Harvey Windows Vs. Pella Windows For Your Home

If you’re in the market for new windows, two big names you’re likely to encounter are Harvey and Pella. Both Harvey and Pella are leading window manufacturers with years of experience and good reputations. But which is right for your home and budget?

There are several factors to consider when choosing between Harvey vs. Pella windows. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll compare these two top window brands across the most important categories so you can make an informed decision.

A Brief Comparison Table

AspectsHarvey WindowsPella Windows
Years in BusinessFounded in 1961, 60+ years experienceFounded in 1925, nearly 100 years experience
HeadquartersMinneapolis, MNPella, IA
MaterialsVinyl, wood, aluminum, compositeVinyl, wood, fiberglass, aluminum
Cost$150-700 per window, affordable pricing$250-1500 per window, premium pricing
EfficiencyVery good, meets ENERGY STAR requirementsExcellent, innovative options like triple pane glass
CustomizationMade-to-order, wide size and style optionsModerate customization available
Warranties10-20 years on most productsLimited lifetime on many vinyl windows
ServiceLocal independent dealersFactory direct representatives
AestheticsTraditional styles and shapesInnovative, high-end designer options
Best ForBudget buyers, heavy custom needsLuxury looks, innovative features

Harvey and Pella Windows Overview

First, let’s take a quick look at each brand’s background and what they’re known for:

Harvey Windows

Harvey Double Hung Window
Harvey Double Hung Window
  • Founded in 1961, Harvey has over 60 years of experience making windows
  • Headquartered in Minnesota and sells products nationally
  • Known for vinyl, aluminum, wood, and composite windows
  • Focus on energy efficiency and customization
  • Budget-friendly price points

Pella Windows

  • Founded in 1925, Pella is one of the oldest and most established window companies
  • Headquartered in Iowa and sells products nationally
  • Known for wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum windows
  • Emphasis on luxury features and innovative designs
  • Higher-end price points overall

Key Differences Between Harvey And Pella Windows

Now that you know a bit about their backgrounds, let’s see how they stack up across the factors that matter most when choosing new windows.

Window Materials

One of the biggest considerations is what frame materials you want your windows to have. Harvey and Pella both offer several material options:

  • Vinyl – Low maintenance, energy efficient, affordable. Offered by both brands.
  • Wood – Beautiful, classic appearance. Pella is especially known for its wood windows.
  • Aluminum – Strong, durable, and lightweight. Harvey has a wider selection of aluminum windows.
  • Fiberglass – Composite material that is strong yet insulating. Offered more by Pella.
  • Composite – Blend of materials like vinyl, wood, fiberglass. Harvey’s specialty.

Pella offers the widest range of design choices and luxurious wood window options. Harvey has more budget-friendly composite and aluminum selections.

Energy Efficiency

Pella Architect Series Windows
Pella Architect Series Windows

With rising energy costs, insulation is a priority for most homeowners.

Efficient windows prevent drafts and improve climate control.

Both Pella and Harvey offer windows with features like multiple panes, inert gas fills, and insulating spacers to increase efficiency.

Several lines from each brand meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.

Pella highlights advanced options like triple pane glass and foam insulation in the frame. Harvey’s composite windows are designed for high insulation too. Overall, you can find very energy efficient options from both brands.

Customization Options

Do you want standard windows, or are you looking to customize with special sizes, shapes, colors, and features?

Harvey allows you to customize your windows more. They focus on made-to-order options with custom sizing and unique combinations of operable windows. This flexibility makes Harvey a good choice for adapting windows to fit your existing home’s needs.

Pella also offers some customized options, but their windows come in more standard sizing and configurations. They emphasize their innovative window and door styles rather than made-to-order customization.

Cost and Budget

Harvey Windows
Harvey Windows

Of course, price is a major determining factor when investing in new windows.

Harvey windows are overall more budget oriented.

Their vinyl and aluminum options cater towards cost-conscious homeowners and remodelers looking for value.

Pella products skew higher-end.

Their wood windows in particular can get quite expensive.

However, Pella’s quality and brand recognition make their products a worthwhile splurge for some homeowners.

Below is a general comparison of average costs for basic Harvey vs. Pella windows:

Window TypeHarveyPella
Basic Vinyl$150-300$250-550
Basic Wood$500-700$800-1,500
Basic Aluminum$250-500$350-750

As you can see, Pella windows come at a premium. But the investment may pay off long-term if you want top-tier quality. Harvey gives you more bang for your buck upfront.

Warranties and Service

It’s reassuring to buy windows from a company that stands behind their products. Here’s how Harvey and Pella compare for warranties:

  • Harvey – Most vinyl and aluminum models have 20-year warranties. Wood and composite lines have 10-year coverage. Provides decent protection.
  • Pella – Offers “limited lifetime warranties” on most vinyl windows with more extensive coverage. Also has 10 or 20-year warranties on other lines. Great long-term protection.

For service, both brands have certified installers and technicians available nationally. Harvey emphasizes local independent dealers while Pella uses more factory-direct representatives.

Pella’s lifetime vinyl warranties give them an edge. But Harvey dealers often provide very responsive customer service since they operate locally.

Aesthetics and Design

Windows also have a significant impact on your home’s appearance. Do you prefer traditional styles or more contemporary and sleek looks?

Harvey’s selection caters more towards traditional home aesthetics. They specialize in styles like double hung, casement, and awning windows in standard forms and shapes. Their focus is on performance and customization rather than eye-catching designs.

Pella excels at innovative, upscale windows to make a statement. Their wood windows come in especially ornate styles. And they have patented designs like fold-away windows, disappearing screens, and built-in blinds.

If you want elegant windows that impress, Pella is the way to go. Harvey provides more understated options that blend with your home’s existing style.

Major Pros and Cons of Harvey And Pella Windows

To sum up the key advantages and disadvantages:

Harvey Windows


  • Affordable prices
  • Wide range of custom options
  • Quality vinyl and composite choices
  • Local independent dealers provide good service


  • Less emphasis on luxury and innovative designs
  • Shorter warranties on some lines
  • Smaller selection of specialty window types

Pella Windows

Pella Symphony Windows
Pella Symphony Windows


  • Top-of-the-line wood window styles
  • Patented innovative window designs
  • Excellent lifetime vinyl warranties
  • Brand recognition as a high-end manufacturer


  • Products come at a premium cost
  • Less flexible customization options
  • Mixed reviews on large company’s customer service

Which Brand Is Best For You?

So when comparing Harvey vs. Pella, which brand comes out on top?

Here are some key questions to help decide:

  • What frame materials are you looking for? Harvey has more vinyl, aluminum, and composite while Pella specializes in wood and fiberglass.
  • How much customization do you need? Harvey gives you more flexibility on made-to-order options.
  • Is cost or overall value a significant factor? Harvey offers more budget friendly options.
  • Do you want innovative luxury designs or standard styles? Pella excels at upscale aesthetic appeal.
  • How important are warranties and local service? Harvey’s independent dealers provide very hands-on support.

For most homeowners, the decision between Harvey and Pella windows comes down to budget and design preferences. If cost is a concern, you want low-maintenance materials like vinyl, or require heavy customization, Harvey is likely the better brand for you.

Homeowners focused on elegant looks, wood interiors, and innovative features will appreciate Pella’s luxury offerings despite the higher prices. Their reputation and warranties can give you peace of mind once installed.

Carefully weighing these factors against your own needs will point you towards the right brand. And of course, getting quotes from each company is advised before making any final decisions.

With either Harvey or Pella windows, you can trust you’re getting products from leading manufacturers. Focus on what matters most for your particular home and budget, and you’ll end up with beautiful new windows you’ll enjoy for decades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Harvey make good windows?

Yes, Harvey is known for making very good, high-performing windows. They have over 60 years of manufacturing experience and offer solid products across their vinyl, wood, aluminum, and composite lines. Their focus is on weather-tight, energy efficient, and customizable windows at an affordable price point.

What windows compare to Pella?

Some other high-end window brands that compare well to Pella in terms of quality, innovation, and aesthetics include: Marvin Windows, Andersen Windows, Jeld-Wen Windows, Milgard Windows, Simonton Windows.
However, none offer quite the same ornate historic wood window designs that Pella is especially known for.

What is the best company to buy windows from?

There is no definitive “best” window company for every homeowner. Brands like Pella and Harvey are certainly among the top national manufacturers. Other excellent window brands to consider are Andersen, Marvin, Milgard, Jeld-Wen, and Simonton.
The right window company for you depends on your budget, design needs, material preferences, and what brands are available in your local area. Do your research to narrow down the top few brands that meet your needs.

What are the top 5 window manufacturers?

According to industry surveys and reviews, the top five window manufacturers in the U.S. are: Andersen Windows, Pella, Jeld-Wen, Marvin Windows, Milgard.
Honorable mentions also go to Harvey, Simonton, Ply Gem, Atrium, and a few other leading national brands. Any of these companies produce excellent quality windows worth considering for your next window replacement or new construction project.

Wrapping Up

When choosing between Harvey and Pella windows, it mainly comes down to your budget and design style preferences. Harvey offers more affordable and customizable vinyl, wood, aluminum and composite windows in traditional styles.

Pella provides premium wood windows with ornate designs and innovative features, though at higher prices. For budget buyers who value local service, Harvey is likely the better option. Homeowners focused on luxury looks and cutting-edge window technology will appreciate Pella’s quality and reputation despite the cost.

Carefully weigh your needs to decide which brand’s strengths suit your home and long-term vision. Either brand provides durable, energy efficient windows to consider.

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