Messmers UV Plus Vs. Penofin: In-depth Differences

Messmers UV Plus satin is less oily and is a protective layer for exterior hardwood deck projects. In contrast, Penofin is an oil-based satin that penetrates the nerves of the wood and may require more coating layers.

The former satin stays for a more extended period as a protective agent on your wood. In contrast, the latter goes fading after a while.

Also, the Messmer UV Plus provides extra protection against Ultraviolet rays and retains the wood’s natural look. But with Penofin, this rating is a little lower. However, both receive almost the same respect from various users when used as a protective agent for wooden surfaces.

A Brief Comparison Table

Comparing FactorsMessmers UV PlusPenofin
Satin TypeLess oil based and works as a protective layerHighly oil-based and penetrates deep into the wood fibers
Cleaning and Re-CoatingRequires LessRequires More
Drying TimeDries Quickly as it takes only 2 to 3 hours to dryDries slowly and takes more time, even up to 6 hours
UV ProtectionIt provides better UV protection to keep the color retainedIt provides less UV protection to retain the color
Color Changing of the Wood?Yes, it would change the color of your wood into a yellowing oneIt will not change the color and natural look of the wood
Best to use forInterior and exterior wood projectsInterior and exterior wood projects

Key Differences Between Messmers UV Plus And Penofin

  • Satin Type
Messmers UV Plus

Whether you choose the Messmer or Penofin, both satins are oil-based.

But Penofin is oilier as it is the only satin that goes long into the woods.

It does work as a protective layer over the hardwood projects, but you can take it as water going into some holes.

On the other hand, the Messmer is also oil-based, yet, it is not that oily.

The best usage of this satin is to build a solid and extra protective layer over the Hardwood deck without compromising its natural look and safety.

It might not go deeper into the wood, but it will stand well, being a solid layer over the wood skin, even in just one coating.

  • Cleaning and Re-Coating

Cleaning both satins after and during their application on the hardwood decks is not a problem. But when it comes to coating and re-coating, Messmer Uv Plus wins. That’s because satin works as a solid agent in just one coat.

It will attach to the wooden surface so hard that you won’t require a second coating.

However, that is not the case with Penofin. Since the satin is highly oily, you’ll have to go for either one or two more coatings to ensure that a good layer of protection has been developed over that piece of wood.

It might take more of your time to complete that project than Messmer will ever do.

  • Drying Time

These satins always come with a drying time to ensure the customer or user that after how long he will start using that piece of wood. In that case, Messmer dries quickly, taking up to 2 to 3 hours.

However, the Penofin will take much time to dry, which could be a little troublesome for you if you have to complete other chores and go for a second coat.

  • UV Protection

Your Decks and other exterior wood projects made from IPE, Teak, Pau Lupe, Massaranduba, Mahogany, and Brazilian Redwood are protected against UV rays when using Messmer coating.

This satin has a slightly higher protection rating the Penofin Satin. Therefore, developing a stuffy layer over the wood deck and other exterior wooden projects offers more protection than Penofin.

  • Best To Use For

A good similarity between these two satins is that both can be used for interior and exterior projects.

Do not panic whether you want to coat interior furniture or an exterior wooden item; your Penofin and Messmer will work for both.

  • Color Changing of the Wood

Using Messmer Satin, you may find your wood color changing a bit.

It’s okay with the satin as it provides a layer over the wooden surface.

It might be a little yellowish or green sometimes.

But sooner or later, you’ll find the natural beauty of your wooden item.

However, the Penofin doesn’t change into any color.

Over the first application of satin, it keeps the wood natural and well-preserved with its original look.

That’s how you differentiate between these two satins.

  • Recommendations From Customers And Users

In my research, I’ve found that experts and users recommend Messmer UV Plus more than Penofin Satins.

Its rating is higher than the comparable brand product. Therefore, you can decide which is the public’s favorite choice. But it does not mean that Penofin is not a good product.

Penofin or Messmer UV Plus, Which One Is Worth Considering?

Neither is a lousy satin to use for a hardwood deck. However, the final considerations might depend on your choice of less oily or oil-based satin.

Whether you want to see that natural look of your wood or don’t care about its color changing, in most cases, Messmer UV Plus is recommended more than Penofin Satin.

I think you should try both to see which one suits you better for a specific piece of wood.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Long Does Messmers UV Plus Last?

For verticle and smooth surfaces, the satin lasts for almost 2 to 3 years, and the same goes for rough surfaces. But for deck surfaces, it would last for almost 1 to 2 years.

Does Penofin Turn Black?

To some extent, Penofin turns black over the surface it is applied.

What Is The Best IPE Oil?

Armstrong is the best IPE oil, with an average rating of 4.2 out of a scale of 5 points.

What Is The Difference Between Penofin Red Label And Blue Label?

The only difference between both is how much each protects a wooden surface from Ultraviolet rays. For Red Label Penofin, this rating is 99%. At the same time, for Blue Label, this rating is 90%.

Final Thoughts

Take all your measurements and choose the best satin or wood protection liquid for your wooden projects. We can say that a comparison between Messmers Uv Plus and Penofin is considerable as both products come at the same level of productivity and surety of protection.

But in my view, the Messmer is better than Penofin. However, Penofin gives its customers a variety of satin options.

So, you must choose the best one for your needs if you decide on satin for wood projects.

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