Branded Bills Vs. Melin Hats: A Detailed Comparison

Branded Bills and Melin both offer a wide selection of hats with eye-catching designs. However, there are some key differences between these two brands in terms of materials, fit, and pricing.

Branded Bills positions itself as an affordable hat company that collaborates with big brands to create caps embroidered with recognizable logos.

If you want a hat displaying your favorite sports team, food company, or pop culture property, Branded Bills likely has it. These hats are made from cotton, polyester, acrylic, and other common hat materials.

Meanwhile, Melin promotes its hats as high-quality and well-constructed from premium materials. Melin hats are pricier but made in France using 100% acrylic that is durable yet lightweight.

The brand offers minimalist designs without external logos. Melin hats are created to be one-size-fits-most.

A Brief Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison overview of Branded Bills and Melin:

FeatureBranded BillsMelin
MaterialsCotton, polyester, acrylic blends100% acrylic
ConstructionVariesHigh-quality, durable
DesignsBold prints and embroideryMinimalist
Price$25 – $45$99 – $129
Made inChina, Bangladesh, VietnamFrance

Key Differences Between Branded Bills And Melin Hats

  • Materials
Branded Bills Hat

The materials used in Branded Bills and Melin hats are quite different.

Branded Bills tends to use common hat materials like cotton, polyester, and acrylic blends.

These standard textiles keep production costs down.

However, the material quality can be inconsistent.

Melin, on the other hand, uses premium 100% woven acrylic fabricated in France specifically for their hats. This French-milled acrylic is engineered to be lightweight, breathable, quick-drying, and weather resistant.

The attention to material quality results in durable yet comfortable hats.

  • Construction

Branded Bills hats have varying levels of construction quality depending on the specific hat. Some may be poorly stitched together while others hold up better over time. There is less consistency.

Melin hats excel when it comes to construction. They are crafted carefully in Melin’s own French factory where the company can closely monitor standards. Details like stitching and embroidered labels are meticulously executed for solid construction quality.

  • Fit

For fit, Branded Bills offers adjustable straps or Velcro so you can tweak the sizing. This provides flexibility but can result in hats that don’t fit perfectly.

Melin hats are designed for a one-size-fits-most model. Through precise proportioning, they aim to achieve a dialed-in fit for most head sizes right off the shelf without adjustments. However, those with especially small/large heads may struggle with the set sizing.

  • Pricing
Melin Hats
Melin Hats

Branded Bills positions itself solely as an affordable hat company, with most caps priced from $25-$45.

This budget pricing accounts for the cheaper materials and manufacturing.

Melin hats cost significantly more, typically $99-$129.

But the higher pricing aligns with the premium materials, ethical local production, and focus on quality over cost savings. You get what you pay for.

  • Brand Identity

Branded Bills lacks its own identity, instead serving as a vessel for promoting other brands’ logos and designs. The emphasis is on the external brands rather than establishing its own.

Conversely, Melin has carved out a minimalist aesthetic that now defines the brand’s DNA. Their pared-down hats reflect the focus on quality over branding. Melin establishes clear brand recognition through this approach.

Now let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of each hat brand.

Branded Bills Pros

  • Affordable pricing – Compared to other hat brands, Branded Bills offers very reasonable pricing with most hats costing $25 – $45. This makes them a budget-friendly option if you want a casual hat displaying your favorite brand or team logo.
  • Trendy collaborations – Branded Bills is great at teaming up with recognizable brands and pop culture properties to create fun hat designs fans will love. Collaborations with Coca-Cola, Star Wars, sports leagues, etc. make it easy to find a hat representing your interests.
  • Wide selection of styles – With hundreds of hat options, you can find just about any style you want from Branded Bills, from dad hats to snapbacks to trucker hats and more. The embroidery and prints cover a diverse range of brands too.
  • Adjustable sizing – Most Branded Bills hats come with an adjustable strap or Velcro tabs allowing you to tweak the fit. This makes it easier to get a comfortable customized size.
  • Common hat materials – Hats made using cotton, polyester, acrylic, and other standard materials tend to be affordable and familiar. Branded Bills uses these common textiles to keep costs down.

Branded Bills Cons

  • Inconsistent quality – With such inexpensive price points, Branded Bills hats understandably vary in levels of quality and durability. Some may fall apart while others last longer.
  • Limited color selection – Branded Bills generally relies on standard color options like black, white, gray, and blue. Vibrant colors and patterns are less common.
  • External branding focus – Its emphasis on displaying external logos means Branded Bills itself lacks an identifiable brand. The hats are vessels for promoting other brands rather than establishing their own.
  • Made overseas – To keep prices low, production is outsourced internationally. Branded Bills hats are made in China, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other countries, not locally produced.
  • Potential ethical concerns – Cheap overseas manufacturing raises ethical labor concerns, as low costs likely involve poor wages and factory conditions. However, Branded Bills’ standards are unclear.

Melin Pros

Melin Hat
  • Premium quality – Melin hats are constructed from 100% woven acrylic made in France, so the materials and construction are high-end. Owners praise their durability and longevity.
  • Carefully designed fit – The brand’s designers meticulously tweak proportions so their hats fit most heads well while minimizing adjustable parts. The simplified sizing prevents flawed fits.
  • Minimalist aesthetic – With no external logos or prints, Melin opts for a clean, minimalist look. The muted color options keep the focus on graceful shaping and materials.
  • Innovative fabric – Melin uses French-milled acrylic that is breathable yet weather-resistant, plus lightweight and quick-drying. The fabric is thoughtfully engineered.
  • Ethical manufacturing – Production remains local in Melin’s French factory. This allows quality control while providing fair living wages to workers.

Melin Cons

  • Expensive pricing – Starting around $99, Melin hats cost significantly more than basic caps. The premium pricing matches the quality, but isn’t affordable for many budgets.
  • Limited styling – Melin’s stripped-down aesthetic only appeals to certain tastes. Those wanting loud graphics or prints will be disappointed.
  • Reduced sizing options – The one-size-fits-most approach doesn’t work for all head sizes. If your head is especially small or large, Melin hats may not fit.
  • Minimal brand recognition – As a newer brand producing minimalist hats without logos, Melin lacks the fame of huge apparel companies. Its name isn’t widely known yet.
  • Occasional quality issues – While mostly well-made, some Melin hats have arrived with flaws like crooked embroidered labels. There is room for quality control improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is special about Melin hats?

Melin hats stand out through their minimalist French style and premium construction. They are made from lightweight woven acrylic produced in France, allowing quality control. Melin focuses on perfecting the materials and silhouette for a timeless, versatile look.

Why is Melin so expensive?

The $99+ price tags of Melin hats reflect their high-quality materials and ethical manufacturing approach. The woven acrylic is specially fabricated in France to be durable yet comfortable. And Melin’s local factory provides fair living wages for workers. This results in excellent but pricey hats.

Are Melin hats good for running?

Yes, the breathable woven acrylic fabric and sweat-absorbing headband make Melin hats a great choice for running. The quick-drying material stays lightweight even when wet. The fit is also designed to remain in place while moving. Just adjust the Velcro for the optimal snugness while running.

Are Melin hats made in China?

No, Melin hats are designed and produced entirely in the company’s own factory in France. Local manufacturing enables Melin to oversee all production with quality control while providing fair wages. Made in China hats typically have ethical issues related to exploitation, which Melin avoids through local fabrication.

Wrapping Up

After comparing key factors like materials, fit, design, brand recognition, ethical practices, and more, you can see that Branded Bills and Melin take very different approaches to crafting hats.

Branded Bills prioritizes affordability and displaying popular external logos. Melin focuses on premium quality construction and materials for a minimalist look.

For many buyers, Branded Bills hits the sweet spot of being reasonably priced with fun, trendy styles. But for those wanting an everyday hat made to last or a sleek accessory, Melin’s quality and minimalism may justify the higher costs.

There’s no definitively superior option. Make sure to consider your budget, aesthetic tastes, and needs when deciding between these two popular hat brands. Both Branded Bills and Melin produce caps with their own sets of pros and cons.

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