Milwaukee Hole Hawg Vs. Super Hawg Drill Kit: Key Differences

The best quality drill can make your plumbing and electrical projects smooth and fast. Keeping that in mind, I will shed light on the two best drill machines. 

But you just need one. That is why you should know about Milwaukee Hole Hawg vs. Super Hawg extensively. 

This article will explore the features and differences between Milwaukee Hole Hawg and Super Hawg. You will get an idea about both drill machines and come up with a decision regarding which one you should purchase. 

So, let’s explore them. 

A Quick Comparison Table Between Two Milwaukee Hawg

I will show you a quick comparison table between Hole Hawg and Super Hawg. Just take a glance at it if you want to quickly gather some idea about their differences. It will help you make up your mind. 

Here is the comparison table between Hole Hawg and Super Hawg: 

AspectsHole HawgSuper Hawg
Special FeatureEnhanced Redlink Plus Intelligence ElectronicsOptimized Redlink Plus Electronics
Battery18V Redlithium High Output Batteries18V Redlithium High Output Batteries
PerformanceProvides Up to 220 7/8 inch Holes Per ChargeUp to 100 2-9/16 inch Holes Per Charge
Weight7.7 lbs.14.9 lbs.
Chuck Size & Type½ Inch; Metal¼ Inch; Metal
Tool KitComes as a BundleComes as a Bundle

Key Differences Between Milwaukee Hole Hawg and Super Hawg 

Milwaukee Hole Hawg

You have gathered some quick ideas about their differences. If you want to know more about their differences, you must read through this part. 

Here I will talk about all the features and the differences between Hole Hawg and Super Hawg in detail. 

Milwaukee Hole Hawg is a ½ inch right-angle drill machine designed for electricians. Thus they are smaller in size. This machine is cordless and powered by a lithium battery. 

Super Hawg is also a ½ inch right angle drill machine. But it is specially designed for plumbing projects, and that is why it can create bigger holes. This drill machine is powered by batteries and is developed to replace corded ones. 

Now that we know some basics about both these machines, let’s see their key differences:

  • Special Features

Powered by an upgraded Powerstate Brushless motor, Milwaukee Hole Hawg is designed to deliver next-generation right-angle drilling performance. With enhanced Redlink Plus Intelligence electronics, your drilling job will undoubtedly become smoother and faster. 

Milwaukee Super Hawg, on the other hand, is too powered by a Powerstate Brushless motor, but it comes with optimized Redlink Plus electronics. As a result, they can provide performance like a corded drill machine.  

  • Power
Milwaukee Super Hawg
Milwaukee Super Hawg

The battery is essential for both machines as they are cordless and powered only by batteries.

Hole Hawg is powered by an 18V Redlithium 6.0AH high output battery. 

It is a powerful battery in every sense. 

On the contrary, Super Hawg is powered by a high output 18V Redlithium 6.0AH battery and comes with a technology that delivers 50% more power and runs cooler than standard Redlithium batteries. 

As a result, it can increase productivity and decrease downtime. 

The same battery is used to power both drill machines. But the Super Hawg one has the technology that allows it to compete with corded drill machines. 

  • Handling and Control

These are very high-powered, high-torque drills that can be unwieldy to handle, especially for overhead drilling. Here’s how they compare when it comes to control:

Hole Hawg

The Hole Hawg is lighter and more compact than the Super Hawg, making it a bit easier to handle for some. It features an overmolded rubber T-handle grip and two-finger variable speed trigger for decent comfort and control. The power switch is also integrated into the handle.

Super Hawg

To help manage all that extreme torque, the Super Hawg actually has three handles – a side assist handle, rear handle, and overmolded front handle. This does add some weight but gives you multiple grip points to leverage the drill.

The Super Hawg also uses a pressure sensitive paddle switch located on top for improved control.

So when it comes to ergonomics and handling, the Super Hawg has put more thought into grip and control to account for the higher torque reaction forces. But the compact Hole Hawg may be preferred by those who regularly drill overhead.

  • Performance 
Milwaukee Hole Hawg

Milwaukee Hole Hawg is specially designed for electricians and professional tradespeople. It provides the fastest rough-ins.

That means you will get increased power and speed from this machine. 

Besides, because of being light, this right-angle drill machine will make you less fatigue while working.    

With a brushless motor and powerful battery, Hole Hawg can drill up to 220 7/8 inches holes per charge. Surely it will increase your productivity and decrease time. 

In contrast, Milwaukee Super Hawg can generate corded power as fast as corded drill machines. It can drill up to 100 2-9/16 inches holes per charge. 

Besides, this machine will deliver 1550 RPMs and complete full rough-ins efficiently. 

  • Weight 

The Milwaukee Hole Hang drill machine itself weighs around 7.7 lbs. On the other hand, Milwaukee Super Hawg weighs around 14.9 lbs. 

Weight is an important attribute for a drill machine as you will carry it while working. The less weighted one will make you less fatigue while working. 

We can see that Super Hawg weighs twice as Hole Hawg. 

  • Chuck Size & Type 

Chuck is an essential part of a drill machine. It determines how big the hole will be. Milwaukee Hole Hawg has a ½ inch chuck and is made of metal. 

On the contrary, Milwaukee Super Hawg has a ¼ inch chuck and is also made of metal. Their chuck size is designed to provide a better result for tasks they are supposed to do.

  • Tool Kit 

Both Hole Hawg and Super Hawg are available in bundles with necessary tool kits. Milwaukee Hole Hawg tool kit is consists of the Hole Hawg drill machine, 2 pieces of Redlithium batteries, A rapid charger, a chuck key, and a contractor bag to hold all the kits. 

On the other hand, the Super Hawg tool kit contains a Super Hawg right angle drill, 2 Redlithium high output batteries, one rapid charger, a chuck key, a side handle, and a contractor bag for carrying the kits. 

  • Hole Making Ability

A key consideration for these rugged drills is their hole boring capacity – how big of a hole can they drill and in what materials?

The Hole Hawg can drill holes from 1/16 inch to 1-1/8 inches in steel and from 1/16 inch to 2-9/16 inches in wood. With the Super Hawg you get increased capacity – from 1/8 inch to 1-1/4 inches in steel and 1/8 inch to 2-3/4 inches in wood.

So while not a drastic difference, if you need to bore extra large diameter holes, especially in wood materials, the Super Hawg does have a slight edge. The Hole Hawg should still handle most hole boring tasks for electricians and plumbers though.

  • Cost

As you might expect based on the increased power and redesigned durability enhancements, the Super Hawg does carry a higher price tag than the Hole Hawg.

Hole Hawg Kit – Around $200 for the tool itself or $300 as a kit with side handle and case

Super Hawg Kit – Around $350 for the bare tool or $450 as a kit with side handle and contractor bag

So while not drastically higher in cost, you are looking at least a $100+ premium for the Super Hawg. This higher initial investment may pay off over time though through increased drilling capacity and service life.

  • Warranty 

Milwaukee offers a 5 years Limited Warranty for its Hole Hawg right angle drill machine. On the other hand, the Milwaukee Super Hawg drill machine comes with a 5 years warranty for the tool and a 3 years warranty for batteries.

Which Milwaukee Drill Machine Is Suitable For You? 

I have pointed out the features and their differences in the above discussion. You should be clear by now on which tool you should buy. 

But I would suggest you select one that serves your purpose. 

You can buy a drill machine according to specific projects. You will have to buy Milwaukee Hole Hawg for electrical works and Super Hawg for plumbing works because they are designed for respective projects. 

But if you wish to buy one drill machine based on quality and usability for both tasks, I suggest you go for Super Hawg. It has a powerful battery and performs like any superior corded drill machine.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Milwaukee Hole Hawg and Super Hawg?

Although both are drill machines, Milwaukee Hole Hawg is smaller and designed for electricians. The Super Hawg is designed for plumbers.

Does the Milwaukee Hole Hawg have a clutch?

Milwaukee Hole Hawg has a clutch in its low gear range and can set the power and speed. You can use this drill machine on many surfaces with a high-performing motor and higher speed.

How much torque does a Super Hawg have?

Milwaukee Super Hawg can produce 122 Nm of torque with a brushless motor and high output battery while drilling wood.

What is a Milwaukee Hole Hawg used for?

Milwaukee Hole Hawg is specially designed for electricians and can drill large holes. Because of its compact design, it can operate in tight spaces.

Final Word 

Choosing the right tool for a successful drilling task would be best. Otherwise, it might get messy. I hope my Milwaukee Hole Hawg vs. Super Hawg review will help you in that regard. 

Both tools are good in terms of quality and performance. Now that you know all the necessary information, I’m sure you will make the right call. 

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