ProVia Aspect Vs. Endure Windows: In-depth Differences With Features

Getting window replacements can be a pretty hectic task that you can take into your hands. And the most difficult part about all this is choosing the perfect window.

When it comes down to selecting an option, the ProVia aspect or Endure is something you will have a tough time with.

So, if you are wondering about getting either of the windows, I have the perfect thing for you. Here, I go through a complete comparison for both windows, so you can decide whether it works out for you or not.

Quick Comparison Table Between Two Provia Windows

SpecificationsProVia AspectProVia Endure
Color optionsLimitedQuite a lot of options
MaintenanceLow maintenanceLow maintenance
Glass areaLarger glass areaLimited glass area
DurabilityExcellent durabilityGood durability

Key Differences Between ProVia Aspect And Endure Windows

  • Color Variations
Provia Aspect Windows
Provia Aspect Windows

The color variety is one of the main differences that can help you choose between the two windows.

They have a significant difference in that factor that can impact your decision.

In the Provia aspect, you don’t have too many color choices.

While standard colors are available for the aspect windows, you don’t get unique decisions in them.

On the other hand, endure offers some fantastic color choices. With all the different color options, you can go for the windows to create a unique appearance at your home.

So, if you are thinking of matching your window colors to your furniture or room color, endure has more freedom for you. But if you want to stay on the standard color schemes, both are viable options.

  • Weather Resistance

I will be frank that the weather resistance for both windows is pretty similar. However, the Provia endure windows tend to have the edge over the aspect windows.

With Endure, you will get better weather resistance in the windows. You can easily rely on the windows to take you through rough weather conditions.

As for the Aspect windows, you can still expect good weather-ability on them. They are also capable of going through some rough weather.

Still, if even a little difference matters to you, I would say Provia Endure is a better pick in weather resistance than Aspect. But remember, the margin is very little.

  • Maintenance

Here’s the thing, both the windows are low maintenance. So, you can hardly decide based on these windows’ maintenance factors. They follow the same maintenance routine, as the core material is pretty much the same.

The main thing to keep in mind here is that they both come with low maintenance, so you have nothing to worry about.

  • Glass area
Provia Endure Windows
Provia Endure Windows

When you think about the glass area there is a significant difference between the windows.

In the Endure windows, the window sash tends to be a bit thicker than in aspect windows.

Because of this, endure has less space for glass area.

It’s a bit limited in that factor.

That’s why, if you want to have a larger looking glass area on your windows, Provia aspect windows should meet your needs without any trouble.

  • Durability

Coming to the durability factor, I can only say that both the window options are known for their durability. However, Aspect is a bit better with the constant force balance feature.

In contrast, Endure uses a block and tackle balance in its construction, somewhat lacking in the durability factor.

Regarding durability, I would keep Aspect ahead of Endure any day. Although, endure doesn’t fall behind too much because they are still quite durable compared to the industry standard.

Which One Is The Perfect Pick For Your Home?

After going through the whole comparison, you should clearly know which one is perfect for you. If you are looking to get good durability or better weather adaptability, then Endure is going to be your choice.

But if you are thinking about better looks, I would say Aspect is a better choice. As they have a thinner window sash, you can get a larger glass area for better looks. This video also explains why!

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Are Endure windows good?

Yes, Endure windows from Provia are excellent windows for your home. They are durable and provide good weather protection. Also, they are low maintenance so you won’t have much hassle with them.

Who makes ProVia windows?

Provia makes their windows by themselves, and they are the sole manufacturer of their windows. 

Are ProVia storm windows good?

I would say Provia Storm windows are top-notch in terms of quality and custom features. While you have to spend a lot of money, they are definitely worth the money.

What are ProVia windows made of?

Most of the Provia windows make use SunShield Vinyl as the core material. It’s a high-quality vinyl material with excellent insulation capabilities.


Summing it up, the Provia aspect vs. Endure debate is a pretty close one, after all. Indeed, they don’t have any difference in quality because they come from the same manufacturer.

Also, the material they use is pretty much the same.

You have to think whether you want better strength in your windows or better looks. If it’s strength, then you choose Endure. If it looks, you choose Aspect. That’s how the debate goes.

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