Mathews Brothers Vs. Pella Windows For Your Home

When it comes time to replace the windows in your home, you want to make sure you choose the best possible option. Two of the most popular window brands on the market today are Mathews Brothers and Pella.

But which one is right for your home and budget?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare Mathews Brothers and Pella windows side-by-side, looking at the pros and cons of each brand. We’ll cover factors like quality, design, energy efficiency, cost, warranties, and other important considerations.

Whether you’re building a new home or renovating an existing one, this detailed window comparison will help you decide between Mathews Brothers and Pella.

A Brief Comparison Table

CategoryMathews BrothersPella
MaterialsPine, fir, alder, mahogany, vinyl, fiberglassOak, maple, pine, vinyl, fiberglass
CraftsmanshipHandcrafted, mortise & tenon joineryHand-assembled, precision manufacturing
EfficiencyInsulated glass, weatherstrippingAdvanced glass, ThermoLock spacers
DesignTraditional, historic aestheticsContemporary, innovative styles
WarrantyLimited lifetime on wood & glassLimited lifetime on most components
AvailabilityDirect sales, certified installersNetwork of dealer showrooms
ManufacturingVermont, USAMultiple US factories

Overview of Mathews Brothers Windows

Mathews Brothers Windows

Founded in 1917, Mathews Brothers is one of the oldest window manufacturers in the United States.

They offer a wide selection of window styles including double hung, casement, awning, sliding, picture, bay, bow, garden, specialty shape and more.

Their windows are made from premium pine, Douglas fir and other wood species from managed forests.

Some key things to know about Mathews Brothers windows:

  • Quality Craftsmanship – Mathews Brothers windows are hand-crafted in their Vermont manufacturing facility using state-of-the-art equipment. Each window is custom built to order. The company prides itself on old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • High-Grade Materials – In addition to solid wood, Mathews Brothers windows incorporate tempered glass, commercial-grade hardware, heavy-duty spirals and more. Their paints and stains are specially formulated to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Superior Weatherproofing – Advanced sealing techniques and interior wood treatments give Mathews Brothers windows excellent resistance to moisture, humidity, and drafts. Multi-point locks create a tight seal.
  • Custom Options – Their made-to-order process allows for custom sizes and layouts for the perfect fit. You can also choose from among numerous exterior color options, wood types, trim packages, and divided lite patterns.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Mathews Brothers offers a limited lifetime warranty on wood components and insulated glass units. Hardware and other parts are warrantied for 10 years.

Overview of Pella Windows

Founded in 1925, Pella is another leader in the window and door industry. They offer a diverse range of high-quality products for residential and commercial buildings.

Here’s an overview of Pella’s key features and benefits:

Pella Double Hung Windows
  • Premium Materials – Pella windows are constructed from top-grade wood, fiberglass or vinyl. Their wood windows feature rich oak, pine, maple, and more harvested from sustainable forests.
  • Cutting-Edge Design – Pella is known for its innovative designs like invisible screens, large viewing areas, and architectural shapes. Their contemporary styles make a dramatic statement.
  • Superior Craftsmanship – Each Pella window and door is hand-assembled by skilled craftspeople for precise construction. They utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.
  • Customization Options – Homeowners can choose from a huge selection of sizes, materials, exterior colors, finishes, divided lite patterns, hardware styles and more. Pella offers completely customizable windows.
  • Advanced Weatherproofing – Pella’s advanced weatherstripping, insulation and construction prevent drafts, moisture, and noise. Their windows meet stringent performance requirements.
  • Comprehensive Warranties – Pella provides some of the best warranties in the industry, including limited lifetime warranties on many products.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of each brand, let’s do a detailed comparison of their window collections.

Mathews Brothers And Pella: Window Collection Comparison

Wood Windows

Both Mathews Brothers and Pella offer high-end wood windows made from top-grade lumber.

Mathews Brothers wood windows feature mortise and tenon joinery for added strength. Options include pine, fir, alder, and mahogany. Their Ultra Premium line has wood interiors in rooms where visible.

Pella uses premium oak, maple, mahogany, and pine for an attractive real-wood aesthetic. Their crafted openings feature hand-assembled joinery, wood jamb liners, and matching wood grilles. There are over 40 exterior color choices.

For traditional styling and rich natural wood grain, Pella and Mathews Brothers are two of the best options on the market. Expect to pay a premium price, but the unparalleled beauty and durability make it worthwhile.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is an affordable, low-maintenance choice. Here’s how Pella and Mathews Brothers compare:

Mathews Brothers Lifeview vinyl windows feature heavy-duty vinyl extrusions and multi-chambered frames. Their basic vinyl line provides an economical solution.

Pella offers three levels of vinyl windows – Encompass, Architect Series, and Designer Series. They have options for any price point with increasing features and customization possibilities. Pella vinyl is regarded as a leader in quality.

Both make vinyl windows that are durable, energy efficient, and long-lasting. Pella has more vinyl lines while Mathews Brothers focuses on value.

Fiberglass Windows

Mathews Brothers Windows
Mathews Brothers Windows

For incredible strength and performance, fiberglass is a great choice. Let’s compare the two brands:

Mathews Brothers introduced their Endure line of fiberglass windows in 2015.

They tout the construction as “tough as steel, stable as wood.”

Robust yet lightweight fiberglass makes them highly impact resistant.

Pella has two fiberglass collections – Impervia and Impact-Resistant. Their fiberglass is 8x stronger than vinyl and won’t absorb moisture. It provides extreme durability along with noise reduction and easy maintenance.

Pella has a slight edge in selection and proven performance with fiberglass, but Mathews Brothers Endure line utilizes innovative technology for superior weathering in all climates. Both companies make fiberglass windows with incredible longevity and strength.

Other/Specialty Windows

A few other window lines to note:

Mathews Brothers offers Marco windows for maximum views and easy cleaning through an exterior flap. Verity windows combine the beauty of wood on the interior with a durable exterior.

Pella has specialty options like the Scenic View retractable screen, Insynctive technology, SoundSmart noise reduction, and disappearing screens. Their innovative features allow unobstructed views and ventilation.

For one-of-a-kind performance and style, Pella and Mathews Brothers both have you covered.

Energy Efficiency Comparison

Energy efficiency is a major factor for any new window purchase. It affects your energy bills, comfort, and environmental impact.

Both Mathews Brothers and Pella offer very energy efficient windows with the following features:

  • Multi-layered glass units with optimal air space and specialty coatings
  • Weatherstripping and tight construction prevent air leakage
  • Thermal optimized frame materials and spacers
  • Meets ENERGY STAR requirements

Some additional considerations:

  • Mathews Brothers wood windows have insulated glass and weatherstripping standard. Extra features like triple pane glass and ThermoTech warm edge spacers provide even better efficiency.
  • Pella has advanced options like triple-pane glass, foam insulation, argon gas, and a ThermoLock spacer system. Their most efficient designs can surpass ENERGY STAR guidelines by over 15%.

In terms of energy performance, Pella slghtly edges out Mathews Brothers by offering more high-tech glass and design innovations. However, both companies make windows that will significantly reduce your energy bills and environmental footprint.

Design & Style Options

Windows are a major aesthetic element of your home. Both companies provide style flexibility:

Mathews Brothers

  • Dozens of divided lite patterns, grids, and glass etching choices
  • Custom layouts, shapes, and sizes
  • Choose from 12 interior and 20+ exterior color options
  • Variety of trim profiles, sill styles, and hardware finishes


Pella Windows
  • Extensive selection of divided lite, blind, and grille configurations
  • Innovative window designs like curved glass, arches, and geometric shapes
  • Over 180 color combinations between frame and trim
  • Blinds/shades between glass panes
  • Custom crafting options for one-of-a-kind style

With the ability to get windows made exactly to your specifications, Pella and Mathews Brothers allow you to perfectly match your home’s look and architecture.

Cost Comparison

Because these two brands are comparable in quality, expect similar price points that tend toward the higher end:

Mathews Brothers

  • Wood windows range from $600 – $1,500 per window installed
  • Vinyl models from $350 – $1,200 installed
  • Fiberglass around $1,000 – $1,800 installed
  • More basic builder-grade options are most affordable


  • Wood windows $800 – $2,000+ installed
  • Vinyl options from $400 – $1,500 each installed
  • Fiberglass $1,200 – $2,500 per window installed
  • Very high-end custom work can get pricier

As you can see, there’s significant overlap in cost between the two brands when comparing similar materials and features. The final price will depend on factors like your exact specifications, window size, and labor.

Both Mathews Brothers and Pella offer some entry-level choices for budget buyers. However, their flagship offerings provide premium quality at a higher but fair price point for the unmatched craftsmanship and performance you receive.

Warranty Comparison

It’s important to understand the warranties each company provides on its products.

Mathews Brothers

  • Limited lifetime warranty on wood components and glass units
  • 10-year coverage for hardware and other non-wood parts


  • Limited lifetime warranty on glass and most other components
  • 10 years on exterior paint/stain
  • 2-10 years on special glass features
Pella Window
Pella Windows

The warranties from both brands are fairly comparable and give reassuring coverage should any issues arise with materials or workmanship.

Pella provides excellent lifetime protection while Mathews Brothers has slightly better hardware coverage.

Make sure to read all warranty details carefully to understand what’s covered, proper maintenance, claim procedures, and other terms.

Most performance promises are contingent on professional installation and regular upkeep.

Availability & Installation

Pella and Mathews Brothers have different models for sales, distribution, and installation:

Mathews Brothers

  • Purchase directly through company website or catalog
  • Professional factory-certified installers handle entire process
  • Available nationwide but limited local dealers


  • Sold through exclusive local Pella branches and dealers
  • Factory training provided but installation handled by dealer
  • Excellent nationwide availability with many local installer options

Pella’s widespread dealer network makes them very conveniently accessible for most homeowners. Mathews Brothers’ direct distribution gives them maximum quality control over installation.

Either option will provide white glove service, but Pella gives you more choices for local installers while Mathews Brothers handles the process from start to finish.

Mathews Brothers And Pella: Which Is Better?

Now that we’ve compared the two brands in depth across the most important categories, let’s summarize the key differences:

  • Quality – Both brands are very close in excellence of materials, construction, weatherproofing, and longevity. Slight advantage to Pella for proven innovations.
  • Performance – Nearly identical in insulation properties and air tightness. Pella has a few extra high-efficiency options.
  • Design – Mathews Brothers wins for historic wood window authenticity. Pella takes the lead in contemporary, innovative aesthetics.
  • Price – Comparable pricing between the two at any given specification level. Mathews Brothers tends to fall on the lower end of any price range.
  • Brand Reputation – Both companies have been around for about 100 years. Both are known for masterful craftsmanship and lasting quality with excellent ratings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Mathews Brothers windows good quality?

Yes, Mathews Brothers windows are regarded as some of the highest quality on the market. Key indicators of their excellence include real wood construction, mortise and tenon joinery, heavy-duty hardware, precision manufacturing, and weather-tight performance. As one of the oldest U.S. window companies, they have perfected time-tested craftsmanship.

How much are Mathews Brothers windows?

As a premium custom window company, expect to invest in quality with Mathews Brothers. Their wood windows typically run $600 – $1,500 per window installed. Vinyl models cost $350 – $1,200 each installed. Fiberglass options fall in the $1,000 – $1,800 range. Exact pricing depends on size, features, and labor costs.

Who is the best window company?

It’s hard to single out one company as the absolute best. Both Pella and Mathews Brothers rank at the very top based on quality, performance, and brand reputation. Other excellent window brands include Marvin, Andersen, Jeld-Wen, and Milgard. As long as you stick with a leading manufacturer, you’ll get an exceptional product.

Where are Mathews Brothers windows made?

Mathews Brothers windows are proudly made in the United States at their manufacturing facility in Vermont. They locally source premium pine, fir, and other woods from managed forests. Mathews Brothers believes strongly in American-made craftsmanship.

Closing Remarks

Ultimately, there is no clear winner between Mathews Brothers vs. Pella windows. The two brands match up very evenly across all factors. Each company has a few areas where they stand out slightly:

  • Mathews Brothers – Slightly better pricing, more traditional designs, and controlled installation process.
  • Pella – Broader selection, advanced technology, more contemporary windows, and wider availability.

You really can’t go wrong with either of these top window manufacturers. Choosing between Mathews Brothers and Pella comes down to:

  • Your budget – Pella offers more premium features at a higher cost while Mathews Brothers starts more affordable.
  • Your style – Traditional designs favor Mathews Brothers while contemporary trends match Pella.
  • Your location – Pella has broader accessibility through local dealers. Mathews Brothers manages the entire process.

Take time to decide which strengths matter most for your window replacement or new home project. With help from an expert, you can review product samples and get pricing quotes to make the perfect window selection from either Pella or Mathews Brothers.

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