Ninja CREAMi Alternative that You Can Consider!

If you are someone who seeks ice cream frequently, mostly during summer then Ninja CREAMi is a must-have kitchen appliance in your home. It helps you to make some delicious frozen treats in a matter of minutes.

But is there any budget-friendly and efficient option in the market for it?

In this blog post, you will know about some considerable options for Ninja CREAMi. It will eventually help you to decide whether it is a good idea to invest in Ninja CREAMi at all. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Substitutes of Ninja CREAMi

It is a common trait of consumers to look for the cheaper and more efficient options that are available in the market. I am not claiming that my mentioned alternatives are better than Ninja CREAMi, but these should be definitely considered before the final purchase of the product.

  • Blender
Kenmore Pro Blender

Yes, it is very easily available in every household.

There are chances that you already have one in your kitchen for regular use, or inside the kitchen, shelf to use later.

If you still do not have one, then you can get it anytime at a very cheaper rate.

There are so many brands of blenders available on Amazon, Walmart, and e-commerce sites like these, from which you can get them to your doorstep.

You can also go to the physical shops to check better quality blenders and all the variations those offer.

You can make any type of shake and ice-creams with it, without investing a fortune in it.

I am sure, by doing a proper customization of the flavors you can reinvent your own flavor of ice cream as well.

  • Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker
Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker

It is from the Cuisinart brand.

It has got very good reviews from the customers, and unlike the Ninja CREAMi, it would cost the customers less than a hundred dollars.

Furthermore, it is very easy and flexible to use.

For the users, it can make the perfect arrangement to help them with their sudden craving for ice cream.

Cuisinart ice cream maker comes with a large capacity to make the dessert item for many people at a time.

This ultimately saves time. The design of the ice cream maker is very sleek and the making process makes it easier to clean.

So, once the ice cream making is complete, there will be less hassle for cleaning it.

  • Nostalgia ICMP400WD Vintage-Style Ice Cream Maker

If you like the retro look, the Nostalgia ICMP400WD ice cream maker is a lower cost alternative to consider. Here are its notable features:


  • Very affordable – usually under $50
  • Makes up to 1 quart of ice cream
  • Easy-pour aluminum canister
  • Authentic vintage styling with wooden bucket
  • Quieter motor than modern machines


  • Freeze bowl required
  • Longer churn times around 30-40 minutes
  • Limited capacity compared to Ninja CREAMi
  • Messier process overall

With its charming retro styling and wooden bucket exterior, the Nostalgia ICMP400WD is undeniably cute. It comes at an extremely wallet-friendly price point, typically costing less than $50.

However, this is an old-fashioned ice cream maker that requires you freeze the aluminum canister to at least 0°F overnight before using. Churning then takes 30-40 minutes to produce a quart of ice cream – significantly longer than the Ninja CREAMi.

The process is also messier, involving rock salt and ice surrounding the canister. But if time and cleanup don’t bother you, it’s a simple way to get into homemade ice cream for very little money.

  • Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Ice Cream Maker & Frozen Yogurt Machine

Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Ice Cream Maker is another cheaper alternative to the Ninja CREAMi. The cost of it is significantly lesser compared to Ninja CREAMi while having so many positive reviews from existing users.

Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Ice Cream Maker

This machine comes from the brand Hamilton Beach. It has a detachable freezer and the entire ice cream maker is made of metal.

Due to having a large 4-quart capacity, it can serve the whole family at the same time.

So, I think if you are looking for an ice cream maker on a budget then Hamilton Beach Electric Automatic Ice Cream Maker & Frozen Yogurt Machine can be a good option for you.

You can make homemade ice cream, frozen yogurt, sorbet, sherbet and custard, gelato, and so on with this ice cream maker in no time. Moreover, it is very easy to use, mostly the entire process can be divided into three steps.

It is very hygienic as the entire process is automatic without involving the hand.

  • Dash My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker

For smaller batches, consider the Dash My Pint as a portable Ninja CREAMi alternative:


  • Very affordable around $20
  • Compact 6″ diameter by 9″ height
  • Churns pints of ice cream or sorbet
  • Fun colors like aqua, pink, and white
  • Includes recipe book


  • Freeze bowl in advance
  • Slower churn times of 30-40 minutes
  • Messy with ice and salt
  • Limited 1 pint capacity
  • Loud motor

This little machine lets you churn up pints of ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and more in your choice of fun colors. It comes at an extremely wallet-friendly price – often less than $20!

However, the Dash My Pint is an old-fashioned ice cream maker requiring advance freezing of the inner bowl. Churning is loud and slower at around 30-40 minutes per pint. The small capacity also means you’ll have to churn multiple batches for larger quantities. But if counter space is limited, it’s a cute way to DIY your own ice cream.

  • Elite Gourmet EIM-924L

This is another reasonable priced alternative to Ninja CREAMi for making ice cream. It comes in three color variations. The ice cream machine looks nice on the outside for sure due to the external structure of Aluminum and the overall color of the product.

As the name says, the coffee machine comes from the brand of the same name, Elite Gourmet. There might be some insignificant difference in the prices due to the colors of the coffee machine. It also comes with a capacity of 4 Quarts, which is enough to serve a full family.

The operation of it is fully automatic, so there is not much involvement needed from the user of the ice cream machine. It would only take 40 minutes to make the ice cream. The hand-crafted solid Pine wood bucket on the surface of the machine gives a natural look to it.

  • DASH My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker

If you need to make small-scale ice cream, then DASH My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker can be a compact and affordable option. You can make other recipes with it, for instance, sorbet, frozen yogurt, and so on. It has two colors having only 0.4 Quarts. The material of this machine is plastic.

The advantage here is that it is very lightweight, so you can carry it with you. It takes only thirty minutes to make ice cream. You can purchase it as a perfect gift for your near ones.

So, these are some alternatives that you can consider before rooting for Ninja CREAMi.

Yonanas Classic Original Healthy Dessert Maker

For a completely different approach, the Yonanas is a Ninja CREAMi alternative using frozen fruit instead of dairy:


  • Creates dairy-free “soft serve” from frozen bananas and fruit
  • Much more affordable around $40
  • Simple operation – just load fruit and turn on
  • Makes healthy treats with natural fruit sugar
  • Easy cleanup


  • Very limited on recipes – just frozen fruit soft serve
  • Have to freeze bananas and fruit in advance
  • Results not as creamy and rich as ice cream
  • Fruit pulp collects in drip tray

The Yonanas is a unique alternative in that it doesn’t actually churn ice cream. Instead, it transforms frozen bananas and other fruit into soft serve-like treats. Feed in your frozen ingredients, and the Yonanas purees and extrudes them into creamy soft serve directly into your bowl.

The results are healthier with natural fruit sugars instead of added sugars and cream. But the treats may not satisfy true ice cream cravings. The Yonanas is also limited to just fruit-based recipes. But if you enjoy fruit-based soft serve, it provides a dairy-free alternative way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

  • DASH My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker

Another budget-friendly alternative is the DASH My Pint ice cream maker:


  • Typically under $20
  • Small footprint – perfect for apartments
  • Makes 1 pint of ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt
  • Fun bright colors like pink, aqua, red
  • Includes recipe guide


  • Requires freezing inner bowl in advance
  • Churn time around 30-40 minutes per pint
  • Motor is loud during churning
  • Makes only 1 pint per batch
  • Design leaks easily

Like the Dash My Pint mentioned previously, this affordable little machine lets you churn up pints of frozen treats to satisfy cravings. The cute design and colors make it perfect for dorms, apartments, or anywhere space is limited.

Just keep in mind the DASH does require advance freezing of the inner bowl, and churning is loud and time-consuming. The small 1 pint capacity means you’ll have to churn multiple batches for bigger quantities. Leaking is also a common issue. But if you just want to DIY the occasional pint, it’s a cute pick!

  • Zoku Slush and Shake Maker

For milkshakes and slushies, the Zoku Slush and Shake Maker is a unique Ninja CREAMi alternative:


  • Makes both milkshakes and slushy drinks
  • Compact design takes up little counter space
  • Easy pour spout dispenses finished drinks
  • BPA-free construction
  • Recipes for both sweet and adult drinks


  • Have to fully freeze inner core before use
  • Limited capacity – one drink at a time
  • Long 1-2 hour freeze times
  • Have to shake or stir manually during freezing
  • Not automated – requires effort to operate

With this gadget, just freeze the inner core solid, then pour in milk, juice, or any liquid base. As you shake and stir the Zoku, your beverage transforms into a perfectly frozen milkshake or slushy drink.

The downsides are the small single serving capacity, manual effort required, and long freeze times needed. But for occasional treats, the Zoku lets you make both kid-friendly and boozy frozen drinks with minimal equipment and effort.

  • Crux Clutch Handheld Blender

A completely unexpected Ninja CREAMi alternative is the Crux Clutch hand blender set. Here’s how it compares:


  • Extremely affordable at around $30
  • Handheld immersion blender included
  • Can blend ice cream ingredients directly in bowl
  • Great for making milkshakes too
  • Travel-friendly for RV trips, dorms, etc.


  • More manual process compared to automated machines
  • Have to freeze ingredients first
  • Results will vary based on blending technique
  • Not practical for large batches
  • Requires morecleanup

With just a simple handheld stick blender, you can experiment with making small batches of fresh ice cream at home. Simply blend your chilled ingredients right in a bowl or cup. The process requires more work versus automated ice cream makers. But the affordability and versatility of an immersion blender makes it a fun alternative for DIY frozen desserts.

  • Ice Cream Ball Shake and Roll Ice Cream Maker

If you want an old-fashioned ice cream experience, try the Ice Cream Ball as a perfect Ninja CREAMi dupe:


  • Novel shake and roll mechanism
  • Creates rich and creamy ice cream
  • Enjoyable hands-on process
  • Easy dry ice method requires no ice
  • Yields 2 quarts per batch


  • Time consuming process around 25-30 minutes
  • Can be tiring on arms to shake constantly
  • Requires significant physical effort
  • Larger and heavier than other machines
  • More parts to store

This unique contraption produces ice cream through good old-fashioned elbow grease! Fill the outer canister with ice cream ingredients, then pack the inner bucket with ice or dry ice. Shake the ball vigorously for 20-30 minutes until contents transform into frozen desserts.

It’s a fun hands-on experience, almost like getting a workout. But the process requires significant physical effort. If you don’t mind some extra work for fresher tasting results, it’s an entertaining way to enjoy ice cream with family or kids. Just be ready to shake it!

Is Ninja CREAMi Worth It?

Ninja CREAMi

After having some idea of the Ninja CREAMi dupes, I think whether Ninja CREAMi is worth it will depend on your budget and preference.

If you are on a tight budget, then the mentioned affordable options will be suitable for you.

You do not have to compromise much on the quality much for it.

But if you are into having more functionality on your ice cream maker and would not mind spending some more money on it, then Ninja CREAMi is definitely worth the money that you are going to pay.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is similar to Ninja CREAMi?

Ice cream makers from different brands, blenders, etc. would serve best in making the perfect homemade ice cream to enjoy with your friends and family.

Is the Ninja CREAMi like a Pacojet?

Well to some extent Ninja CREAMi is like a Pacojet, as it has the same process to do the job as Pacojet.

What makes the Ninja CREAMi special?

Apart from having seven functions, Ninja CREAMi comes with its unique creamify technology to ensure the creamy texture and consistency of ice cream.

Is the Ninja CREAMi better than a blender?

It is better than the blender, as it specializes in making ice cream and ensuring its desirable taste, consistency, and texture of it.

Wrapping Things Up

Overall, there are plenty of Ninja CREAMi alternatives in the market, but there is no argument that Ninja CREAMi is a great ice cream maker, and it can serve you well if your budget allows.

It comes with 7-seven functions that give you great control over the process of making ice cream. Moreover, it has an amazing creamify feature which ensures the creamy texture and consistency of the ice cream.

When it comes to the alternatives, depending on your budget and preference, you can choose any I have mentioned in this blog. I am sure you will not be disappointed about it.

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