Red Label belts, the Combat Abrasive may not stand as long as you expect them.

Hence, they do not provide you with a higher level of standing or durability.

  • Belts Collection

If you think you need to choose from a vast variety of belts, Red Label is your one-place shop for everything. They do not sell these belts in a vast selection.

But they also provide many other required products to finish your daily jobs.

On the other hand, the Combat abrasive may not have such a vast range of belts. Yet, they offer you a good variety but not as giant as you might think.

At this brand, if you want a cheaper product or simply call a belt, you can have it from a good number of options.

  • Availability In Materials

Belts are made of many materials to ensure faster working, reliability, and extended durability over the longer run.

Red label belts are available in enormous materials, including Ceramic, Silicone carbide, 3M Cubitron II, and many others.

Compared to this, the Combat gives you a limited variety of belts made with unique materials.

  • Recommended To Use For

We use belts from both brands for a variety of stuff sharpening purposes. This includes sharpening knives, razors, blades, and other stuff, including swords.

For that, a belt we will be using over a machine must be strong, durable, and designed to stand longer.

In that regard, we can suggest the Red Label belts for sharpening heavy gauge material and Combat abrasive belts for sharpening inferior materials.

This way, you can decide which one will suit you best for a specific job or purpose.

Which One Is Best To Choose?

Red Label Surface Conditioning Belt
Red Label Surface Conditioning Belt

Red Label is way better than Combat abrasive belts.

It is because their belts are full of superior quality, has a wider selection, and come in more material variety.

So, you can easily choose from a great number of options.

In contrast, Combat abrasive belts are cheaper but may not be that reliable regarding quality or durability.

Moreover, they are not recommended to use for a longer period.

But these belts are greater options when you need to buy a cheaper belt for performing duties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who Owns Red Label Abrasives?

Red Label Abrasives are the consumer division of Fintech abrasive. They are made and located in Belding, Michigan.

Are Red Label Sanding Belts Good?

They are of sound quality and ensure higher value for money even if they are little expensive belts in the market.

Final Wording

You’d be happier investing your money in a premium Red Label belt. It is because when you compare the Red Label Abrasives and Combat Abrasives brands for their belts and other products, Red Label strikes higher and wins the competition.

However, Red labels could be expensive and sometimes even out of your budget. But for regular tasks performance, you can invest in them and enjoy the excellent and non-stop work!

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