Pylex Vs. Tenacity Herbicide: In-depth Differences

To create a smooth lawn or even a football turf, you must purchase the best herbicide. While Tenacity covers 46 grass species, Pylex tends to serve specific grass species and broadleaf weeds.

Weeds and long grasses ruin the outlook of your field. They make the field surface rough which may cause damage to your sole. Therefore, you must apply herbicides to keep your turf smooth and clean.

Here is a small comparison chart about the specifications of Pylex and Tenacity herbicides.

Quick Comparison Chart 

SpecificationsPylex HerbicidesTenacity Herbicides
Composition29.7% and 70.3%40% and 60%
Primary PestHerbicide 46 broadleaf weeds
Utility Concentrated Liquid Herbicide 
Ingredients TopramezoneMesotrione 
Price $312 $872 

Key Differences Between Pylex And Tenacity 

By now, you got a brief idea about the specifications of the two herbicides. It’s time to discuss the two products’ key features and decide which is the better option. 

  • Primary Pest 
Pylex Herbicide

To ensure the herbicide matches your field type, you must determine the primary pest.

Pylex and Tenacity serve different categories of primary pests. 

Pylex herbicide is suitable for clovers, bermudagrass, crabgrass, and similar weeds.

Sports turf and house lawn carry the mentioned herbs. 

Therefore, if your field features similar grass breeds, you should use Pylex herbicides. 

Meanwhile, Tenacity has massive popularity due to its extensive coverage and range. Experts have successfully tested Tenacity herbicide on more than 46 weeds and grass species. 

Moreover, Tenacity features pre and post-emergence control through which the herbicide can cover a huge area compared to others. 

Compared to Pylex, Tenacity has better primary pests and coverage. Hence, if you want to apply herbicide on your farm or ground, Tenacity is the perfect match. 

  • Ingredients 

The ingredients dictate the quality and strength of the herbicides. There is a vast difference in the ingredients of Pylex and Tenacity. 

Topramezone is the primary component of Pylex herbicides. The ingredients are lethal against barnyard grass, zoysiagrass, and other common weeds. 

Due to the presence of Topramezone and similar elements, Pylex is a handy herbicide against ground and roadside weeds. The active ingredient controls the ground’s weed systematically and provides easy surfacing. 

On the other hand, Tenacity contains Mesotrione as its main ingredient. The component eradicates thorny weeds and grasses like crabgrass, foxtail, and goosegrass. 

Pylex and Tenacity serve different sets of fields according to their ingredients. Therefore, you must examine your lawn before purchasing any of the products. 

  • Preferable Areas 

Since the ingredients of Pylex and Tenacity differ, their targetted areas also vary based on their components. 

As a post-emergent weed controller, Pylex supports both residential and non-residential areas. You can use the herbicide to remove weeds on home lawns, business landscapes, and sports turfs. 

Moreover, Pylex herbicide is a handy tool against roadside weeds and grasses. Therefore, if you want to construct a tidy golf club or a football turf, Pylex is your best companion. 

Meanwhile, Tenacity covers the residential and commercial sites. It is ideal to use herbicide noncrop sites and ornamental turfs where weeds can disrupt the landscape. 

Experts suggest using Tenacity on sod farms and airports to prevent the nuisance of weeds and thorny herbs. 

You cannot use Tenacity for your home lawns, and grounds as the ingredients can cause whitening to the grounds. Therefore, check and examine your yard before purchasing the correct herbicide. 

  • Packaging 
Tenacity Herbicide for Lawn

Regarding effective packaging, Pylex leads against Tenacity due to its concentrated suspension containers. 

Pylex herbicides are available in different categories based on their specifications.

However, Pylex’s 4oz bottle and 4 Floz bottles are popular in the market because of their capacity and size. 

Note that, Pylex’s 4 Floz bottles are available in California states only. 

On the other hand, tenacity herbicides come in general containers like other pesticides. The best part of Tenacity’s packaging is the variety. 

You can purchase an 8oz bottle or a whole gallon of container in the case of Tenacity herbicides. 

  • Pricing and Cost 

Shipment and pricing are the final segments of this discussion. When it comes to pricing, Tenacity herbicides are relatively more expensive than Pylex. 

You can purchase the 8 oz container of Tenacity at $75 and a whole gallon of a bottle at $872. Moreover, you need to take care of the shipment charges as well. 

In the case of Pylex, you can purchase their 4 oz bottle for $312 and 4 Floz bottle for $318. The shipping conditions apply to Pylex products as well. 

Therefore, if you are struggling to manage your budget, you should go for the Pylex herbicides. 

Which Herbicide To Pick?

Pylex and Tenacity give a head-to-head competition with all their pros and cons. However, Pylex has a slight advantage due to its ingredients and affordable price range. 

While Tenacity is used for commercial purposes, Pylex covers a wide range of targeted areas including residential and non-residential. As a result, you can apply Pylex on the ground and lawns. 

Moreover, you spray Plyex herbicide as a spot or broadcast application to cover different sizes of fields. Additionally, the product is lethal against hard-rooted weeds and grasses that can disturb the shine of your turf. 

In an affordable price range, Pylex carries exceptional features and offers plenty of attributes to eradicate stubborn weeds. Hence, Pylex will fit as the best option for your field and lawn. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does Pylex kill?

Pylex herbicides are highly effective against goosegrass and bermudagrass.

Is there a generic Pylex?

Yes. The Fusilade II herbicide is a great example of generic Pylex. 

Does Pylex kill bentgrass?

Bent grasses are marginally tolerable to Pylex herbicides. 

Does Pylex kill nutsedge?

No, Pylex herbicide is not a strong material against nutsedge. 


Pylex takes a marginal lead in the Pylex and Tenacity debate. The combination of unique ingredients and maximum coverage makes Pylex the better option for your lawns. 

Moreover, the products are cheaper than Tenacity and hold a decent capacity to cover your lawn and field. 

However, you must check and examine your field accurately, as Pylex serves a specific set of fields. Otherwise, you might end up ruining the lawn or your sports turf.

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