Melin Vs. Mission Hats: Which Hat Brand Is Best?

Hats are a classic accessory that can instantly elevate your look. When it comes to high-quality hat brands, two names stand out from the rest – Melin and Mission.

But with so many options to choose from, which brand makes the best hats?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare and contrast Melin and Mission hats so you can decide which is right for you. We’ll look at key factors like materials, style selection, fit, and pricing.

Whether you’re a hat aficionado or shopping for your first premium hat, read on to learn which brand is most deserving of a spot in your wardrobe!

A Brief Comparison Table

Price Range$129-$499$48-$148
ConstructionHandmade in EuropeMade in USA
Style FocusTimeless, elegant classicsContemporary, outdoorsy, packable
FitSlimmer profiles, steam-molded to headWider brims, adjustable for fit
Best ForSophisticated urban styleAdventures, cycling, traveling light

To recap, Melin and Mission both make excellent quality hats but excel in different areas.

Melin is the choice for timelessly stylish wool felt fedoras and trilbys. Their handcrafted hats are an investment, but built from fine materials to last a lifetime.

Mission specializes in packable technical hats suited for urban exploration and outdoor activities. Their hats focus on performance, breathability, and easy portability.

An Overview of Melin and Mission

First, let’s learn a bit more about the background of each brand.

  • Melin Hats
Melin Hats

Melin is a Swedish hat company founded in 1921 by the Melin brothers.

Based in Stockholm, Melin specializes in wool felt hats made by hand using traditional techniques.

Their hats are known for their high quality materials and construction.

Many of their classic hat styles have remained unchanged for decades.

Melin has a strong focus on quality over quantity. They produce a smaller selection of hats but pay meticulous attention to each one. Melin uses premium wool felt sourced from Europe and rabbit fur felt from the Czech Republic.

Their hats are handmade in Europe using specialized techniques like steam molding and mercury baths. This results in durable, long-lasting headwear.

The signature Melin trilby style has a pinched teardrop crown and narrow brim. Their hats are loved by celebrities like Jon Hamm and Justin Timberlake. Melin frequently collaborates with top designers too.

They’ve partnered with brands like Acne Studios and Max Mara in the past.

  • Mission Hats

Mission Workshop is an American clothing company founded in 2009. Based in San Francisco, they specialize in technical, weatherproof apparel and gear. Their focus is on stylish, high-performance clothing you can wear everyday.

In 2016, Mission Workshop launched their hat line – Mission Hats. Their hats are made in the USA using premium materials like British Millerain waxed canvas and leather. Mission Hats are designed specifically for city cycling and outdoor adventures.

They’re known for their rollable packable hats that can be folded up small to stash in a bag or pocket. Mission also makes wide brimmed sun hats and simple 5 panel caps. Their aesthetic has urban streetwear vibes.

Mission Hats focuses on water-resistant, breathable, and durable materials. Their styling is more casual and outdoorsy compared to Melin’s sophisticated classics.

Comparing Hat Materials

The materials used to construct a hat are one of the most important factors that determine its quality and durability. Here’s how Melin and Mission’s hat materials compare:

  • Melin Hat Materials

Melin uses premium quality wool felt sourced from Italy, England, Scotland and the Czech Republic. Their high-grade rabbit and hare felt is specially treated to create resilience and water resistance. Melin hats can handle light rain showers.

They also use premium grosgrain sweatbands and trims. The ribbons have a subtle sheen and crisp texture. For lining, Melin favors silk for its lightweight breathability.

Melin’s wool felt has a luxuriously soft hand feel. The materials mold nicely to contour your head for a custom fit. With care, their wool hats will last for many years while retaining their shape.

  • Mission Hat Materials
MISSION Cooling Booney Unisex Hat

Mission Hats uses innovative technical fabrics engineered for performance and durability.

Their most popular material is their proprietary British Millerain waxed canvas.

The tightly woven cotton canvas is waxed with a plant-based wax.

This makes the fabric waterproof yet breathable.

They also construct hats out of ballistic nylon, chrome-tanned leather, and hemp canvas. The weatherproof fabrics shed moisture and dry quickly. Interiors are lined with breathable mesh for comfort.

Mission’s technical materials are easy to roll, fold, and pack without losing their shape. They’re built to withstand daily adventures. However, the canvas and nylon hats won’t mold to your head shape as nicely as Melin’s wool felt.

Style Selection Comparison

Melin and Mission both offer a range of classic and contemporary hat shapes to suit different needs. Here’s an overview of the hat styles available from each brand:

  • Melin Hat Styles

Melin specializes in quintessential wool felt hat styles that embody timeless elegance and sophistication.

Their signature hat is the Melin Trilby – featuring a narrow brim, tapered crown creased lengthwise, and slit at the back. Melin’s trilbys have an angled teardrop crown that is instantly recognizable. This fedora-style hat comes in classic and contemporary colors.

Other wool felt styles include the Melin Ivy cap, Melin Boater, and Melin Fedora. All hats have a sleek, polished aesthetic perfect for formalwear. The range focuses more on traditional versus trendy styles.

The selection is highly curated – Melin makes 2-3 tweaks each season rather than overhauling their lineup. This results in iconic, enduring silhouettes.

  • Mission Hat Styles

Mission Hats specializes in packable, crushable hats suited for outdoor adventures and urban exploration.

Their most popular style is the Packable Wide Brim Hat – featuring a wide brim and low crown that can roll up and stash in a pocket or bag. They make packable versions of bucket hats, 5-panel caps, wool trilbys, and cadet caps too.

Mission also makes some non-packable styles like their Waxed Canvas Baseball Cap, Waxed Canvas Rain Hat, and Leather Baker Boy Cap. The look and feel skews casual and outdoorsy. The color palettes tend toward neutrals like black, navy, tan, and olive.

They offer a wider range of contemporary streetwear styles but fewer timeless silhouettes compared to Melin. The focus is purpose-built hats for an active lifestyle.

Hat Fit And Sizing Comparison

Finding a hat that fits your head nicely is key for comfort and style. Here’s how Melin and Mission’s hats compare when it comes to fit and sizing:

  • Melin Hat Fit

Melin hats are available in S/M or L/XL sizing. Their wool felt can be carefully steam molded to conform to your head for a custom fit. The Melin trilby, in particular, has a teardrop crown design that is slimming and universally flattering.

Their hats fit close to the head without being tight. The wool has a bit of stretch and give to accommodate different head shapes. Melin’s slimmer brimmed trilbys and fedoras are timelessly stylish.

One downside is wool can feel hotter in warm weather. But the breathable silk lining helps moderate temperature.

  • Mission Hat Fit

Mission Hats are available in one-size-fits-most or S/M, M/L, and L/XL sizing depending on the style. Their packable hats are made from materials with some structure that make precise sizing less crucial.

The waxed canvas and nylon styles won’t conform to your head shape as nicely as Melin’s steam-molded wool. However, the technical fabrics are lightweight and cooler for warm climates.

The brims on Mission’s hats run a bit wider which provides more sun protection. But the loose silhouette may not be as flattering on smaller faces.

Mission’s sizing can run large so it’s best to try their hats on in person if possible. Hats with an adjustable strap or snap brim allow you to tweak the fit.

Hat Prices and Value Comparison

When it comes to pricing, Melin hats fall into the luxury category while Mission leans more affordable. Here’s how the brands compare:

  • Melin Hat Prices
Melin Hat
Melin Hat

Melin hats range from $129 for a basic ivy cap to $499 for their premium beaver fur felt top hat.

Most of their wool felt fedora-style hats fall between $189-$320.

Their hats are priced as high-end luxury accessories.

You’re paying for the quality materials and handcrafted european construction.

These heirloom-quality hats can last decades with proper care. The price reflects the brand’s commitment to time-honored hatting techniques. So while expensive, they offer excellent value.

  • Mission Hat Prices

Mission’s packable hats range from $48 for a nylon cadet cap to $128 for a leather baker boy. Their non-packable canvas and canvas hats are $98-$148.

Mission positions itself as an affordable technical clothing brand, and their hats follow suit. The prices reflect the performance-driven materials and casual styling.

They cost significantly less than Melin’s offerings, but the materials won’t last quite as long. However, they provide good value for the money, especially if you need a packable or waterproof hat.

Melin Vs. Mission: Which Is Better For You?

Deciding between Melin and Mission comes down to your personal style and needs.

Melin is the clear winner if you want a traditional, refined wool fedora that’s dressy enough for formalwear. Their meticulously crafted wool hats simply have no equal when it comes to material quality and long-lasting durability.

But Mission pulls ahead if you need a hat for cycling, hiking, or travel. Their technical fabrics stand up to the elements while offering ventilation and packability.

Mission is also the better choice if you want a more modern, streetwear-inspired look. Their silhouettes skew casual and contemporary.

Take some time to consider when and where you’ll wear your new hat most often. Your lifestyle and wardrobe can help determine which brand is the best match.

If you change locations or seasons often, Mission’s versatility and convenience may win out. But if you want a timeless topper for dressing up, Melin’s pure sophistication can’t be beat.

Caring For Your Premium Hat

Once you’ve invested in a quality Melin or Mission hat, you’ll want to care for it properly to extend its lifespan. Here are some tips:

MISSION Cooling Booney Unisex Hat
  • Store hats in a breathable box or on a wide brim hat stand to retain shape
  • Spot clean stains on wool or canvas promptly with a damp cloth
  • Allow wool hats to air dry fully after wear to prevent moisture damage
  • Use a soft bristle brush to remove dust or dirt
  • Wax or waterproof canvas hats occasionally to restore water resistance
  • Bring wool felt hats to a professional hatter for steam cleaning and reshaping as needed

With proper maintenance, a Melin or Mission hat will last for many years of stylish wear.

FAQ: Key Questions About Melin and Mission Hats

Why are Melin hats so expensive?

Melin hats are priced higher because they use premium quality materials and meticulous handcrafted construction techniques. The wool felt, rabbit fur, silk linings and trimmings are all sourced from Europe. Each hat is hand molded and finished for a custom feel. These artisanal details result in a luxury-level product.

What makes Melin hats special?

Melin’s focus on traditional techniques like steam molding, hand stitching and mercury bath stiffening allow them to make wool felt fedoras of unmatched quality. The careful craftsmanship ensures each hat will retain its shape and last a lifetime.

Are Melin hats made in China?

No, Melin hats are crafted by hand entirely in Europe. Their specialty wool felt is sourced from Italy, the UK and Czech Republic. The hat production takes place in factories in Sweden, the Czech Republic, Italy and France using time-honored techniques.

What is the difference between Melin small and classic?

The Melin small fits head sizes 6 3/4 to 7 1/4 inches, while the classic fits larger heads sizes 7 1/8 to 7 5/8 inches. The small has a slightly shorter crown while the classic has a bit taller profile. Both feature Melin’s signature teardrop crown shape.

Wrapping Up

Whether you decide on timeless elegance with Melin or technical function with Mission Workshop, choosing a quality hat is a sound investment. A well-made hat brings sophistication and style to any wardrobe for years to come.

Take the time to consider your personal preferences and needs when deciding between these two premium brands. With proper care, you’ll be able to pass your Melin or Mission hat down as a treasured heirloom.

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