Randolph Vs. Ray-Ban Sunglasses: Which One Should You Pick?

While picking the sunglasses, while considering the look of the sunglass, it is imperative to look for the brand of the sunglasses as well to ensure the quality. There are two brands of sunglasses that always stand out in this regard, those are Randolph and Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Both bring in different features once you decide to get these sunglasses for you. Here the main differences are in color options, warranties, and prices.

In this blog post, you will get to know the different features of these sunglasses to determine which one would serve best to you. So, without any further ado, let’s get to know about those.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsRandolph Sunglasses Ray-Ban Sunglasses
Manufacturing countryRandolph Sunglasses are made in the USA.Ray-Ban Sunglasses are made in Italy.
Brand popularityRandolph Sunglasses are a very popular brand since the year 1973.Ray-Ban Sunglasses are also very popular, it has been in the industry since 1937.
Color optionsRandolph Sunglasses come with limited color options.Ray-Ban Sunglasses come in the market with varieties of color options.
Usage of the sunglassesIt is made in a way to meet the highest Military standards, hence very popular among pilots and military personnel.Ray-Ban Sunglasses come in different styles, so it is more popular among fashion enthusiasts.
Material qualityRandolph Sunglasses bring in Military-grade materials.Ray-Ban Sunglasses come with very high-quality materials.
WarrantyIt comes with a lifetime warranty on all frames, as it is engineered for military pilots.Ray-Ban does not come with a lifetime warranty on its sunglass’s frames or lenses.
PriceRandolph Sunglasses are mostly carrying higher price tags.Ray-Ban Sunglasses with different ranges of prices along with the styles.
UV protectionThere are UV-protected coatings on each of the sunglasses.Ray-Ban Sunglasses also bring in UV-protected coatings.
Military usageIt is perfectly made for military usage.It is also originally made for military use, but due to the fashionable styling, it attracted so many icons and fashion-conscious people.

So, these are some mention-worthy features of both Randolph and Ray-Ban Sunglasses. As you can see, both of the brands come with premium sunglasses, so picking one between the two becomes a tricky task. But I hope based on the brief features you have got some idea for the final decision.

Key Differences Between Randolph And Ray-Ban Sunglasses

After knowing about the features, it is time to know about the features in detail to take a more informed decision between the two sunglasses. In this part of the blog post, you will get to know about those in detail.

Randolph Aviator 23K White Gold
Randolph Aviator 23K White Gold
  • Manufacturing country

Well, both of the sunglasses are manufactured in different countries.

Randolph Sunglasses are made in the USA whereas, Ray-Ban Sunglasses are made in Italy.

Both brands of sunglasses are very popular in their respective countries.

  • Brand popularity

Both Randolph and Ray-Ban Sunglass brands are quite popular among users for years.

Randolph Sunglasses are in the market since the year 1973 and Ray-Ban Sunglasses have been in the industry since 1937. During these years, both brands have got enough satisfied customers to create a solid reputation in the market.

  • Color options

Ray-Ban Sunglasses bring in so many designs and color options, hence it seems to be the first choice for all fashion-conscious people. But it is quite different for Randolph Sunglasses for not having enough color options.

  • Usage of the sunglasses

Randolph Sunglasses are manufactured by maintaining top-notched military standards, that’s why military professionals are most keen to have this. Ray-Ban Sunglasses is also suitable for military officials, still, due to the variations of the designs it is most popular among fashion enthusiasts’ users.

  • Material quality

Randolph Sunglasses bring in Military-grade materials and Ray-Ban Sunglasses come with high-quality materials.

  • Warranty
Ray-Ban Sunglass

Randolph Sunglasses comes with a lifetime warranty, unlike the Ray-Ban Sunglasses.

Ray-Ban Sunglasses do not come with a lifetime warranty on their sunglass’s frames or lenses.

It is a major point to consider, for a military person, going for Randolph seems to be a wiser decision here.

  • Price

Randolph Sunglasses has a higher price tag. But, Ray-Ban Sunglasses with different ranges of prices, and the pricing of the glasses depends on their style of it.

  • UV protection

Both of the sunglasses come with UV-protected coatings. So, you can protect your eyes from the adverse effect of ultraviolet rays from the sun.

  • Military usage

Both Randolph and Ray-Ban Sunglasses are perfectly fit for military usage. But for having so many styling variations, Ray-Ban Sunglasses attracts the attention of most icons and fashion enthusiasts.

So, these are some notable features of Randolph and Ray-Ban Sunglasses. I am pretty sure after getting to know about these, you can clearly decide for yourself between these two.

Which Sunglass Is Better For You?

Here is the answer to the most awaited questions, well it depends. The ideal one will be according to your requirement, preference, and budget. There is no doubt that both brands provide top-notch quality sunglasses.

So, if you are a military personnel and care about longevity then you should go for Randolph sunglasses with a lifetime warranty.

But when you need sunglass only for fashion or daily use, then Ray-Ban Sunglasses seem to be one appropriate one. Watch the unboxing video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sunglasses do Navy pilots wear?

Navy pilots wear aviator sunglasses during their duties, and the manufacturer of it needs to maintain a certain standard for that.

Who owns Randolph sunglasses?

Randolph Engineering, Inc. owns it, and this company is operated and owned by three generations of the Waszkiewicz and Zaleski families.

Is Ray-Ban a high-end brand?

Yes, Ray-Ban is a high-end brand for luxury sunglasses and eyeglasses by Bausch & Lomb.

What are Randolph frames made of?

Randolph Sunglasses frames are mostly made of a nickel-silver alloy called monel.

Wrapping Things Up

When you are thinking about Randolph and Ray-Ban sunglasses, both are two of the most popular and reliable brands in the market. While Randolph provides military-grade quality frames with a lifetime warranty, Ray-Ban’s designs, color options, and styles make it suitable for fashion enthusiasts.

Depending on your purpose and requirement, both of these sunglasses are meant to provide great value for money. Also, they both can be used as protection against harmful UV rays. I am sure you are going to pick the most suitable one.


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