RaceDeck Vs. Epoxy Garage Floor Coating (2024)

RaceDeck and Epoxy both provide appealing visuals to your floors. However, RaceDeck is a bit ahead of Epoxy in the race because of its durability and strength.

You must ensure some common factors before selecting the product for your flooring. First, it is crucial to determine the type of dirt, dust, and toil your floor will encounter. You also need to decide on the following:

  1. Chemicals and solutions in the garage
  2. Damages due to tear and wear

A Quick Comparison Table

Here is a comparison table to give you a better scenario of the RaceDeck and Epoxy, including strengths and drawbacks.

ResistanceHigh ResistanceSlip Resistance
DesignLucrative Models and DesignHighly Decorative
DurabilityHigh Durability Against Dust and ChemicalLow Durability Against Chemical Compounds
MaintenanceA Bitt Hassle to Clean the CornersEasy Cleaning
TimeTime-Consuming ProcessRequires Less Time
Price RangeVaries According to ProductAffordable Prices

Key Differences Between RaceDeck And Epoxy

Regardless of your choice, following the care recommendations is the key to giving your garage floors the best outlook. In exchange for little effort, you will ultimately get handsome rewards in the form of noteworthy performance.

Go through the article to check out the elaborate differences between RaceDeck and Epoxy garage flooring.

  • Dirt And Dust Cleaning
Race Deck Garage Floor
RaceDeck Garage Floor

Epoxy and RaceDeck garage floorings require regular cleaning of dust and toils for a better outlook.

The shine of the floors can fade away if you neglect it for an extended period.

In addition, if you reside near a dry or dusty environment, then grime can affect your garage flooring.

That abrasion will take away the shine of your flooring.

You can use a solid bristle to combat the abrasion. Experts suggest vacuuming the cement floor and the edges where dirt and toxins accumulate.

Corresponding to Epoxy Coatings, RaceDeck requires sweeping and dust mopping to look sharp. The reason is that RaceDeck floor tiles contain enduring materials to obstruct any obstacles.

Experts developed the RaceDeck tiles to fight against massive traffic, especially during commercial use. In addition, it has a clear advantage in dealing with dust and solid wastes.

  • Cleaning Up Strong Chemicals

Before selecting the perfect flooring option, you must remember that the floors will encounter toxins regularly. In addition, chemicals like grease and oil can damage your garage floors. So before those caustic chemicals affect your garage tiles, you must acknowledge the procedures to prevent them.

Epoxy leads the race when it comes to combating oil stains. First, you can clean the slick surface easily.

Then, Epoxy can fight highly adamant liquid with colored chips covering the upper portion. The color chips add superior suction and a dazzling look to your garage flooring.

In terms of liquid spills, RaceDeck leads the race. The robust tiles are formed of polypropylene, naturally resisting any chemicals or stains. In addition, RaceDeck features chemical-resistant backdrops and unique designs that prevent the substances from causing damage.

Such innovative design restricts the RaceDeck tiles from contacting any liquid, minimizes hidden damage, develops the product’s life, and provides easy cleaning.

Therefore, it is better to use simple mopping and floor-cleaning solutions to clean the tiles.

You can easily clean up the common chemicals from Epoxy ground flooring. However, Epoxy is relatively weak against harsh chemicals compared to RaceDeck.

  • Resilience Against Damage
Epoxy Coating Garage Floor
Epoxy Coating Garage Floor

Like most household items, your garage may contain some heavy and robust materials.

Unfortunately, these heavy items can exert massive damage and scratches on your garage floors due to any accidents.

The layers of epoxy floors are sensitive to scratches and gouges.

The enamel layer is also weak against hard and heavy objects.

RaceDeck can brush off some severe abrasions and scuffs as garage tiles develop for commercial purposes. In addition, the tiles contain highly enduring materials that assist them in standing firm against incredible weight.

RaceDeck can endure more than 3,000 PSI in compact strength. So if any heavy material like a bike tumbles over the tiles, it won’t face any extensive damage.

The combat power against chips and scrapes makes RaceDeck the winner. Additionally, unlike epoxy coatings, your floors will stay protected from all sorts of damages that develops in the solid concrete.

RaceDeck’s origin in the commercial market help explains its robust feature. However, as the product is designed to withstand punishment in the retail automotive, motorsports, recreation, and aviation industries, RaceDeck still had to look good after the daily penalty.

  • All-around Weather Protection

RaceDeck tiles are durable throughout all elements and can withstand almost all weather you may experience throughout the year.

These durable products are safe from chemicals like chlorine and magnesium chloride. In addition, RaceDeck tiles can stand still against deicers and protect your vehicles throughout the year.

Meanwhile, Epoxy tiles are also a solid option, as hot and cold temperatures will not affect the Epoxy itself. However, the Epoxy attached directly to the concrete may crack or break depending on the concrete beneath it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Users often ask a lot of queries regarding the best floor tiles for their garages. Here are some of the most notable FAQs from the users.

Is Swisstrax better than Epoxy?

Swisstrax floors provide a better solution with easy mopping and strong resistance to harmful chemicals. 

What kind of garage floor coating is best?

Polyasparatic floor coating is the best floor coating with professional-grade materials for long-lasting protection. 

What is better than Epoxy for the garage floor?

Polyurea is comparatively better than Epoxy with high resistance to chemicals and Ultra-Violet rays. 

What is the most durable garage floor?

Polished Concrete Flooring is the most durable garage floor due to its brutal and resilient features.


Both Epoxy and RaceDeck are excellent garage flooring options. Each provides exceptional longevity, performance, and aesthetic choices you can’t get otherwise.

However, after an elaborate RaceDeck and Epoxy discussion, you can observe that RaceDeck is leading the race. RaceDeck outperforms Epoxy in all areas and prevents the floor from all abrasions. 

RaceDeck is a perfect choice if you are looking for an easy-going option.

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  1. I love how you mentioned how solid of an option epoxy flooring can be. I think that’s something that we could get for our own home as a way to prepare for the initial installations our project will require down the line. I’ll do this for sure once I find a garage floor coating expert in the area who can lend us a hand with some extra help.


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