Mesh Vs. Plastic Ridge Vent: Which One to Pick?

Ridge vents are one of the most common ways to improve airflow and ventilation in a home. There are different types of ridge vents that serve different purposes.

The two main types of ridge vents are the traditional plastic ridge vent and the mesh ridge vent. Now you may be thinking mesh vs. plastic ridge vent, which one to pick for your home?

Well, this blog post is to help you to get the answer to this question. So, let’s dive in.

A Quick Comparison Table

Before getting started with the in-depth comparison, this section is to help you to get the summarized version of it quickly. It will help you out in taking a quick decision between the two vents.

Even this comparison table will help you to understand the two vents in detail later.

SpecificationMesh ridge ventPlastic ridge vent
Installation processThe overall installation process of the mesh ridge vent is quicker and easier than the other counterpart.Though the installation process is not significantly difficult, it is not as easy and as quick as a mesh ridge vent.
PriceThe price of the mesh ridge vent is not higher. So many people find it affordable as a result of it, they find it comfortable to deal with.As it is a newer version of a vent, the overall pricing and installation cost of this vent are higher.
LookMesh ridge vent blends with the roof of the home.The plastic ridge vent will look a bit obvious once it is installed on the roof.
Newer version of ventMesh ridge vent is a bit older when it comes to the roof vent.A plastic ridge vent is a newer version of a roof vent.
Getting cloggedThere is a lesser chance of getting clogged by leaves and debris for the mesh ridge vent.A plastic ridge vent has a higher chance of getting clogged by leaves and debris.
Possibility of leakageIt has more chance of leakage.It is less likely to leak due to heavy rainfall or some other exposure to water.
Cleaning processThe cleaning process will be straightforward.It is difficult to clean as there will be dirt, leaves, and debris accumulated in the hole.
Rusting resistanceThere is a possibility of rusting.There might not be rusting possibility, but corrosion will keep happening over the years.
Flexible sizeMesh vent can be customized according to the requirement.The plastic vent comes in standard sizes.

I am sure this comparison table has helped you in getting some idea about the two options that you are considering for your home. Now, let’s get to know about the differences in detail.

In-Depth Differences Between Mesh And Plastic Ridge Vent

To get some in-depth idea about mesh and plastic ridge vents, you will find this section of the blog post handy.

  • Installation process
plastic ridge vent
Plastic Ridge Vent

These two vents differ when it comes to the installation process.

The installation process of Mesh ridge vent takes lesser time and the process is not difficult.

On the contrary, the plastic ridge vent is comparatively difficult.

A plastic ridge vent also cannot be installed very easily.

  • Price

When it comes to the price, for homeowners who want the job to get done within a budget, a mesh ridge vent is the ultimate pick.

The price of the mesh ridge vent is lower compared to the newer version of the plastic vent. So, it is a good point to consider for homeowners.

  • Look

When it comes to the look, the mesh ridge vent perfectly blends with the look of the home. So, the overall vent looks aesthetic.

On the other hand, the Plastic ridge vent looks a bit obvious on the roof. Sometimes it doesn’t look very pleasing to some homeowners.

  • A Newer Version Of The Vent

Considering the version of the vent, the mesh ridge vent is a bit older while the plastic ridge vent is the newer version. So, the owners who prefer a modern version of materials for their homes will always prefer a plastic ridge vent.

  • Getting Clogged
mesh ridge vent
Mesh Ridge Vent

Getting clogged in the vent due to dirt and debris is not a very pleasant thing to expect for homeowners.

For mesh ridge vent there will be less chance of the path getting clogged by dirt, debris, and leaves.

But it is quite the opposite for plastic ridge vents.

A plastic ridge vent has a higher chance of getting stuck by it.

  • Possibility Of Leakage

The mesh ridge vent is more exposed to the possibility of leakage from the roof. It is quite the opposite for plastic ridge vents, it has a lesser chance of leakage from rainfall or some other exposure to water.

This is a very important aspect to consider.

  • Cleaning Process

Mesh ridge vent has a very straightforward cleaning process. Again, the mesh ridge vent is very low maintenance.

For a plastic ridge vent, the cleaning process will not be as smooth as this, the reason is there will be dirt, debris, and leaves in the hole of the vent.

  • Rusting Resistance

Mesh ridge vent has some possibility of having rust after some days. A plastic ridge vent will not result in rust, but there will be some possibility of corrosion over the years.

  • Flexible Size

The size of the mesh ridge vent can be customized according to the requirement of the roof. But plastic ridge vent comes in a standard size mostly.

What Will Be The Suitable Choice For Your Home?

I am sure by now the difference between the two vents is clear to you. Here comes the awaited question, which one to pick for your home?

If you are a homeowner who thinks about the budget and the look of the vent, then I would suggest going for a mesh ridge vent. It is absolutely budget friendly for any homeowner considering having a vent on their roof also the look of it is very aesthetic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can rain come in through ridge vents?

Yes, if your roof is poorly installed or not properly sealed with roofing cement around the vents, water can leak into your attic. The same thing can happen with both mesh and plastic ridge vents.

How long do plastic roof vents last?

Depending on how well they are maintained, plastic roof vents can last anywhere from 10-15 years. So, after this period, try to check your vent if it is working properly and if should you change it.

Are ridge vents worth the cost?

According to most homeowners, a ridge vent truly allows some ventilation for the roof, which is better than not having it at all. And yes, it is the best ventilation system around till now. That is why it is being prioritized while installing a new roof of a home.

Do ridge vents work when covered with snow?

Yes, it works well even when it is covered with snow.

Do ridge vents let bugs in?

The answer is no! The small opening at the top of the vent is too small for anything bigger than a fly to get through.

Wrapping Things Up

When it comes to mesh vs. plastic ridge vents, there are pros and cons to each option. Mesh vents are more affordable and easier to install, but they’re not as durable as plastic vents.

Plastic vents are more expensive, but they’ll last longer and keep your home more comfortable. Ultimately, the decision comes down to personal preference and budget.

The choice between mesh and plastic is completely up to you. I am sure you are going to pick the perfect one.


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  1. Are there not metal ridge vents for homes? Would these not last longer? Can shingles (ridge caps) be placed over a metal ridge vent? Thank you

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