Metabo Vs. Dewalt Miter Saw: Which One Stands Out?

Let it be making trim cuts, crosscuts, or angled cuts; a miter saw can do it all! But currently, hundreds of top-notch models are available from several brands.

Among them, Dewalt and Metabo equally get priorities. But after digging deeper, I found noticeable differences in appearance, speed, noise level, and price.

Without proper analysis, you won’t be able to decide which fits your requirements most. So go through the entire article.

A Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsMetabo Miter SawDewalt Miter Saw
ColorGreen & BlackYellow & Black
Noise LevelMediumHigh
PriceRelatively CheapSlightly Expensive

Key Differences Between Metabo And Dewalt Miter Saw

  • Appearance
Metabo Miter Saw
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Here comes the very first thing that differentiates Dewalt and Metabo.

Combining classic black, standard silver, and exquisite yellow, these two colors are what you’ll notice only on the Dewalt.

In contrast, the Metabo incorporates bright green, standard silver, and pure black.

Although their miter saws come in almost the same style and size, you can differentiate them by considering their color variations and outlook.

  • Speed

The more speed your miter saw has, the better productivity you’re going to get; there is no rocket science! Although speed isn’t considered everything in the miter saw, it still adds extra benefits to help you complete your task more quickly.

That’s where the Metabo comes into play! Compared to Dewalt, most of its models offer a significant amount of speed, 3000-5000 RPM or so.

Even though Dewalt has also equipped numerous models with higher speed, Metabo is popular among its fans for being fast.

  • Durability

What if you get a miter saw that can’t even stand for a couple of years? It only happens when you end up with a fragile power tool. But that’s not going to happen with either the Dewalt or Metabo.

But compared to Metabo, Dewalt appears to be more durable for being blended with heavy-duty steel and top-notch plastic components.

  • Noise Level

Here is where the Dewalt beats the battle! It often includes brushless motors. And sometimes, both brushed and brushless to maximize your functionality. At the same time, Metabo mainly consists of a brushed motor.

As you know, the brushless motor offers greater torque, optimal precision, and, most importantly, less noise than the brushed motors. This is why you’ll find the Dewalt less noisy than the Metabo.

  • Cutting Angles
Dewalt Miter Saw

The cutting angle may vary when considering the types of miter saws (e.g., Standard, compound, and sliding compound).

However, if you pick up single-bevel compound miter saws to compare them, you can notice the Dewalt often comes in a 90-degree cutting angle, while the Metabo features 52 degrees.

No matter what, there is no chance to consider any of them a winner in terms of cutting angle because each has unique characteristics.

  • Portability

Undoubtedly, a portable power tool ensures ease in transferring it from the home to the garage.

So if portability is what you’re concerned about, then I guess you’ll find the Metabo an ideal choice. Despite having almost similar types of blades, handles, and other components, users will discover it way relatively more lightweight than the Dewalt.

  • Teeth Quantity

In simple terms, the more teeth your miter saw has, the smoother cut you will be able to ensure. So here, the Dewalt once again gets the front position!

Because the majority of Dewalt Miter Saw consists of more teeth than the Metabo, ensuring optimal precision in bevel and crosscuts.

For instance, most Dewalt single-bevel compound saws feature 80 teeth, while Metabo comes in 24. Even though some models of Metabo incorporate 60-60 teeth, you’ll have to pay through your nose to buy them.

  • Price

Price is the last and final thing that differentiates the Metabo and Dewalt. Each of these brands indeed comes with both expensive and cheap miter saws.

However, in comparison between Metabo and Dewalt, you’ll find the Metabo mostly cheaper, especially the standard miter saw.

But it’s equally true that some Metabo Slide Compound Miter Saws are overpriced!

Which Miter Saw Is Better For You?

Metabo Miter Saw
Metabo Miter Saw

Are you still finding it challenging to decide what to select between the Dewalt and Metabo Miter Saw?

It’s a common fact because each is efficient, powerful, and can last longer.

But they don’t stand out in every aspect. For instance, if you prefer having more teeth, durability, and less noise, Dewalt is the clear champ.

And its brushless motor can take your sawing skill to a new height!

But it’s equally true that Dewalt often comes with a high-end price tag. Besides, many of its sliding compound miter saws are relatively heavier.

In this case, if you prefer portability and speed, Metabo is one step forward than Dewalt. On top of that, you can find it relatively cheaper. That’s obviously a big plus for those who are tight on budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best miter saw on the market?

Honestly speaking, there is no single brand on the market for producing miter saws. Because there is a lot of competition between top-notch brands, and each serves unique specs.
From them, Dewalt, Metabo, Milwaukee, and Makita are some of the best miter saw brands.

Is a double-bevel miter saw worth it?

A double-bevel miter saw lets you create accurate cuts on each side of the workpiece. But that would cost you a pretty penny if you aren’t involved in DIY only.
In contrast, for seasoned or expert contractors, it’s worth spending on a double-bevel miter saw for its efficacy and precision.

How do I choose a miter saw?

Choosing a miter saw relies on numerous aspects, including the blade size, bevel, RPM, and teeth quantity. Considering the cutting angle is equally necessary.

Does Hitachi make good miter saws?

Yes. In fact, Hitachi has been offering precise, versatile, and portable miter saws within an affordable range.


Hopefully, you enjoyed the entire comparison between Metabo and Dewalt miter saw. Now, it becomes crystal clear that Dewalt stands head and shoulders above the Metabo for durability, extended cutting teeth, and decreased noise level.

On the other hand, Metabo is the front-runner in the race of portability, speed, and budget. So decide upon your requirements and preferences.

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