Best Paint For Outside of Cast Iron Tub To Try In 2024

Different types of paints options are on the market to use for the external area of cast iron tubs. Oil-based paint, enamel paint, porcelain paint, etc. options are available. 

But which is the paint for the outside of cast iron tub to provide superior results? 

Whether you have an antique clawfoot or vintage built-in cast iron tub, a reliable painting will remove surface imperfections and provide long-lasting protection. Let’s get into a review session to help you choose decent quality paint for your cast iron tub. 

Reviews of Top Paint For Outside Of Cast Iron Tub

Not all paints are perfect using cast iron tubs since their surface is different from others. You want to select the correct product to give the tub a beautiful exterior finish and durable protection. Here are the top 3 paints for cast iron bathtubs I will discuss. 

Rutland 1200-Degree F. Brush-On Paint

What color do you prefer for the outer part of your cast iron tub? How about choosing a black color? 

It is a great color to combine with internal white, apart from hiding imperfections. Instead of regular black, it comes with a matte black to make the surface resilient to contaminants. 

Rutland Brush-On Paint
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Do you think this is typical paint? 


It is a specially formulated Rutland paint that is not prone to show any blistering and peeling off issues.

More importantly, its temperature endurance capability is up to 1200°F. A truly special heat-resistant paint color!

The paint is pretty thick, so you don’t need to use any primer. But avoid adding an excessively thick layer of paint. Instead, start with a thin coat. 

Apply several thin layers of paints to have a nice finish. If your tub has a moderate level of flaws or stains, this paint can handle it. 

Moreover, this type of paint is more forgiving. Beginners who don’t have decent painting skills can start with this product. It is actually user-friendly paint. What’s more, the paint is made of non-toxic materials, which are non-flammable. 

Providing a higher level of fire protection is what you will like about this high-quality paint. Aside from cast iron surfaces, you can use the paint on aluminum, steel, brick, and many other surfaces. 

Worry about the smell issue? This natural-based paint does merely spread any bad smell after the first few hours. You won’t even notice any scent after passing 12 hours of application. 

Don’t forget to pick a decent ventilated area before painting your cast iron tub.

Since it is specially brush-on paint, you can easily access hidden or tricky areas of tubs. Using a paintbrush will also ensure minimal waste of paint and give you more flexibility to work based on preference. 

Tips: Avoid spilling the paint on the unwanted area. Or wiping off from the tub surface will be a little bit hurdle. Make sure to cover the internal locations of your cast iron tub. 

Besides, properly wash the external area of your tub. This will ensure the paint adheres well and has better even coverage on the surface.  

Seymour CA16-48 Cast Blast Spray Paint

Seymour Cast Blast Spray Paint
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If you prefer spray paint over brush-on paint, this Seymour product appears a decent choice. It is versatile enough to apply on aluminum, cast iron, or only cast/iron. 

Does your cast iron tub have a dull or too old appearance? If yes, it is time to change its look. 

Seymour used a special formula to make this cast blast spray paint. It will add professional-grade coatings to your tub surface to restore its original look within a short time. 

Since the manufacturer doesn’t use any toxic ingredients, it is guaranteed to be eco-friendly paint. 

Apart from that, the spray paint is free from chromates, mercury, lead, cadmium, and chlorinated solvents. Hence, after applying the paint to your cast iron tub surface, the paint won’t evaporate any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 

You don’t need to stress about the environment. 

In addition, this toxin-free paint is 100% for humans too. You won’t experience any eyes or skin irritation issues. 

However, if you have any allergy or breathing issues, it is always better to wear eyewear and masks for better protection. 

Now, the question arises, what materials are used to make the paint? 

Seymour used waterborne and high-solids resins to formulate this high-quality spray paint. Apart from being heat resistant, this paint will show low shrinkage during cure and outstanding adhesion on the painted surface.

Other than these, the spray paint is highly water-resistant. Therefore, continuous exposure to water from your bathroom will merely cause any harm to the painted surface. 

But be sure to give enough time to cure the paint perfectly before water touches the surface. 

Unlike brush on the paint, this user-friendly paint will take less time to dry, saving you valuable time. Though the spray paint is not as heat-resistant as the first product, it can still endure a decent amount of heat. 

Generally, its heat resistance level is up to 250˚f.

Tips: Though you can use the Seymour spray paint without primer, it is better to use a primer to achieve a super smooth surface that sticks very well. More importantly, the cast-iron surface will need minimal paint when applying a high-quality primer. 

Choose a primer that can be easily workable with the paint. You can choose Seymour primers since the brand offers various priming products. 

Another important thing is letting the first coat properly dry before applying the second coat. This will create a perfect painted surface. 

Factors To Remember When Choosing Paint For Cast Iron Tub

You just can’t randomly choose any paint for your cast iron tub. After all, getting the best value and superior results is what you should be aimed at. 

Below are some crucial factors not to be overlooked when choosing decent paint for the cast iron tub.

  • Paint Type
paint for outside of cast iron tub

One of the most notable things is considering the paint type. Generally, cast iron paints have two types: oil-based and water-based.

Oil-based paint creates more rigid coats that are prone to get affected by stains, water, scuffs, and dents.

However, oil-based paints include different solvents that may often appear toxic.

This may harm people and the environment as they evaporate VOCs. They are an expensive option too.

On the contrary, water-based paints are a more eco-friendly option and take less time to dry. However, you should not expect the paint to be as durable as oil-based paints. 

Applying a high-quality and compatible primer is necessary before using water-based paints. This type of paint has an affordable price than oil-based paints. 

  • Rust-resistance And Moisture

Make sure the paint you choose has rust-resistant and moisture-resistant properties. Since your cast iron tub is going to have continuous water and moisture, the paint should be tough and durable to handle.

  • Surface Heat

Cast iron tubs are their ultimate choice for people who love a long hot soak. But the exterior paint may peel off or show crack issues if the heat becomes excessive for the tub. 

In such a case, you should choose the paint with a heat-resistant formula, which can handle high-temperature precisely. 

  • Perfect Finish 

What paint finish you prefer for your cast iron tub? If you enjoy long hot water soak, a black finish is the best choice as it can retain more heat.

However, when you live in a sunny location, any light color paint will be a better pick since it will release heat as much as possible. 


Selecting a dedicated paint for your cast iron tub requires you consider some important factors to get the best bang. Apart from being highly durable, the finish should be looked good enough to improve the overall appearance of the tub. 

Also, don’t forget to consider its heat-resistant properties if you always enjoy a warm bath. 

So, which option appears to be the best paint for the outside of cast iron tub? 

Both options are convenient to select. But our preferences and requirements vary. Hence, you can choose either a brush-on or spray paint option as per your need. Hopefully, this post has aided you in getting good-quality paint for your cast iron tub. 

Thanks for reading! 

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