MH Ready Patch Vs. Bondo: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to repairing or filling any large holes, cracks, or grooves, patching compounds are the best choice. Anything more than 5 mm should be handled with patching compounds. But ample options are there.

Here we come up with a discussion on MH Ready Patch and Bondo.

MH Ready patch is mainly a soft creamy patching material, whereas Bondo patch is thin aluminum. Compared to the Bondo patch, MH Ready patch is more flexible. You can use MH Ready Patch on Painted wood, hardboard, masonry, and metal objects.

Contrastly, the Bondo patch is ideal to use on metal, fiberglass, and other surfaces.

A Quick Comparison Table

Read this small table first if you don’t have much time to go through the entire post. When it looks convenient, you can proceed to the further details.

SpecificationsMH Ready PatchBondo Patch
Materialssoft creamy type patching materialA very thin aluminum
FlexibilityCan be cut, folded, and shaped for most contoursCan be shaped to any contour
Resistance propertiesShrink resistantRust resistant
SmellsStrong smellLess strong smell
Ideal to usePainted wood, hardboard, masonry, and metalMetal, fiberglass, and other surfaces.
Drying capabilityDry hard within less than 10 minutes10 to 15 minutes drying time

In-depth Differences Between MH Ready Patch And Bondo

So, you already got a brief overview, right? Doesn’t it seem interesting? Check out comprehensive details about patch compounds to select the best one.

  • Materials
MH Ready Patch
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MH Ready Patch is mainly a soft creamy type patching material. Apart from regular materials, manufacturers use several chemical compositions/ingredients.

C13-14 isoparaffin, Ethylbenzene, Barium sulfate, Solvent naphtha, petroleum, light aliphatic, Kaolin clay, etc., are used in a small proportion for this patching compound.

On the contrary, the Bondo patch is made of very thin aluminum-filled epoxy putty. The manufacturer uses selected highly filled pure aluminum particles.

Once it dries properly, it can be tapped, drilled, painted, or machined. This special patch compounding material is an excellent choice for oversize, scratch, or damaged repairing.

  • Flexibility

MH Ready Patch is a very soft material. Different mineral spirits and some ‘Stoddard Solvents are used to make it. Hence, it is highly versatile. You can cut, fold, and shape it differently for most contours.

In contrast, the Bondo patch is also reasonably versatile. It is highly resistant to chlorofluorocarbons. You can easily shape it with almost any contour.

But be a little cautious while cutting the material. It is a little hard. You may need to give some extra effort and time to cut it smoothly.

  • Resistance Properties

Patch compounds are resistant to different things. MH Ready Patch is highly shrink resistant. Hence, it won’t sag or crack like drywall mud.

On the other hand, Bondo Patch has excellent Rust-resistant properties. It can easily last for an extended period. Make sure to use the product during the fill stage of the 3M body repair system.

You can utilize this patch compound to simplify and speed up repairs to holes in different surfaces. To get the best result, use it with Bondo Body Filler and fiberglass resins.

  • Smell

Compared to Bondo Patch, MH Ready Patch has a very strong smell. Due to several types of chemical compounds, it creates a strong chemical fume.

Hence, you must work on open areas while using the patching compound. If you are applying it while staying indoors, open the windows, and wear a respirator. It is probably best not to inhale.

  • Ideal to Use
Bondo body Filler

MH Ready patch is ideal to use on various objects such as painted wood, hardboard, masonry, and metal.

Additionally, you can use this patch compound to repair damaged and rebuild iron and steel casting components.

Even bearing and fan housing items can also be handled.

Contrastly, the Bondo patch is perfect for applying on metal, fiberglass, and other similar surfaces.

Since these products are only designed for small areas, you should not use them for any large rust, dents, and vast body damage. It is rust-resistant but ideal for rust repair.

  • Drying Capability

MH Ready Patch is made of special compounds and some chemical items that allow it to dry super hard within less than 10 minutes. Once 30 minutes is over, it will fully cure. You can even start painting on the surface in less than an hour.

On the contrary, Bondo Patch takes only10 to 15 minutes to dry perfectly. It will become a sandable surface within this short period. The surface will be ready for painting within 45 minutes.

This will save you time, perfect for handling bulky projects.

  • Odor

One of the biggest disadvantages of Bondo is its very strong chemical odor, especially during application. The polyester resin emits powerful fumes that can be unpleasant and irritating.

Proper ventilation, gloves, and a respirator are highly recommended when working with Bondo. Ready Patch has only a mild, non-offensive odor by comparison.

If low odor is a priority for you, Ready Patch is easily the better choice. Bondo’s fumes can linger for some time after application.

  • Solvents & Cleanup

Here’s one more area where Ready Patch shines compared to Bondo. With Bondo, you’ll need acetone or another solvent to clean tools and remove excess filler before it hardens.

Ready Patch hardens more slowly and can be cleaned up with soap and water. No harsh solvents are required, adding to its user-friendly profile.

  • Shrinkage

As wood filler cures, shrinking and cracking are common issues. But Bondo and Ready Patch are both formulated to minimize shrinkage as they dry.

While some minor shrinkage may occur, it should not be significant. You likely won’t need to do multiple applications to account for shrinkage with either filler.

If anything, Ready Patch may have a slight edge here with its pre-measured mixing. But in general, neither filler is prone to major shrinkage or cracking as they cure.

  • Price

Compared to Bondo Patch, MH Ready Patch is a little bit pricier. MH Ready can dry fast and cure rock hard. Even vinyl spackling can’t compete with this patching compound.

MH Ready can provide a long-lasting feel to ‘the fix, unlike regular joint compounds.’ However, Bondo Patch is no less. It can add a perfectly matched result with the surrounding surface areas.

Which Patch Compound Is The Best For Your Project?

If you are a professional repairman, you may work on various surfaces. MH Ready Patch is an ideal pick when working on painted wood, hardboard, masonry, and metal items. You can utilize the product with a wide range of interior and exterior patches.

On the other hand, the Bondo patch can show reliable results on metal, fiberglass, and other surfaces. It won’t slide around or fall off once you let it dry properly. Though it takes a little more time to dry, it is worthy of getting a satisfying result.

When To Use MH Ready Patch?

MH Ready Patch
  • For indoor and outdoor repairs – Ready Patch is water and weather-resistant.
  • Low-odor applications – It has only mild fumes.
  • On vertical surfaces – Ready Patch offers stronger adhesion than gravity-dependent Bondo.
  • Avoiding harsh solvents – Cleanup is soap and water only.
  • Staining surrounding wood – You can stain wood around patches.
  • Tight cracks and holes – Ready Patch flows into cracks better than thick Bondo.
  • Fiberglass, concrete, and metal – Creates excellent bonds on diverse materials.

When To Use Bondo?

  • Matching wood stain color – Bondo accepts stain and can match surrounding wood.
  • Very fast repairs – Bondo cures slightly faster than Ready Patch.
  • Smoothing joints – Easy to feather out and conceal wood joints.
  • Metal repairs – Bondo is often used as an auto body filler.
  • Small batches – The Bondo tube lets you mix smaller amounts.
  • DIY experience – Those familiar with using Bondo may prefer its known results.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is MH Ready Patch Used For?

You can use MH Ready Patch for filling holes or cracks in wallboard, plaster, drywall, hardboard, masonry, and metal.

Does MH Ready Patch Shrink?

No, MH Ready Patch has excellent shrink-resistant and crack-resistant properties to use for various interior and exterior objects.

Is Ready Patch Good For Exterior?

Yes, you can use a ready patch for exteriors. But they won’t be as long-lasting as the indoors. You may notice cracking issues gradually.

Can You Skim Coat With Ready Patch?

You can skim coat with a ready patch only for interior surfaces, not exterior surfaces. Make sure to clean the surface properly before adding the product.

Final Thought

So, which option you have decided to choose after going through the discussion on MH Ready Patch and Bondo. Though both items are good, they are intended for specific purposes.

We have listed the items you can use for a particular patching compound.

Using the wrong product won’t give you a reliable result. Make sure to prepare the surface properly before adding the product. Hopefully, this article has helped you get some vital information about both types of patches.

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