OOLER Vs. Dock Pro Sleep System (2023)

Summer isn’t a sleep-friendly season. That’s why people go for cOOLERs. Chilisleep’s OOLER and Dock pro bed cOOLERs are the top two options for this.

They’re similar but some factors make them different. Configuration and specs, ease of use, and price are the major differences you’ll notice.

Warm summer beds are the reason most people lose sleep. If you’re trying to get a full naptime, you’ll need a cOOLER like Dock Pro or OOLER. But which one should you go for?

Here’s a side-by-side comparison to help you decide.

A Quick Summary of Comparison

FeatureOOLER Sleep SystemDock Pro Sleep System
Configuration and specsLess cooling capacity, slower cooling rateBetter cooling capacity, faster cooling rate
Ease of useEasy to use, good remote controlEasier to use, better remote control
PriceAffordableLess affordable

That’s the gist of this thing. If you want a more detailed breakdown, keep reading below!

Key Differences Between Dock Pro And OOLER Sleep System

Both of these are pretty much the same thing. So it is pretty much a given that they’ll have similarities. But the problem is, there are almost too many similarities.

OOLER and Dock Pro are like twins, so the side-by-side comparison is a little tough.

But that doesn’t mean there’s nothing different between them. If you look harder, you’ll find multiple differentiating factors between these two coolers.

Configuration and specs, ease of use, and price are the major differentiating factors between them.

Let’s see how these differentiating factors turn out in OOLER and Dock Pro.

  • Configuration And Specs
OOLER Sleep System
OOLER Sleep System

These are more technical differences so they aren’t always visible.

OOLER is like a sheet and has less cooling capacity.

It also chills the surface slower.

Dock Pro has fewer pipes going on and has better chilling capacity. Dock Pro also chills faster.

OOLER is an older version of Chilisleep standard cooler. It works like a sheet that you put over your mattress.

The sheet has lots of pipes going underneath the surface like veins. When you get the cOOLER going, the water runs through these pipes and chills the surface.

This works really well if you’re looking for a basic cOOLER. The machine has a cooling capacity of 52W and takes a little bit of time to chill your mattress.

A small problem is that this might make your bed feel wet (it isn’t wet, trust us).

Dock Pro is bigger and better in almost every way. The pad works like a fitted sheet you use over your mattress.

Deck Pro’s single size (ME version) can bunch up during the night sometimes but not the double version (WE).

Dock Pro’s mattress works similarly to the OOLER but it isn’t exactly the same. Instead of using pipes, the machine pumps water throughout the whole sheet for the cooling process.

And it works really well too, the Dock Pro chills the surface significantly faster than OOLER. The temperature also drops lower than OOLER.

Dock Pro also has better chilling capacity. It is labeled at 95W so the capacity is almost double compared to OOLER.

  • Ease of Use

No matter how good your cOOLER is, if it isn’t fun to us, the whole thing feels like a giant letdown. Luckily both OOLER and Dock Pro are pretty easy to set up and use.

The only difference is, OOLER is slightly less convenient to use and doesn’t do remote controlling well.

Both Dock Pro and OOLER use smartphone apps to control the machine. OOLER’s app has fewer features than Dock Pro, airplane mode for example.

Dock Pro Sleep System
Dock Pro Sleep System

It also doesn’t have the sleep tracking feature which is pretty handy.

Another problem is the range.

OOLER is a Bluetooth-controlled app.

That means you can control it only when you’re within a specific range.

That would’ve been good, except the app is a little laggy sometimes.

Dock Pro doesn’t have these issues. The mobile app is wifi/cellular data controlled so distance doesn’t matter.

If you want to come back to a pre-chilled bed, you can do it from anywhere. The app is also significantly better than OOLER. It lags less and has more features.

Dock Pro comes with airplane mode. If you’re worried about EMF passing through your body, you can put the cOOLER on airplane mode. That will make it run in the background and make less EMF.

Another difference between Dock Pro and OOLER is the noise level. OOLER is your good old cOOLER with regular white noise, you know how loud they can feel sometimes.

Dock Pro is an improvement in this department. The machine makes a lot less noise than OOLER.

  • Power Usage

Another essential feature to consider in a Sleep System is how much power it will be using while working on those alone nights.

In that case, the OOLER Sleep System runs at a lower current and consumes only 50 watts of power.

At the same time, the Dock Pro System comes with more features, and that’s why it is desired to consume more power of approximately 90 watts.

Hence, there is a significant difference between the power usage by either sleep system.

  • Noise Level

That’s the level of noise a sleep system can produce while working, even on peaceful nights.

If it is too noisy, it won’t let you sleep comfortably. But if it is less noisy, it will work just fine. To compare the noise level of both Sleep Systems, the OOLER comes with a 51 to 56-decibel noise level.

In contrast, they have improved the Dock Pro Sleep System, which brings 41 to 46 decibels.

It means you can let go some more bucks and save your peace that comes with less noise while working.

  • App Connection To Device

One can easily connect the mobile app with these sleep systems because they have air connectivity.

With Dock Pro, you can have Wi-fi connectivity to connect your mobile to the sleep system and easily control it.

On top of that, you can find Bluetooth connectivity with the OOLER to connect it to your mobile app.

  • Removable Water Reservoir

A significant difference between the Dock Pro and OOLER system is that the former comes with a Removeable Water Reservoir, and the latter doesn’t.

Airplane Mode:

Another difference one can find between these two models is the Airplane Mode. The Latest Dock Pro has it, and the older OOLER Sleep System doesn’t.

  • Controlling Device From Anywhere

With the perfect accuracy, Stability, and connection, one can control the Dock Pro System from anywhere in the room.

It has this advanced and improved technology to fit your very needs. On the other hand, the maximum range for the OOLER may not be that long.

It means you must stand precisely near this system to control its functioning or other features.

  • Price
OOLER Sleep System

This is the most visible difference between the two models. The price tag differs based on the overall capacity and features.

You guessed right, OOLER is the cheaper option here. It is about $200 cheaper than Dock Pro.

Dock Pro’s price tag is higher, but that’s understandable really.

The machine comes with better features and improved performance. And as they say, good things cost more.

Which Sleep System Should You Go For?

You already know how close OOLER and Dock Pro are by now. So the answer to that question won’t be simple.

At the end of the day, picking one will depend on your personal preference. But if you want to make a calculated decision, you’ll have to do a little trade-off in your head.

If you’re looking for something basic and don’t mind working only with basic features, OOLER is a good option. It is cheaper, easy to set up and you can control it remotely within the Bluetooth range.

If you’re looking for the best experience and don’t mind splurging on a cOOLER, go with the Dock Pro model. It has a better cooling capacity, chills the surface faster, and makes less noise. Plus you get a bunch of extra features like airplane mode to make everything better.

Overall, the Dock Pro is the better model here. But if you want something more affordable, OOLER is as good as it gets. Let’s check out another comparison table between the two.

FeaturesOOLER Sleep SystemDock Pro Sleep System
Power UsageUp to 50 wattsUp to 90 watts
Noise LevelMore with 51 to 56 decibelsLess with 41 to 46 decibels
App Connection To DeviceBluetoothWi-fi
Removable Water ReservoirNot availableAvailable
Airplane ModeNot providedYes provided
Controlling Devices from anywhereNot providedYes provided

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are a bunch of questions people ask about OOLER, Dock Pro, and room coolers in general.

Is OOLER worth the money?

Yes, it is. It has a pretty good cooling capacity and the basic features work nicely. So yes, it is worth the money.

Is OOLER betetr than Chilipad?

That comes down to personal preference. But OOLER is more convenient to sleep; so a lot of people consider it better.

What’s the difference between OOLER and Chilipad?

OOLER has more features than the Chilipad. It has an app, it self-cleans and lets you control the fan speed. Chilipad doesn’t have any of these.

Is OOLER comfortable to sleep on?

Yes, it is. Once you turn it on and climb under your comforter, you won’t feel anything different that your regular bed.

Final Verdict

In the whole OOLER and Dock Pro debate, Dock Pro is significantly ahead. But that doesn’t mean OOLER is bad.

Which one you pick will depend on you, but the Dock Pro is the better choice here overall.

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