Nuvelle Flooring Complaints You Should Be Aware Of! 

The best flooring options provide a dazzling touch to your apartments. Long-lasting materials and exceptional qualities form the perfect floors for your interiors.

However, not all companies offer products with the same quality they claim. Nuvelle floors have received similar acquisitions and negative reviews.

Users have shared their frustrations regarding the quality and features of Nuvelle floorings. Here is a list of some of the significant drawbacks of Nuvelle floors.

The article contains genuine customer reviews from online buying and e-commerce platforms like Amazon.

Major Complaints Against Nuvelle Flooring

Nuvelle Flooring

Attravice designs and layout doesn’t showcase a product’s authentic quality and service. Nuvelle flooring is also guilty of such acquisitions and complaints.

Here I have articulated the problems and drawbacks of Nuvelle floors that will give a clear picture of the brand.

  • Terrible Engineering

Nuvelle floor’s construction has received some harsh comments from users. The floors fail to sustain for a long time and break down in slight overload.

Moreover, the floors catch heavy streaks and scratch even if you drag any low-weighted materials on them.

Therefore, Nuvelle has to improve its floor’s components and ensure durable products. In addition, Nuvelle has to work on the stability of its foundations as well.

  • Floating Floor Install Doesn’t Work

Consumers have complained that Nuvelle floors start to splits whenever there are knots in the floor. After two years of installation, the surface tends to pull away from the floor.

Weak locking mechanisms and horrible creaks add fuel to the fire for Nuvelle flooring. As a result, installing these floors is tough, and the floors contract with passing days.

Therefore, Nuvelle needs to emphasize the contraction and expansion materials of the floors. Only then the company can ensure a perfect foundation that doesn’t split or pull away from the walls.

  • Cannot Be Refinished
Nuvelle Density HD LVP

Nuvelle floors consist of a single wear layer instead of design layers.

Therefore, you need to replace the entire floor if damaged or any area gets affected.

The absence of refinishing qualities makes Nuvelle floors a standard product compared to its competitors.

The company must enhance the refinishing feature to produce long-lasting floors.

It’s wise to save money and purchase another flooring product that offers to refinish. Therefore, research and select the best floor that suits your caliber.

  • Durability 

Nuvelle floors fail miserably regarding durability and sustainability. The premium model of Nuvelle has a lifespan of 20 years if taken care of properly.

The quality of the floors, the thickness of the layers, and the initial installation process affect Nuvelle’s floors’ durability. The fact that you cannot refinish the floors once it gets damaged makes the conversation even worse.

Users have thrashed the durability of Nuvelle floors and shared their complaints on different e-commerce platforms. The floor’s materials are its biggest enemy, and Nuvelle has to take the initiative to alter the product’s components.

  • Maintenance and Care 

It requires a lot of effort to maintain and care for Nuvelle floors. You need to provide a floor treatment based on the surface layer of the floors. 

According to the customers, it costs them a significant sum of money to maintain Nuvelle’s floors. Due to excessive expansion, it becomes challenging to vacuum, clean, or mop the floors. 

Therefore, you should purchase some particular easy-cleaning solution to mop those sharp edges. 

Moreover, you have to be extra careful regarding maintaining Nuvelle’s floors. However, Nuvelle floors are only worth some of these efforts and special care. 

You can select better flooring products within the affordable price range that requires less maintenance and care. 

  • Doesn’t Add Resale Value 

Nuvelle flooring doesn’t influence the resale value of the apartment or building. However, the least-quality models might have a negative impact on the resale value.

  • Not Environment Friendly 

Manufacturers use toxic chemicals and other harmful substances to make Nuvelle floors. As a result, the floors emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) during installation. 

Off-gases VOCs can harm your health, especially inside indoor rooms, you might feel suffocated.

Many consumers avoid Nuvelle floors for containing hazardous elements that aren’t environment-friendly. Hence, select a suitable substitute for eco-friendly Nuvelle floors.

You can also look at other Vinyl floors that offer eco-friendly features and cost less than Nuvelle floors.

  • Design and Color Options
Nuvelle Rigid core ocean view coastline Titan

Nuvelle flooring features something other than versatile designs or layouts compared to its competitors.

The typical items of Nuvelle include hardware, vinyl, and laminate floors.

Moreover, Nuvelle floors feature few color options.

Therefore, you cannot categorize or choose the perfect color combination to match your apartment’s interiors.

While other flooring companies offer customized designs, Nuvelle flooring has limited customization options. You have to select from very few collections of their floor designs.

However, Nuvelle flooring gives a traditional touch to the rooms. You may select Nuvelle floors for your apartment if you prefer a vintage outlook.

  • Installations Process

Installing Nuvelle’s floor is a hectic process. You need to hire extra hands to install and set up the floors. As a result, you need to spend extra money and effort.

Typically, you need to install Nuvelle floors as floating floors, which requires many skills. You must use glue to stick the bottom or the peel-and-stick method.

Moreover, it may take more than two to three days to install Nuvelle floors, depending on the number of people involved. The preparation stage also consumes enough time and money.

Meanwhile, hiring a professional team will also be an expensive method. You need to spend around $6,800 per 500 square foot room to hire a professional. Additional trim and subfloor leveling are the major benefits of professional installation.

  • Doesn’t Live Up to Its Price 

Nuvelle floors are expensive compared to their competitors. The price ranges from $4 per square foot to $10 per square foot.

Moreover, you need to pay extra money for professional installation and setup. As mentioned earlier, the maximum cost of hiring a professional is around $3000 to $68000. 

Nuvelle flooring provides minimum service and low-quality products compared to the cost and expenses. 

Therefore, spending so much cash on Nuvelle’s products that don’t live up to their price isn’t worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who owns Nuvelle flooring?

Hurst Hardwoods own the Nuvelle Waterproof Vinyl Floors.

What is Nuvelle flooring made of?

Nuvelle flooring is famous for its quality hardware, vinyl floors, and laminate. The company produces hardwood floors with a smooth finish and hand-scraped options.

Where is Nuvelle flooring manufactured?

Nuvelle flooring manufactures its product directly from the warehouse, which is located at Riviera Beach. They manufacture premium laminate and hardwood floors.

What is the best vinyl plank on the market?

Shaw Primavera Vinyl Plank Flooring is the best vinyl floor in the market. The company manufactures 100% waterproof hardwood floors that are scratch-resistant.


Installing and setting up a floor is a time-consuming method. You need to go through a lot of hassle and spend plenty of money on floor construction.

After all this, you want to avoid ending up with a low-quality floor that splits or creeks after a few months.

So many complaints against Nuvelle flooring prove that Nuvelle flooring produces substandard floors with inferior quality. If I were you, I would have avoided Nuvelle’s product at any cost.

The products are a waste of your money and efforts.

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3 thoughts on “Nuvelle Flooring Complaints You Should Be Aware Of! 

  1. Ralph, thank you for the honest review. I am considering the Nuvelle Royale II engineered hardwood floor because I like the color and pattern. Does your opinion of their flooring’s low quality extend to their engineered hardwood floors, or just their vinyl and laminate flooring? Thanks.

  2. Ralph, please advise how I can reach you directly to share my incredibly negative experience with Nuvelle and Suncrest Supply in Rivera Beach, installed June 2022. I have installed about 2500 square feet of Nuvelle Titan Malabar – in a brand new house, tested for no moisture – only to have the product cup, warp and lift.

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