Narex Richter Chisels Review 2024: Are They Worth It?

It’s just common sense to check out the review of a chisel set before you invest your money in it. An excellent place to start your research is to check out this Narex Ritcher chisels review we put together for you.

We’ll show you everything about this chisel set and the Narex brand. For starters, the Narex brand is one of the top reliable brands in the industry. 

But that’s not enough to help you decide if this Richter chisel is worth it. Keep reading; we’ll tell you everything you should know about this chisel and the Narex brand. 

Features of Narex Richter Chisels

The first step to learning about a product is to check out the details of its features. Then, you can decide if it has what you need to perform specific tasks in your woodworking shop. 

Without further ado, let’s check out the features of the Narex Ritcher chisel. 

  • Material
Narex Richter chisels
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The first captivating feature of the Narex Ritcher chisel is that they are forged with premium quality Chrome Manganese steel. 

In case you’re wondering, the Chrome Manganese steel is responsible for the versatility of this chisel. It is also why it has excellent machinability and strength. 

Hence, you won’t watch the chisel degrade or lose its quality to rust. The chisel is also tough. That’s part of why woodworkers can use the chisel in several applications.

You can read my comparison of Narex and Stanley Sweetheart chisels for better understanding as well!

  • Cryogenically Treated

The Chrome Manganese steel isn’t the only remarkable feature of this chisel. After the manufacturers created the blade, they also cryogenically treated it to increase its wear and tear resistance. 

Beyond boosting the chisel’s wear and tear resistance, the cryogenic treatment also altered the toughness and strength of the blade. 

So, thanks to the Cryogenic treatment of the blade, you’ll use it for a long time without the blade losing its quality and sharpness. 

  • Blade Structure

This chisel passes as a dovetail chisel thanks to its structure. The manufacturer devoted time to polishing and fine-grinding the surface of this blade. 

The result is an ultra-thin side that makes it the perfect chisel for digging into tight spaces. In addition, the surface is mirror-like, which makes it an excellent dovetail chisel. 

Although the blade’s edges are ultra-thin, there won’t be an incident where you sustain an injury from using it. It is sharp enough to perform its functions.

  • Handle

Now, the handle of this chisel is generally reasonable. You won’t need to change it before using it because of the materials harvested to create it. 

For starters, the handle is carved from European ash, responsible for its beautiful grain, toughness, and strength. The choice of wood shaped this handle into an ergonomic one. 

The manufacturers took their time to design this handle with maximum comfort. When end-users grab it, they won’t need to invest too much physical effort into making it work. It naturally maximizes efficiency. 

To put the finishing touches on the efficiency end-users can achieve with the handle, the manufacturers gave the handle friction shellac and proper sanding. 

That added to the protection and comfort end-users would enjoy with the chisel. 

What Should Be Improved With Narex Richter Chisels?

Narex Richter chisels

When shopping for the right chisel for your woodworking applications, you could easily invest in the wrong chisel set. 

Sadly, after a few months of usage, they’d start to blur and eventually succumb to rust. Then, you’ll have to go chisel hunting again- that’s exhausting! 

Of course, the Narex Ritcher chisel feels like a perfect chisel. While it mostly is, we noticed some features that surely could use improvement. 

These features aren’t that big of a deal. In fact, we only noticed them when we tried to compare them with other chisels in its class. 

Note that these seeming flaws don’t necessarily impact the functionality of the chisel. Without further ado, let’s check it out. 

  • Fit and Finish

Generally, the fit and finish of the Narex Richter chisel are good. However, when we compared it with some other blades in its class, we noticed that the finishing needed more work. 

Don’t get me wrong; the finishing is superb. But if you’re a perfectionist woodworker, you would most likely prefer that the finishing was slightly smoother than it is. 

  • Steel

Again, the steel on the Narex Ritcher chisel is nearly perfect but could use a little bit of thickness. 

We couldn’t help but notice how thin it was when we first grabbed it. Nevertheless, it is still durable and tough enough to execute any task. Watch this video to have more understanding.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Is Narex a good brand?

Yes, Narex is a good brand. They make high-quality blades from high-quality materials. 
As a result, their products can last you a lifetime, retaining their quality. Aside from the material, the machining of their chisel is good.

What steel are Narex chisels made of?

Narex uses a steel material known as Chrome Manganese to formulate their chisel. This steel is low-alloy high-carbon steel that deploys the isothermal hardening method to create edge tools. 
You might think most low-alloy steel rust, but not manganese because of their corrosion resistance. 

Where is Narex Chisel made?

Narex Chisels are made by a tool expert based in the Czech Republic. Specifically, the origin of the chisels is in the small village of Bystřice, Czech Republic.

Do they have a blade cover or protector?

Yes, these chisels come with blade covers. They are very sharp and could easily injure anyone, especially if recklessly kept. Narex created these chisels with a blade cover to prevent ugly incidents.

Does Narex have this chisel in the 1/8″ and 1/4″ sizes?

Yes, Narex made these two chisel sizes.

Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve satisfied your curiosity in this Narex Ritcher Chisels review, feel free to buy it as they’ll make an excellent addition to your chisel set. 

We’d ship Narex chisels in the premium chisel set category because of the high-quality material. 

Thanks to how it was forged, it turned out to be a durable chisel that’s not susceptible to rust. Adding it to your chisel set would make a lot of difference in your woodworking journey. 

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One thought on “Narex Richter Chisels Review 2024: Are They Worth It?

  1. just bought a set – the information sheetin that came with them claimed the backs had been flattened to ensure you wouldn’t have to spend time flattening them after purchase. However, I found the backs to be almost completely unflat with huge hollows running right up to the cutting edge. They have taken hours to get them flat. Very disappointed with this.

    Once flattened (after a lot of work) they do cut very well. What I did notice is that the edge rolls after the first use – evidently Narex claim the edge retention improves with subsequent honing…not sure they are worth the trouble… (the problem being – what is the alternative in this price bracket?)

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