Ramset Vs. Tapcon Fasteners: Which One Is Better?

From houses and garages to buildings and bridges, fasteners are required everywhere. On many construction sites, Ramset and Tapcon fasteners are among the most preferred choices because they perform well in assembling components securely.

But you might wonder: which one is best for your project?

Choosing the right fastener for your situation can be challenging because it often depends on the substrate and the specific material you are attaching.

Because of this, we created this practical guide to assist you in deciding which fasteners to use for your work. 

A Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a quick comparison table between Ramset and Tapcon fasteners for your better understanding:

Installation ProcessLess tediousTedious
CostCostlier than TapconLess costly
Product variationMoreLess
Customer ReviewPositivePositive

Key Differentiation Between Ramset And Tapcon Fasteners

Now let’s talk about various differences between these two fasteners in detail so that you can select the best fastener more easily-

  • Strength Differences
Tapcon Fastener
Tapcon Fastener

The strength of a fastener can not be measured instantly. There are some factors that we should consider before judging the strength of a fastener.

Hardness and strength are not the same, and we often get confused between these two.

For example, concrete is a hard material, but it is not strong cause it can be cracked easily.

Typically, a fastener is strong in one region but weak in the other. When an excessive force is applied, hard fasteners are often brittle and prone to fracture or become permanently deformed.

So, if we consider those factors, Ramset is stronger than Tapcon. It is true that Tapcon is very hard and heavy, but when you apply the Tapcon fastener, the hardness does not always show strength.

  • Installation Process

The installation process is a very important part to consider if you are thinking about DIY. An easy and hassle-free installation is something that we all want.

For the Tapcon fastener, here’s the installation process: drill a hole on the concrete or any type of base with a carbide drill bit that is the proper size for the diameter concrete fastener you are using.

The screw embedment should be 1/2″ deeper in the hole. Remove all of the debris from the hole.

Through the fixture and the hole in the base material, insert the endpoint of the Tapcon concrete fastener. Drive the fastener slowly to allow the base material to tap into the threads.

The installation process of the Ramset fastener is almost the same as the Tapcon’s. But the advantage is that the Ramset fastener is comparatively slimmer than Tapcon and it makes the process easier.

It also produces less dust which eliminates the extra step of work.

  • Product Variation and Sizes
Ramset Fastener

Fasteners are one of the most important elements of your project. A simple project also needs different types and sizes of fasteners.

So, it is obvious that we should prefer a company which will provide us a variety of options.

Ramset is ahead of Tapcon in this category. Ramset produces different sizes of fasteners according to the base material.

They have separate fasteners for concrete, concrete block, steel Beam, and horizontal-only mortar joint.

Tapcon has less variety of fasteners than Ramset. However, they have a wide range of sizes that you can choose according to your need.

  • Customer Review

Customer reviews for both the Ramset and Tapcon are positive. However, there are few reports that they found cracks while using the Tapcon. But the number of these types of reviews is so low that it can be ignored.

  • Company Overview and History

In 1948, Jesse Williams founded Ramset Fasteners, Inc. In his garage, Jesse created the first Ramset tool. Ramset found commercial success very quickly and earned the reputation of being the construction fastening industry’s go-to problem solver.

After that, Ramset company never looked back. They acquired Viper and Cobra power tools from Steelcon and also successfully stepped into the Korean market.

On the other hand, the initial masonry fastener that completely changed the fastener market is the Tapcon anchor, which ITW Buildex patented in 1976.

Both companies are very old and have their own reputation and unique selling propositions. However, Ramset is ahead of Tapcon because of its glorious journey since 1948.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

How far should ramset nails go into concrete?

Ramset nail should go at least 1″ into the concrete. If a ramset nail goes less than 1″, it can lose its strength, and it will not give the maximum protection to the concrete. Also, professionals suggest that there should be at least a 3-inch gap between two Ramset nails. Otherwise, it can cause a crack in the concrete.

Are Tapcons good for concrete?

Yes, Tapcon is good for concrete. Concrete, brick, block, and joints between the brick and block can all be covered with Tapcon. In order to achieve adequate holding values, less embedment and the harder foundation material is necessary. A Tapcon fastener requires a minimum embedment of 1″ and a maximum embedment of 1-3/4″.

What is the best way to attach wood to concrete?

Using a powder-actuated cannon is the quickest and simplest approach to fasten the majority of wood components to concrete. Fill the barrel with a specific gun nail and a caliber shell to utilize it. Pull the trigger while pressing the snout, and then push the fastener into the concrete.

Why are Tapcon screws breaking?

Many reasons can be responsible for the Tapcon screws breaking. One of the most common reasons is not clearing up the dust from the hole. The screw may not be able to insert into the hole due to dust buildup properly, and if excessive pressure is applied, the Tapcon screw may break or shear off.

Final Words

Fasteners connect the various types of materials together. Therefore, they are essential for every application and are particularly crucial in the construction industry.

Since Ramset and Tapcon are the very popular ones in the fasteners industry, people get confused between these two.

Ramset vs. Tapconis a never-ending debate, but still, you can choose the right one by going through the detailed analysis in the article.

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